WW: Happy Halloween

October 31, 2007

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51 Comments on “WW: Happy Halloween”


donetta said:

Hello! I think your girls are so adorable! I did the NaNoWriMo 2 years ago. It is the novel I have yet to finish the edits on. I have been considering it. I just have so many Irons in the fire right now. It takes a lot of concentration.

donetta’s last blog post..Wordless Wedensday


pelfy said:

Your princesses are so adorable. Happy Halloween (=

pelfy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #16 - Car lock

October 31, 2007
10:59 am

Char said:

They are perfect princesses!! I think at least one of my girls is going to be a princess, one wants to be a witch and my son is going to take the easy way out and be a hockey player.

October 31, 2007
11:17 am

Jodi said:

They are adorable!!! Happy WW!!

Jodi’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday ~ X marks the spot

October 31, 2007
11:26 am

Sher :) said:

Too cute!! I have actually participate in WW for the first time. I hope I did it right. :)
Sher :)

October 31, 2007
12:01 pm

tooth whitening said:

Your girls are beautiful princesses! Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2007
12:10 pm

Brandi @ Home, Hope and Future said:

How sweet! I love it!


Brandi @ Home, Hope and Future’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday (with a few words!)

October 31, 2007
12:17 pm

mary mert said:

Too cute! I love Baby Bug’s expression: “Are we done yet, cuz I got stuff to do.” ;)
mary mert’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday- A Princess, an Angel, and one Scared Dude

October 31, 2007
12:34 pm

maria said:

How adorable! and baby bug looks like she may need a new name soon….she’s growing up.

maria’s last blog post..on words

October 31, 2007
12:44 pm

Carey said:

Very Cute! Happy Halloween! Hope you have a fun and safe time.

Carey’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

October 31, 2007
12:57 pm

Baby Advice said:

Your girls are just too cute!! Happy Halloween!! I hope you and your family have a great day!


MAMA in Love said:

how sweet :)
Happy Halloween :)
MAMA in Love’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


Jen @ One Moms World said:

They are beautiful!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Have a good time tonight if you all go trick or treating.

Jen @ One Moms World’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - Happy Halloween


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

Oh they are so precious - I love their costumes! Happy WW and Happy Halloween to you! :)
Deb - Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..Works for me Wednesday #9 - Halloween candy


Wendy said:

Beautiful girls:) Love their costumes!!

Wendy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


zamejias said:

Your kids are adorable. :D I love the pink tutu/dress on the little one.

zamejias’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Lobster’s Tail


Twisted Cinderella said:

They look adorable!!! Very sweet!

Twisted Cinderella’s last blog post..Haunted — Wordless Wednesday


Starrlight said:

Cute WW!

Happy Halloween =)

Starrlight’s last blog post..Halloween Hotness 4 - Vamp Lestat Anyone?


Villager said:

Happy WW and Halloween! Great costumes…

My Wordless Wednesday post is in honor of the strength being shown by Megan Williams … a victim of gang rape and torture in West Virginia.

peace, Villager

Villager’s last blog post..Protecting Black Women From Rape * Dunbar Village Gang Rape Update


Mama Luxe said:

What cute little trick or treaters! They don’t even need any candy, they’re that sweet!

Mama Luxe’s last blog post..What Kind of MONSTER am I?


amy said:

Of course your girls look just ADORABLE! What a great Halloween for you guys!

amy’s last blog post..Stunning! Halle Berry!


And Miles To Go... said:

that is adorable!! Have a great Wednesday!

And Miles To Go…’s last blog post..Fall Bloggy Giveaway!!


Katie said:

They are SO ADORABLE!!!!

Katie’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - Puppy Party!


SummerM said:

Awww, they’re so cute!

SummerM’s last blog post..Happy Halloween!


Melli said:

Aren’t they cute!!! And how cool — a wand for each hand! Just what every little faerie needs!

Melli’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday… Halloween Style… MUUAAAAHAHAHAHA….


Diana said:

How cute they are! Happy Halloween and Happy WW!

Diana’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


Renee said:

Is that this year?

So nice of GG to loan her septer to BB for the picture. I’m sure BB would have thrown a princess sized fit if she didn’t, huh? LOL!

