WW: Peek-A-Boo

February 20, 2008


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Spotlight Comment from Karen from Write From Karen:

“I’ll take the creature for 100, Alex. No wait, I’ll take the heart for 50. Wait, can I take both?”



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51 Comments on “WW: Peek-A-Boo”


Annie B Lawrence said:

Cute Picture! Happy WW!

Annie B Lawrence’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday and Rainbow’s End


Sher :) said:

How cute. Were you at a carnival?? Love the smiles. :)
Sher :)’s last blog post..February Book Giveaway ~ I Love You More


Corey said:

tee hee….darling photo.
happy WW!


Melissa said:

Cute girls! What a great picture :)


Gattina said:

Very cute, lol !


Ivan Girl said:

wow! they’re so cute! :)

i may probably be posting my WW next week. :)

meantime, I got something for you in my blog.:) hope you visit.

Ivan Girl’s last blog post..All Together Now


Robin said:

So cute. What did you have to do to win them LOL?

Robin’s last blog post..WW - All Tuckered Out


eastcoastlife said:

haha… that’s cute…. and fun too. :)
eastcoastlife’s last blog post..eastcoastlife gives away Singapore Airshow 2008 tickets - WW


N1N0 said:

Nice targets.

N1N0’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


Write at Home Mom said:

Cute picture…

And, thanks for visiting my blog…the Princess in Pink was sold yesterday :D
Write at Home Mom’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - Books I Sell!


Rosie said:

What a gorgeous picture. My own WW contributions always seem quite dull in comparison. I’ll have to get more inventive.

Rosie’s last blog post..Things can only get better - Wordless Wednesday


Sanni said:

Happy WW!

Sanni’s last blog post..WW: I´m sure this went over well with the old lady


Jersey said:

Awwww… adorable. I ♥ their cute smiles!

Jersey’s last blog post..Get it going with dNeero


Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

That’s so cute! A fun shot.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Car Rental in Israel


Adventures In Babywearing said:

Such cute faces!


Adventures In Babywearing’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Almost 10 Weeks Belly Shot


Chris@bookarama said:

So cute!

Chris@bookarama’s last blog post..Wordless: New Books


Anne said:

That’s cute

Anne’s last blog post..Glasses


kiky said:

very funny! :)
kiky’s last blog post..wordless wednesday : three gold fishes


Pass the Torch said:

Very cute:) Kids don’t need much to entertain them, do they?

Pass the Torch’s last blog post..Dolphins surfing near Captiva Island


Elaine said:

What happy faces - so cute!

Elaine’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #4


carrie-the gremlin wrangler said:

they’re both too cute, I can’t choose!!

carrie-the gremlin wrangler’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Ready To Go Across The Big Pond


Jessica said:

that’s completely adorable. two pairs of kissable cheeks!

Jessica’s last blog post..emerging from a rut


Joanne said:

Very nice pictures. I wanted to submit something to worldess wednestday this week, but forgot 9and I had the perfect picture for it!)

Joanne’s last blog post..Adoption Homestudy


Lisa said:

Cute picture and adorable blog!

Lisa’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday-Yosemite Edition


Lisa said:

Cute picture and adorable blog!
Thanks for stopping by.

Lisa’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday-Yosemite Edition


TheAngelForever said:

Absolutely adorable! Have a great WW :)
TheAngelForever’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - Brother reunion after hospital stay


Jenny867-5309 said:

That’s a great shot of the kiddos!

Jenny867-5309’s last blog post..WW - Roadkill Cafe


Jennifer in OR said:

Oh, the happy days of carnivals and fairs and such! Are they waiting for a water balloon to be thrown in their faces? No, not for such little cuties!

Jennifer in OR’s last blog post..Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt - Free


Write From Karen said:

“I’ll take the creature for 100, Alex. No wait, I’ll take the heart for 50. Wait, can I take both?”



Sarah Ellis said:

LOL!!! They are so cute. Looks like they’re having a lot of fun.


Kysha said:

I thought your name was familiar. I’m one of your lounge sisters from HSL. This pic is sooo cute. I love your crafts also that you do. I am just breaking in a new sewing machine and I haven’t sewn since highschool and that was over twenty years ago. I pray that my creations come even an inkling close to yours. LOL

Kysha’s last blog post..First Fish


melli said:

THAT is cuuuuuuuuute! hehehe…

melli’s last blog post..Sticky Post … on comments…


Renee said:

oh that made me giggle!

Renee’s last blog post..All to do for nothing…


mama meji said:

It’s cute. This reminds me of a fun place that I used to hang out.

mama meji’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Barney’s New Pal


Diana said:

How adorable!! Happy WW!

Diana’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

Oh too cute! But I think they’re both worth a lot more… :)
Deb - Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #32 - Daddy’s girl


Holly Schwendiman said:

Oh they are getting so big! What a cute picture. ;)



Mama Duck said:

LOL that is too cute, what a great photo!

Mama Duck’s last blog post..Still so little? (WW)


Sarah said:

Such darling little Princesses~~

Very Cute!

Happy WW! You can come see me at Sassyfrazz


Jen said:

What a cute picture!

Jen’s last blog post..My Valentine’s Swap Gifts!


Tiff@Three Peas in A Pod said:

Cute picture!

Stop by my other blog and check out my contest! http://www.theshoppingfund.com

Tiff@Three Peas in A Pod’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


Lynne said:

Those two are so cute!


Kate said:

Such sweet smiles! Happy WW! Thanks for stopping by!

Kate’s last blog post..Puppy Play


Cathi said:

You Kailani, have the most adorable little girls!

Cathi’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


Heather Neff said:

actually, I think I’ve moved more than 7 times in my life, let’s see…
there were two apartments before my family moved into our first house in LA.
then I lived for part of the year with my Aunt in FL in 3rd grade, then back to my family in LA.
then I lived with my mom in FL while my parents were getting divorced and then back with my dad in LA
then finally back to mom’s in FL
then I moved from mom’s first trailor to the 2nd trailor and then into a house
then I moved into my own place in FL
then I moved to WV
then back to FL at my grandmother’s house
then into a trailor with mom
then into apartment with DH
then we moved to TX
then we moved to WY
then we moved to Korea
then we moved to CO but with MIL
then we got our current house!


Heather Neff’s last blog post..Scrapbooking…


Stacey said:

Love it, Kailani, your children are beautiful. This looks like a fun hideout, something I’d probably steal from them, set up in another room and curl up for a nap. This is the second nap comment I’ve left today, I think I’m tired. Sigh. xoxo

Stacey’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday From The Doghouse!


Cindy said:

Cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Happy WW!

Cindy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Purple Rain


Jen @ One Moms World said:

Way too adorable!!! :)
Jen @ One Moms World’s last blog post..Reflections On How Your Family Life Is


Natalie said:

Funny & cute!

Natalie’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen - 13 Magazines I Read


Melanie said:

Awww- how incredibly cute!
Our Happy Happenings
Livin’ With Me

Melanie’s last blog post..Thankful Thursday #13


tumarabalar.com said:

ow cute. Were you at a carnival?

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