WW: Hanauma Bay

March 12, 2008 by Kailani  
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Owner and founder of An Island Life. Sharing my life as a mother to 3 wonderful daughters, working as a flight attendant, and living a blessed life in Hawaii.


38 Responses to “WW: Hanauma Bay”
  1. carrie-the gremlin wrangler says:

    perty!! take me there!!

    carrie-the gremlin wrangler’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday If You Don’t Read The Words

  2. Carrie says:

    LOVE HAnauma Bay!! I could have stayed there forever! Kailani, do you know if the seal is still there? I never saw it, though, my mom did.

  3. Renee says:

    “i wanna go back…”

    It is just as pretty as I remember, maybe if we do make it back we can actually go snorkling.

    Renee’s last blog post..They just don’t care!

  4. Gattina says:

    What a paradise !!

  5. Wendy says:

    Breathtaking. Oh, how I’d love to go there!

    Wendy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Chillin’ With His Dawg

  6. Desert Songbird says:

    Wow. Spectacular.

    Desert Songbird’s last blog post..I’m Ill and I Can’t Get Up

  7. Kelly Rigby says:

    Gorgeous shot. Makes me want to float along on my back in the sun. Bliss.


    Kelly Rigby’s last blog post..The Grinch’s Guide to Family Illness

  8. yoshi says:

    you know what, and i know people are gonna say “freak!” to me, but i’ve wanted to go there since Dr. Jacoby in the show Twin peaks mentioned it. LOL I know, silly, but I’m such a twin peaks fan. :D

    Nice shot!

    yoshi’s last blog post..I’ve got nothing today

  9. Arizona says:

    Go ahead….rub it in. I’m praying for 50 degrees tomorrow and there you are…in paradise!!

    All kidding aside, that’s a beautiful photo!

    Arizona’s last blog post..Sprouting 101

  10. Cathi says:

    I think things may have changed since the first time I went to Hanauma Bay. I remember we walked out and around to the “toilet bowl”. Somethings we never forget like jumping into a huge hole in the rocks so we can get literally tossed in the air. Hmmmmm, youth!

    Cathi’s last blog post..It’s The Ultimate Blog Party

  11. Jacki says:

    Jealous….so jealous…

    Jacki’s last blog post..No Passport Required: Rubjerg Knude

  12. TheAngelForever says:

    Channeling the warmth and beauty of the photo. Hmmm. . . must be something broken on my computer ;)

    TheAngelForever’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Socks . . . the new white meat!

  13. Carey says:

    Breathtaking! How i long to be on the beach right about now…not buried in 18 inches of snow. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful scene.

    Carey’s last blog post..Party Time!!

  14. BeachMama says:

    One day I will see it in person. But, thank you. Some colour in this sea of white is awesome.

    BeachMama’s last blog post..Stuck

  15. Bahama Mama says:

    What a stunning shot. It makes you really want to be there! Did you take it?

    Bahama Mama’s last blog post..Emmy’s Sleepover

  16. Janne says:

    Beautiful! I wish I could teleport myself there right now!

    Janne’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Little Arbor Man

  17. MIchelle says:

    oh that is lovely and the beach would be wonderful…Aloha,happy ww.

    MIchelle’s last blog post..The Artiste’ Wordless Wednesday

  18. Pamela says:

    It sure has a round shape .. almost like a crator.

  19. homemom3 says:

    Lovely pic, wish I could be there right now. Happy WW!

    homemom3’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: 1st Birthday

  20. Michelle Potter says:

    What a beautiful beach! I love the beach, but we never get to go. :(

  21. Pass the Torch says:

    Gorgeous! My WW is about Flat Stanley.

    Pass the Torch’s last blog post..Passing the Torch with Flat Stanley

  22. blessinghill says:

    Beautiful! Wish I were there right now.

  23. Michele McHenry says:

    Funny, my anti-spam word would be love! Cause I love Hanama Bay. I lived in Hawaii Kai for a couple years, so we would go and snorkal all the time there, and play. Or we would hit Sandy Beach for some surfing, boogy boarding, etc.

    Papa and I have been talking of retiring there, most likely where the homes are less expensive like Volcano, Big Island, or my favorite Island I lived on, Kauai. Gotta find the out of the way places , to be able to purchase a home under 300k! I bet you can’t find one there in Hawaii Kai area, or even the Windward side, or EITHER side.

    My step brothers and sisters still live there, but, it has been way to long since I have been back…way too long. Thanks for the beautiful shot and the memories it brought back.

  24. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Now how gorgeous is that… Love the vivid colors of the ocean – but you are really, really making me long for spring over here! :)

    Deb – Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..Review – Kellogg’s Whole Grain Pop-Tarts

  25. Melissa says:

    ACK! More of your evil plot! It’s a good thing it’s a beautiful day here in Southern Cali… or I’d be on a flight RIGHT NOW!

  26. Sher :) says:

    Just looking at that picture makes my stomach un-knot. So pretty.

    Sher :) ’s last blog post..Ultimate Blog Party ~ 2008

  27. Jennifer says:

    Man, you are just feeding my desire to see Hawaii at some point in my life!! I’ll just keep on dreaming, surely it’ll come true one day, right? Sssh don’t tell me if it won’t ;0)

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday #17

  28. Mama Duck says:

    So beautiful ;) .

    Mama Duck’s last blog post..My new favorite photo of the 3 year old (WW)

  29. Michelle in Mx says:

    ooooh aaaaaaaaah
    some day
    some day

    Michelle in Mx’s last blog post..Three little words

  30. Jen says:

    That is so gorgeous. Here I was excited that it was 52 degrees here today! :-)

    Jen’s last blog post..We are still alive (though maybe not yet kicking)?

  31. Jeanette Jackson says:

    When we were there in 2005 I had to laugh because if you took the ride down to the water it only cost 50 cents but the ride back up the hill cost 1 dollar. (And, yes, we paid the dollar to go back up that hill after snorkelling for 2 hours)

  32. Christine says:

    So beautiful…

    I’ve been there once before, but it was on an extremely overcast and yucky day… I would love to visit again when it looks like that!

    Happy WW! Mine’s up, too!

    Christine’s last blog post..Defending Homeschool Freedom in California

  33. Ika says:

    hanauma Bay!!

    I miss the place – usch a beautiful place. I could sit there …forever!!

    Ika’s last blog post..1 2 3 On the floor!

  34. mama meji says:

    That bay shot is just perfect. Really beautiful.



  35. mama meji says:

    That bay shot is just perfect. Really beautiful.



    mama meji’s last blog post..Thankful Thursday #6

  36. Lulu says:

    Oooh! We went snorkling there on our trip. Beautiful place…but the walk down the hill is treacherous!

    Lulu’s last blog post..Happy Bloomin’ Birthday Giveaway!

  37. Rach (Heart of Rachel) says:

    Hi Kailani. I’ve been a little busy these past few days. I missed WW.

    Thank you for sharing this captivating picture of nature at its best.

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Summer Break

  38. Candi says:

    Wow—that is beautiful!!

    Candi’s last blog post..A Day at the Park….. (WW)

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