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February 17, 2009 by Kailani  
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Owner and founder of An Island Life. Sharing my life as a mother to 3 wonderful daughters, working as a flight attendant, and living a blessed life in Hawaii.


33 Responses to “WW: Koi Pond”
  1. The Social Frog says:

    I love this picture, it is very beautiful!

  2. Amy @ Coffee with the Mrs. says:

    What a beautiful picture. It’s so calming to look at. :)

  3. sagemom says:

    You take nice photos of places around Hawaii…

    although I have no idea where this photo was taken… one of the hotels???

    i think i need to get out more often =)

  4. AmyG says:


  5. Sheila says:

    Very nice pic! Reminds me that summer is not away. (I hope)

  6. Jodi says:


  7. Melinda says:

    I’m jealous!

  8. Carey says:

    Very pretty.

  9. Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama says:

    So peaceful…

  10. Jen E @ mommablogsalot says:

    You’re pictures are always so beautiful! Per usual, I love it and want to go there now!

  11. East Coast Wahine says:


  12. Pamela Kramer says:

    Hands down you have the most beautiful views. Happy WW.

  13. Jennifer says:

    So lovely and comforting to look at.

  14. Ladybird says:

    Looks so peaceful!

  15. Qtpies7 says:

    That is so pretty. I wish I had a camera that would take such great pics. I have some up, but they are crappy, lol. My camera doesn’t like taking pics in the pool area, or maybe I just don’t know what setting to use.


  16. BlapherMJ says:

    That is beautiful — so serene!

  17. Tena says:

    my boys and I love looking at Koi ponds!
    Great picture

  18. Baba says:

    What a calming walk that would be!

  19. One Anxious Mommy says:

    Looks so peaceful and serene!

  20. Shannon says:

    That is a a big koi pond. I have a small one!

  21. Angie (Losing It and Loving It) says:

    That picture is absolutely gorgeous! The resort we go to in Jamaica has a Koi pond and I love stopping by it every time. So peaceful!

  22. Kim @ What's That Smell? says:

    Ok, I have decided it is just mean to post pictures like this when Indiana looks like the inside of a cave right now!


    Very pretty!

  23. *Just Jen* says:

    SO pretty!!! P.S. I gave you an award!

  24. MommyAmy says:

    Beautiful Pic!

  25. susieshomemade says:

    That’s beautiful!

  26. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    That looks like such a relaxing place to just sit and read.

  27. fiona says:

    Very nice!!

  28. Pamela says:

    expensive bird food (:

    ps. I think we might be going to Hawaii this year. wooo hooo!

  29. Sarah Jewel says:

    I wish we could have a koi pond here, but it just gets a little too cold during the winter. :/

  30. Autumn @ My MoonBean says:

    So pretty! We have 2 fish ponds at our house, and we have koi too! :)

  31. Rach (Heart of Rachel)f says:

    I love kois. They are so beautiful to watch as they swim in the water.

  32. Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor says:

    Being in Vancouver Canada, we’re still getting frost in the morning. Seeing your stunning pond makes me want to fly there right this minute!

  33. popiputraanggara says:

    cantik!!!tapi lebih cantik pacar saya!!!!!!!!!!

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