WW: Oops, We Did It Again . . .

March 10, 2009 by Kailani  
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. . .  and believe me, we weren’t even trying!

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Owner and founder of An Island Life. Sharing my life as a mother to 3 wonderful daughters, working as a flight attendant, and living a blessed life in Hawaii.


123 Responses to “WW: Oops, We Did It Again . . .”
  1. Em Dy says:


  2. Eryn says:

    omg kailani! can I run around squealing? I saw your twitter today, so I’ve got squeals all saved up! lol

    Congrats hun, I’m sending so many positive thoughts your way, you might get a sun burn ;)

    This reminds me of how we tried to explain to my daughter that her little brother was in the ultrasound somewhere, she called him JellyBean til the day he was born because that’s what he looked like in the 1st ultrasound! lol

  3. bunny says:

    Congratulations!!! Woohoo!!

  4. illahee says:

    oh kailani, congratulations!! stick little beanie, stick! *hugs*

  5. AmyG says:

    No way! Congratulations!!! Praying for a happy & healthy 9 months!

  6. Amanda says:


  7. Carey says:


  8. melanie says:


  9. Rosie Scribble says:

    Congratulations!!!! Brings back memories!

  10. Kristi says:

    Congrats. I hope it goes well and both of you stay strong and healthy.

  11. Janel says:

    Congratulations!!! That is awesome.

  12. Dixie says:

    Congrats! What a nice update to find in my inbox!

  13. prasti says:

    congratulations :) .

    happy ww!

  14. Janet F says:


  15. Autumn @ My MoonBean says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for you all!!! Sending lots of love and prayers your way :)

  16. Mighty M says:


  17. Qtpies7 says:

    Oh my goodness! You lucky duck! Maybe I need to stop trying! LOL

    You are blessed, and I will pray for a long, healthy 9 months for you.

  18. Lory1317 says:

    Congratulations! A big family is nice. The kids all grow together.

  19. Kim says:

    WhoooHoooo! Wonderful news!

  20. Jennifer says:


  21. Melissa Markham says:

    Congrats! I pray that all will go well.

  22. jodi @ bpr says:

    Congrats! Saying a prayer for you guys!

  23. Tanya Anna Wilson says:

    Congratulations on your newest blessing!

  24. TheAngelForever says:

    Congratulations! Mind you, I think you may need a little lesson about the not trying thing ;)

  25. mannequin says:

    In the words of John Lennon, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”

  26. Amy @ Coffee with the Mrs. says:

    AH! YAY! That’s so exciting, Kailani!!
    I’ll be praying for you and your itty bitty.

  27. Sheila says:


  28. Suzanne B (Crunchy green Mom) says:

    Oh… Kailani!!!

    How exciting! I have been thinking about you lately and wondering how you were doing.

    This is such a delightful WW… thank you so much for sharing!

  29. stampedwithgrace says:

    congratulations! I’m so excited for you :)

  30. Sheila says:


  31. diana/sunshine says:

    congratulations kailani. my prayers are with you and this unborn blessing.

  32. Hayley says:

    Congrats!!! Same thing just happened to me! :)

  33. Just Mom says:


  34. Jen E @ mommablogsalot says:

    Wow exciting! Congrats hon!

  35. Naomi says:

    Whoa! Congratulations!!!

  36. Sues2u2 says:

    Yes!!! Congrats, Kailani!!!! Our thoughts & prayers are w/ you & the little one.

  37. Muthering Heights says:

    Congrats!!! :) :)

  38. Michelle says:


  39. Amy says:

    Oh Kailani! How exciting!! Praying for you and this sweet precious blessing!! Hugs!

  40. Pamela Kramer says:

    Ahhhhh! Congratulations. I’m tearing up. This is great news.

  41. A Maui Blog says:

    Oh my gosh! I am sooo happy for you!

    Blame it on the cold Hawaii weather! LOL!!!! (just kidding :) Yes, sometimes (most times) “not trying” but just enjoying each other works best!

    Happy dancin for you!

  42. "M" says:


  43. Mandee says:

    Congratulations to you and your family! I pray and hope that everything goes smoothly this time :)

  44. ciara says:

    congrats, kailani! sending lots of positive thoughts out your way :) i always love sonograms xo

  45. Shannon says:


  46. Hillary says:


  47. Desert Songbird says:

    You keep not trying, and you’ll have an entire team soon!

  48. Baba says:

    You are being blessed! Congratulations!

  49. The Mom says:


  50. Shelley K says:

    Sending lots of gentle hugs, prayers, blessings, and just good thoughts your way.

    Now take a DEEP breath….we’ll all be with you–whether you want us or not. LOL!!

  51. Mike says:


  52. Kristen M. says:

    I’ve been having a crummy day but your news has cheered me up and put a smile on my face. Congratulations!!

  53. Nachelle says:

    Congratulations Kailani!!! Cheers to the restless nights!!!

  54. Stacey @ satcy Girl says:

    So excited for you!

  55. The Hip Hippo says:


  56. Grace @ Sandier Pastures says:

    Congratulations! And thanks for the tip – from now on, we will NOT try, just go with the flow! :-)

  57. Pineapple Princess says:

    YES! Awesome news! One more beauty! Congrats!!!

