Just Taking a Nap

September 10, 2008

The other morning I woke up both girls and started getting Girlie Girl ready for school. When I turned around, Baby Bug had fallen back asleep - standing up. hee hee

Kids can sleep just about anywhere, can’t they? Where’s the strangest place your child has fallen asleep?

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Liza R said:

When my son was younger, he would sometimes fall asleep at the dining table while eating. We could see him beginning to fade, and one of us would move closer so that he could rest his head on someone’s shoulder. We’d finish the meal, then move him to his bed.


Dad of Divas said:

My eldest once fell asleep in her high chair while eating a graham cracker… talk about funny!


Cathi said:

My oldestwould fall asleep anywhere, especially the high chair while eating dinner. My youngest loved his bed. (he’s 26 and still does) From the age of three, he’d disappear and we’d find him sound asleep in his bed.


Laurin said:

I have some funny pictures of my son asleep in his exersaucer/walker with his face up against an attached toy. So cute.


Maria said:

I’ve seen mine fall asleep sitting up but never standing.



Kristi said:

Aaron fell asleep in a very similar position last night. And of course, like you, I took a picture.


Summer said:

That’s so cute.

My kids have fallen asleep while eating in their high chairs.
Once, I found Count Dooku with his head on the floor and his legs on the bed, completely sound asleep. It cracked me up!


Kim @ What's That Smell? said:

That is so funny!
My son never fell asleep weird like that!


oh amanda said:

My daughter prefers her bed, but I remember when my brother was little, one night, we couldn’t find him…then we finally discovered him sleeping in the hall closet!


Natalie Plummer said:

Um no. It is a good day if my daughter falls alseep in her crib. She is 2 and had NEVER fallen asleep in a strange place since she was 3 months old. Well, once on a plane but that was after 3 hours of screaming. Can I order one of these easy sleepers for my next child?


TheAngelForever said:

Both of my boys have fallen asleep while eating in their highchairs. I have photos of it. My little guy did it not that long ago. One minute he was chatting away with me and eating, the next head down and snoring.


Dee said:

Zach fell asleep in the bathtub once when he was about 7, and Ari fell asleep in her saimin noodles on her high chair when she was 2ish. lol


Renee said:

DD fell asleep while watching TV sitting straight up but her head tilted just a bit back. I got a picture of that!
She’s also falls asleep in the car all the time, sometimes laying down in the seat but usually twisting the seatbelt into a hammock for her head.
It’s my fault though, I “trained” her as a baby to sleep anywhere. I didn’t want to be one of those moms who are stuck to the house for naptime.


Tara R. said:

My almost-five year old son fell asleep sitting on the toilet at church this past sunday! He just laid his head back on the top of the tank and it was honestly a little hard to wake him up… I didn’t even have a camera to take a picture :)


Annie said:

Cute pic! My mom says I fell asleep on my high chair when I was little - face down in the spinach. I think I was probably just trying to get out of eating spinach.

When we were all visiting my parents over the holidays a couple of years ago, the kids were in bed and we were watching a movie. I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and there was my 4 year old nephew, sound asleep on the hard, cold kitchen floor in front of the refrigerator! we figured he came down from bed but knew he would get sent back if he came in the room with us.


sagemom said:

Other than his high chair (several times)…once we took him to the zoo and DH carried him in the baby bjorn (face forward) and we were looking at all the animals and next thing you know he was fast asleep. I didn’t think it was very comfortable, but he was just snoozing away…


diana/sunshine said:

that is so precious. i honestly can’t remember my kids falling asleep in any strange place or position. i guess the closest would be in their car seats with the head practically hanging into their laps. i always wondered how they could sleep like that.


Rachel L said:

That is PRICELESS!!!!

So far, the high chair is the only “unordinary” place for the Little Lady.


mrsbear said:

I feel like that some mornings. lol. I posted one of my son recently sitting up in his rocking chair with a Sun Chip still in his mouth.


Christine said:

Well my kids pretty much stay awake all the time. : ) However, when I was pregnant with Son 1 hubs and I went to see one of the Lord of the Rings movies, during which I took a nap.


