WW: My Sleeping Beauty

January 2, 2008

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48 Comments on “WW: My Sleeping Beauty”

January 2, 2008
7:08 am

Gellianne said:

sleeping like an angel!
Thanks for sharing!

Gellianne’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

January 2, 2008
7:14 am

liza said:

I agree is is one sleeping beauty..
I hope you had a wonderful New year! Post mine too

January 2, 2008
7:20 am

napaboaniya said:

I hope a handsome charming prince will come give her a kiss on that cutie face :)
Happy 2008!

napaboaniya’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #2

January 2, 2008
7:21 am

Pamela said:

as snug as a bug on a rug

January 2, 2008
8:00 am

Jan Parrish said:

What a beautiful princess!

Jan Parrish’s last blog post..Which One is Real? WW

January 2, 2008
8:40 am

Jennifer Cockerham said:

That is so cute.

Jennifer Cockerham’s last blog post..Make Jewelry For Fun & Profit!!

January 2, 2008
8:41 am

Shabem said:

Lovely sleeping angel.Happy New Year!

January 2, 2008
8:49 am

jenn in holland said:

What a princess!

jenn in holland’s last blog post..Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

January 2, 2008
9:01 am

Shelia said:

I’ll leave my comment very quietly so as not to wake her *gently clicking submit button” Happy WW.

Shelia’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: “It’s Time!”

January 2, 2008
9:33 am

Gattina said:

How adorable !

Gattina’s last blog post..WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

January 2, 2008
11:50 am

Cathi said:

So very sweet.

Cathi’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

January 2, 2008
11:52 am

Kim said:

So precious!

Happy WW.

Kim :)
Kim’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - Mr. Dingles.

January 2, 2008
11:57 am

Baby Advice said:

priceless moments!

Baby Advice’s last blog post..Your Baby Is Like A Sponge

January 2, 2008
12:04 pm

Desert Songbird said:

One of the very few photos that doesn’t show her patented smile.

Absolutely adorable, as is she.

Desert Songbird’s last blog post..Happy New Year/Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

January 2, 2008
12:06 pm

Wendy said:

aww! She is so beautiful:)

Wendy’s last blog post..Snow, Snow and more Snow!

January 2, 2008
12:37 pm

Grace said:

Too tired to creep to bed? Is she sleeping on the floor? (just curious)

I love to see photos of children sleeping. So innocent, so cute. Sweet dreams, baby bug!

Grace’s last blog post..the masked babe

January 2, 2008
1:26 pm

Wendy said:

She’s just so sweet and precious you have to say “Awwww….” :)
Wendy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - Why We Don’t Do Group Photos

January 2, 2008
1:40 pm

CPA Mom said:

that is the cutest picture I’ve seen in a long time!

January 2, 2008
2:02 pm

Summer said:

Children are all the more precious when sleeping. :)
Summer’s last blog post..Kid Speak #7

January 2, 2008
2:06 pm

Wendy said:

I love taking pictures when they are sleeping…so cute!

Wendy’s last blog post..Happy Rockin’ New Year!

January 2, 2008
2:22 pm

Adventures In Babywearing said:

Oh, what a little beauty!


January 2, 2008
2:27 pm

tracey said:

What a beautiful girl! I love sleeping baby pictures….

tracey’s last blog post..A Merry New Year it was…

January 2, 2008
2:48 pm

Melissa Markham said:


January 2, 2008
2:52 pm

Carey said:

What a sweet face she has. She sure is a sleeping beauty. Happy WW, and Happy New Year!

Carey’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

January 2, 2008
3:11 pm

DebMomOf3 said:

Oh sleeping beauty is so true - what a little sweetheart! She looks so peaceful… Happy New Year and Happy WW to you! :)
DebMomOf3’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #25 - Now if she could only reach the cupboards…

January 2, 2008
3:30 pm

Deana said:

Oh soooo cute!

Deana’s last blog post..The Happenings

January 2, 2008
3:40 pm

Jessica K said:

You got that right! She’s beautiful for sure!

Jessica K’s last blog post..Date Night

January 2, 2008
3:40 pm

witchypoo said:

Don’t we all love them just a little more when they are sleeping? That’s what my mom said to me when I asked her if she loved me: “Yes. When you’re sleeping.”

witchypoo’s last blog post..Contest time!

January 2, 2008
4:08 pm

Christine said:

Sweet dreams, Baby Bug!

Someone stayed up past midnight, or tried too!

She is truly a precious, ‘Sleeping Beauty’!

Happy WW!

Christine’s last blog post..Wordless Wendsday

January 2, 2008
4:17 pm

Denise said:

So Sweet!!! :) Happy New Year!

Denise’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday~Jaxon’s Big News~

January 2, 2008
4:19 pm

Renee said:

oh how cute! save these pictures for blackmail when she’s a teen. ;)
Renee’s last blog post..even more changed plans!

January 2, 2008
4:53 pm

Tammy said:

She is simply adorable…what a wonderful photo, Kailani!

A happy New Year to you and your family!

Tammy’s last blog post..Our Christmas week

January 2, 2008
5:43 pm

Deb said:

Very nice Wordless Wednesday! I am a non procrastinator, so my Wednesday and Thursday are up! Feel free to comment on both!



Deb’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen - Bakers Dozen!

January 2, 2008
6:22 pm

Cecily said:

Good gosh, she is adorable!!

Cecily’s last blog post..Moon Boots and A Bag of Change

January 2, 2008
6:36 pm

Dana said:

AWWWW - she really does look like sleeping beauty. What a doll!!!

Hey, I’m using my new Hawaiian flower calendar!!! Love it!!!

Dana’s last blog post..Happy New Year!

January 2, 2008
6:36 pm

Siani said:

How cute - a very precious moment.

Happy New Year!

Siani’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - Winter Blues

January 2, 2008
6:42 pm

Neha Yellurkar said:

Ohhh! How precious - don’t you wonder what she’s dreaming about?!

January 2, 2008
7:12 pm

YellowRose said:

Talk about precious!! She must be dreaming about sugarplums!!

YellowRose’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - ?Texas Winter Sunset?

January 2, 2008
7:30 pm

Sher :) said:

Sooo tired. Being a Princess requires a lot of work. :)
Sher :)’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

January 3, 2008
1:22 am

Vader's Mom said:

You just want to hug her. That’s so precious!

January 3, 2008
4:23 am

Kila said:

What a beautiful photo :)
Kila’s last blog post..Happy New Year!

January 3, 2008
1:02 pm

Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

Perfect title for such a pretty girl.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Video of Yohan’s Christmas Dance

January 4, 2008
2:44 am

HowToMe said:

What a sweetie :) Happy New Year.

(seen in Blogging Chicks Blogroll)

HowToMe’s last blog post..How to Have a ?High-Tech? Food Fight

January 4, 2008
2:13 pm

Twisted Cinderella said:

How sweet she looks!

Twisted Cinderella’s last blog post..Less than a week

January 4, 2008
10:37 pm

Mary said:

AWWWW! So sweet! What was she doing that wore her out so? :)
Mary’s last blog post..How to change your desktop icons

January 4, 2008
11:09 pm

Write From Karen said:

Precious, precious child.

January 5, 2008
4:26 am

Wendy said:

What a sweetie!!!

January 5, 2008
5:08 am

Jen @ One Moms World said:

She is such a cutie!!!

Jen @ One Moms World’s last blog post..Out With The Old In With The New

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