  58. Summer says:

    Oh wow! It must be meant to be. ;)

  59. Spice says:

    CONGRATS!!! I love those pictures. :)

  60. Margot says:

    Yay! I’m so happy for you.

  61. Jennifer @ Quiverfull Family says:

    Oh how wonderful! Congratulations!

  62. Leslie M. says:

    What a Blessing!!! Congratulations!!!!

  63. Linda @ My Trendy Tykes says:

    Congrats again!!

  64. BlapherMJ says:

    Big Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!

  65. Kimberly/Mom in the City says:


  66. Jennifer H. says:

    Congratulations, Kailani!

  67. Maribeth says:

    Wow! that’s just great!!!!! I am so happy! Now let’s have a good pregnancy!

  68. *Just Jen* says:

    Awwwwwww! Congrats!

  69. Holly Schwendiman says:

    KAILANI!!!!!!!!! You’ve been so quiet! You stinker. I’m tickled for you. How are you feeling about it?


  70. Anne says:

    Congratulations, So happy for you

  71. thefarmerfiles says:

    What a blessing!!! So excited for you, mama!

  72. art brighton says:


  73. Becky says:

    wow! congrats!

  74. casey says:

    Congrats! Here’s to a happy, healthy 9 months.

  75. East Coast Wahine says:

    Wot, you hapai?! Congrats!

  76. NerdMom says:

    Congrats! I am so happy for you guys and I am praying for your healthy and safety.

  77. Shannon says:

    Congratulations! How exciting! Can’t wait to hear more :)

  78. Melissa says:

    Congratulations!! Fingers and toes crossed for you :)

  79. Tara says:

    Oh how wonderful!!!! I am so happy for you!! :) Ultra sound pictures never get old do they? Such a miracle

  80. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    Awww…congratulations! Sending some sticky vibes your way!

  81. Stephanie says:


  82. Amanda says:

    AWWW! Kailani! I am so excited for you!! HUGS

    CONGRATS! and LOTS of sticky vibes!

  83. IE Mommy says:

    Congratulations. How exciting!!!

  84. Judy says:

    Kailani… how very exciting for you all! BTW… I’ll be in Hawaii (if all goes well) in May. Aaron and his wife are having their first….

  85. amber ryder says:


  86. Junglewife says:

    *coming out of my jet-lagged hole*

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What exciting and happy news for you!

  87. Jenni Jiggety says:


  88. grubmama says:

    woohoo! God is truly blessing mamas whose previous babies are with Him. congratulations kailani!

  89. Tamy ~ 3 Sides of Crazy says:

    Congratulations – keeping you in my prayers!

  90. Asianmommy says:

    Congrats! That’s great!

  91. VeRonda says:

    I have so many offerings of congrats!!

  92. Caryn B says:

    A huge hug and congrats!!!

  93. KiKi says:

    So surprised and happy for you. Congratulations….

  94. jen says:


  95. angela says:


  96. Trish says:

    Such happy news. Congratulations!!!

  97. Maria Delgado says:

    I am jumping up and down! Congrats!!!

  98. Mary @ Holy Mackerel says:

    A big CONGRATS to you!!!

  99. Diane Anderson says:


  100. Lissete says:


    Prayers for a happy, healthy & easy pregnancy.


  101. jaime says:


  102. Regina says:

    OMG Kailani!!!! That is incredible! What a wonderful little oops! Wishing you the best and praying that all goes well for you and the baby!

  103. Lissa says:

    Woot! How exciting! I am so happppppppppy! for you!

  104. Karen L says:

    LOL! Congratulations are in order!! When I had my kids, over 20 years ago, they didn’t routinely do an ultrascan and they NEVER gave us a copy! How exciting to see the first glimpse of you new little someone.

  105. Pamela says:


  106. Upstatemomof3 says:

    Well, congratulations!!!! What a blessing!

  107. Sarah says:

    Wow! Congratulations! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

  108. Rach (Heart of Rachel) says:

    Congratulations! May you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Take care!

  109. Sarah, Sassyfrazz says:

    I am so excited for you!! Congratulations to you and your family! Praying for a healthy baby~ and healthy mama!

  110. Dee says:

    Lord keep you and baby safe this pregnancy! Wonderful :)

  111. Breas Mommy says:


  112. Tokyo says:

    Hey congratulations ……. have a great time with thw family…..

    You know what when i saw that picture, i remembered the time when i saw my sister in the same way in the ultra scan..

    Visit Tokyo sometimes with your family to have a nice time..

  113. Jen says:

    Congrats! How exciting!

  114. Tina says:

    And you weren’t even trying! Another bundle of joy, good for you! Wishes for happy and healthy!

  115. Lisa says:


  116. Callista says:


  117. Melissa says:

    Congratulations!!!! That’s fabulous!

  118. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    I said it on Twitter already, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am so happy for you! :)

  119. Tarasview says:


  120. jennifer says:

    Bwah! And congrats!!

  121. Lorie says:

    Congratulations! Any idea on the due date?

  122. Louise says:

    A little bit late, but congrats

  123. Andromeda says:

    That is so cool!! Need to work on that not trying thing.

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