Melissa Markham said:

Hee hee! I have seen my son fall asleep while at dinner….


kelleythejewelrylady said:

That is funny. My son did that too…. half in half out. What a crack up.

I gave you an award over at my blog! Stop by when you can.


Julie N said:

How adorable! My DD once fell asleep on the toilet…must run the in the family because I used to do it as well. My dad actually bought me a poster titled “Too tired to tinkle”!!! :)


Nancy said:

My oldest has fallen asleep at the dinner table a few times. It’s hysterical watching the long blinks, the slow chewing, the giving in to exhaustion.

But both of my boys have fallen asleep in the middle of the annual 4th of July parade, with fire engine sirens and horns blasting so loud our ears hurt. Yet they slept through it, completely unphased.

On and I found my oldest on the floor of the bathroom, laying on the contoured rug by the toilet. He must have woken up during the night to pee and then just passed back out there on the floor.


jyl @ mommygossip said:

Nowhere too strange. Chatter Box sleeps a lot in the car and sometimes will go tuck himself in and go to bed without having told anyone. We’ll look all over for him and there he’ll be–snug as a bug in his bed. Funny boy!


VeRonda said:

This is the cutest thing ever. I just had to comment!


Asianmommy said:

On the carpet in the middle of the hallway or just inside the doorway of her room. Must’ve been really…reaallllly…….tiiirrrreeeedddd…….


valmg said:

I got punished once when I was pretty young. My Mom told me to stand in the corner for 5 minutes. I went to sleep standing there because i was too stubborn to say I was sorry.


Desert Songbird said:

I’ve felt this tired before!


Rick Bucich said:

Oh my, that’s a classic!

I don’t have any really great stories, just the usual. Once fell asleep in his bouncer, another in his highchair. Both looked pretty funny.

But nothing this good:)


Kelly said:

my son has fallen asleep in his high chair before. it was so cute!!!


Jenni said:

LOL! That picture is too funny! I feel like I could fall asleep like that some days!


Sher :) said:

Oh my goodness!! She is adorable! Makes me want to get a big hug from her. :)


Muthering Heights said:

How FUNNY!!! I wish I could nap that easily, LOL!


BK said:

My nephew fell asleep while drinking his milk and with his bottle still in the mouth. We had hard times trying to get it out of his mouth after that.


tracey said:

What a cute picture!! She must have been really tired…

I have a picture of Evan sleeping with a sword in one hand and a bowl of cereal in the other. ..


Lisa C. said:

that is just adorable!!!!


Lisa C. said:

that is just so adorable!!!!


Pamela said:

on the piano bench


Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

That’s so cute! When Yohan was younger, he loves sitting on the front of the grocery cart. There were times he fell asleep while we were buying groceries.


BlapherMJ said:

That picture is adorable! My kids have fallen asleep in many places… Sitting in the middle of a basketball game, while eating at the breakfast table, studying for school (what a surprise!), sitting in a restaurant… And they laugh at me, who has also fallen asleep, at my laptop no less!


Jen@Happily-Ever-After-Land said:

My girl has a lot of stamina - she MUST have correct sleeping conditions to fall asleep! So weirdest places for us would be passed out on the floor or in her highchair. Not very exciting!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

I seem to be blessed with kids who (usually) sleep well in their own beds, but not generally anywhere else. I think Hannah fell asleep in the stroller once, and I can remember a few times when she or Abby fell asleep in the highchair, but that’s about it.

Although - Becca has gone back to sleeping on her bedroom floor every night, so I guess that’s somewhat strange in itself. :)


Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland said:

That is so funny. My daughter climbed out of her crib when she was around 18 months and we woke up in the morning to check on her and something was blocking the door. She was snuggled up by the door! Thats about the weirdest place she’s fallen asleep. I actually wish she would sleep more. =)


UptakeInOH said:

BWAH! So cute! Tell her that in about 60 years, she’ll be doing the same thing again. Heh.


Holly Schwendiman said:

Ha ha ha! That is so precious. Sometimes I’d give anything to be a kid again….LOL And those new baby room designs are something else! That Cinderella bed frame is so magical!



Lulu said:

The most favorite picture that I have of my son is one where he fell asleep while standing with his head on the coffee table. Bless his heart! And bless Baby Bug’s heart!

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