Second Born

August 31, 2008

Did you find that your second or third child tended to hit milestones earlier or later than the first?

I always thought that Baby Bug would learn things more quickly because she loves imitating Girlie Girl. She wants to be just like her big sister.

However, at 2 ½ she still isn’t close to being potty trained, she can’t properly use utensils, and I can barely understand her at times. Add to the mix that she’s short for her age, and I tend to forget that she’s not a baby anymore. In fact, she’ll be 3 in just a few months!

In a way I’m secretly glad that she’s taking her time because I’m not sure I’m ready to have her grow up on me just yet. And as much as I look forward to her starting pre-school so I can have some quiet time to myself, I know I’ll miss having my little companion around.

So, I guess I’ll continue to savor every unrecognizable word she says because I know that one day I’ll look back and miss having a baby in the house.

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30 Comments on “Second Born”


Dana said:

I’m the first commentor? I can’t believe it! It pays to be up at the crack of dawn - ha ha.

Yep, savor every minute….cause they will be teenagers before you know it and then I think you’ll have your hands full with all those guys knocking down your door. Nice thought huh? :)

Happy Labor Day Kailani!


Summer said:

My son definitely hit milestones later than his brother. When he was 3 and still not saying more than 5 words, that’s when we took him to a speech therapist and found he had a severe articulation delay.
Sometimes they’re just late on things and sometimes there’s an actual issue. Either way, I’ve been savoring my daughters babyhood that much more. I don’t want her to get any bigger!