Renee’s last blog post..An Award for The Spirit of Christmas


Renee said:

Oops! I forgot to comment on how cute they both look. They are adorable!

Renee’s last blog post..An Award for The Spirit of Christmas


Pinkjagxj said:

A very Girly “Princess” and an Adorable Baby “Bug!”
Yes, it is a Happy Halloween!!


~ Stacy ~ said:

Awww, aren’t they cutie pies. The little one looks a might bit unsure of this Halloween thing. :)

Happy Wednesday to you!

~ Stacy ~’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #40: 50,000 Words?!?


~ Stacy ~ said:

P.S. I love your blog template and comment section. Very nice!

~ Stacy ~’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #40: 50,000 Words?!?


captain lifecruiser said:

They are just so darn adorable! That is probably the most fun with Halloween - all the kids in costumes :-)

May you have a Happy Halloween filled with scary fun!

Welcome to Lifecruisers Cyber Halloween Party!

Mr Butcher is awaiting to serve a lot of scared guests with malicious moth watering dishes!

Everybody is welcome and take all your scary monsters with you!!!!!

The party is going on until witching hour.

Make sure you come here holding your ghoul friends hand and be sure to read the haunted house rules properly!

…and make sure to come back later when the night creatures has crawled up from their graves too…..


captain lifecruiser’s last blog post..Cyber Halloween Party 2007


Waya said:

ADORABLE!! And what’s Mommy going to be?

Waya’s last blog post..Gotta believe!!


FeeFiFoto said:

Cute fairy princesses. Isn’t Halloween the best? you get to dress up as your fantasy and demand candy all day and night.

BTW, I just have to mention that my anti-spam code word for the comment was “shopping”. That’s the best code I’ve ever had. ;)

Actually, I think it was really a command. So, I have to go shopping now. Bye!

FeeFiFoto’s last blog post..Wordless Halloween Wednesday — When MY Computer Died I Just Trashed It


Natalie said:

Oh, they are too cute!!!! I’m a mommy of 2 daughters, so I love seeing pics like that, reminds me of my little ones (even though mine are younger). Happy WW and Happy Halloween!

Natalie’s last blog post..I’m Sad


Pamela Kramer said:

Super cute photo. They look so happy.


SeaBird said:

I loooove the tutu!!


Holly Schwendiman said:

They are SO adorable. Happy Halloween!



Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said:

They are adorable! Mine is up.

Laura @ Laura Williams’ Musings’s last blog post..Football Season Is Here


Sparky Duck said:

yessireee Happy Halloween

Sparky Duck’s last blog post..Halloween Pimping


@nnaliza said:

awww! they’re soo cute!
the ballerina outfit is sooo nice!
where’d you get it from?!

@nnaliza’s last blog post..The Demand


Shelia said:

Too cute! Happy Halloween/WW!

Shelia’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: “Moments In Time”


Tiff@Three Peas in a Pod said:

Your girls are absolutely Gorgeous!!

Tiff@Three Peas in a Pod’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

November 1, 2007
12:22 am

Lisawa@koinonia Academy said:

This picture is so cute! Precious!

Happy WW~


Lisawa@koinonia Academy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday Lewis and Clark


JessicaK said:

They are so stinkin’ cute! How do you stand all the girly cuteness?!

JessicaK’s last blog post..Blue Eyes


Wendy said:

Your girls are so beautiful! (But you knew that!) Precious picture. :)
Wendy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - Humble Beginnings of a Football Legend


Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

They are so cute! Pretty little princesses.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Sticky Post :: Please Help Me Win My Own Domain Name with Hosting


Melissa said:

CUTE CUTE GIRLS!! I love their costumes!! So fun!


Stacey said:

Kailani, they’re absolutely beautiful no two ways about it! The beautiful girls go well with the magical costumes! xoxo

Stacey’s last blog post..I’m Having Company! Yes Indeedy….


Lulu said:

Adorable as usual!

Lulu’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen: Lulu’s Halloween Extravaganza


Angela said:

Love the costumes…your girls always look so precious! BB’s tutu is beautiful!!

Angela’s last blog post..Norah for President!

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