Safe and Sound in Cincinnati

July 29, 2008 by Kailani  
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After 11 hours and 1 aircraft change in Utah, I finally arrived in Cincinnati for the Pampers Mommy Bloggers Event.

I have to say, it’s pretty interesting to travel on a different airline carrier. The on-board service, meals, entertainment, and seat configuration were all an experience. And let me tell you, when Delta says you can only bring on one carry-on and one personal item, they mean it. I actually got stopped at the boarding door because I also had my laptop bag with me. I ended up having to shove my laptop bag into my rollerboard and couldn’t even zipper it all the way up! But hey, at least I was able to consolidate it and board the flight. Makes no sense since as soon as I got on board, I took the laptop bag out again.

Everything went really well and like they promised, Andrea & Jennifer from PainePR were waiting at baggage claim with signs that said “Welcome Mommy Bloggers!” They escorted us to our cars and we were wisked away to the Westin Cincinnati. It was actually pretty cool to be chauffered everywhere in these black luxury passenger vans. Let me tell you, whenever our little convoy pulled up the curb, all heads turned. We felt like movie stars! LOL!

When we checked into our rooms, PainePR had thoughtfully left a gift basket of some cool beauty products in each room to make our stay more comfortable. It was then a quick shower and change of clothes and we were off again to visit the Procter & Gamble Headquarters, specifically the Archive Room.

This room held the most amazing samples of products from the history of Procter & Gamble including Max Factor, Charmin, Pampers, Gillette, Tide, and many more. And did you know that Procter & Gamble has their own Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement? We actually got to see an Emmy Award Statue in person! So cool!

However, the best part is when they explained how Max Factor used to not only do make-up but also wigs for actors and actresses. They explained how the whole process worked and even showed us real locks of hair from John Wayne!

Then it was off to dinner at the Brio Tuscan Grille. It was a great evening getting to know the other fabulous Mommy Bloggers as well as the people from P&G. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these executives but they were so down-to-earth and easy to talk to. By the end of the night, we all felt like we’ve known each other forever. What a great group of people!

Anyway, tomorrow is a big day at the Pampers BabyCare Center to discuss Pampers and their charitable events including Unicef’s Vaccination Program. I’ll keep you posted!



20 Responses to “Safe and Sound in Cincinnati”
  1. happyathome says:

    Ooooohhhh…John Wayne…he is one of my favorites. Sounds pretty posh! Woop it up while you are there and can’t wait to hear about the meetings.

  2. Amy @ The Q Family says:

    Wow.. That’s neat to see the archive of such a company. I used to work in Motorola and they also have the hall that shows early production of their cell phones. Very interesting.

  3. Jen @ One Moms World says:

    HOW FUN! And they sure are pampering you all. Thanks for telling us about your day. Can’t wait to read your other updates.

  4. Desert Songbird says:

    Glad you arrived safely. Enjoy your “superstar” trip!

  5. Muthering Heights says:

    I’m glad to hear that you made it safely! :)

  6. Amy says:

    Glad you made it safe and sound! You are only about 2 1/2 hours away from where I live, Kailani. Oh, how I wish I could have planned a way to meet you, if even for just a few minutes. Someday we will!

    Have a great time!

  7. AmyG says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. I know another mom that’s there with you, Amanda from Tell her I said HI… you’ll love her! ;)

  8. Karen says:

    Glad you arrived safely. :) Sounds like you’re in for a very interesting time.

  9. Alexis says:

    Glad you made it safe. :)

  10. Forgetfulone says:

    How very cool! And interesting as well. Looking forward to your next update.

  11. Renee says:

    sounds like such a fun trip so far. you’ll have to keep us updated. hee hee

  12. TheAngelForever says:

    So glad that you had a safe trip there. Sounds like a fabulous time. I actually remember those old Pampers boxes with the baby’s face on them. Ah, the memories.

    Have a great time tomorrow :)

  13. Angie says:

    Sounds like you’re having fun. Bet it was really cool to see the Emmy Award statue.

    Glad you had a safe trip.

  14. Sher :) says:

    Sounds like fun!! Enjoy! And don’t ya just love the history?

  15. Rick Bucich says:

    That’s a long flight! Sounds like the excursion will be a lot of fun. It will be interesting to hear about the experience, I’m probably not the only one who isn’t terribly familiar with the extensive P&G product line-up.

  16. oh amanda says:

    Kailani, are you kidding me? I think this is the first time I’ve even opened my computer in the last 48 hours and you already have a post WITH pictures!

    Those macadamia nuts are in my purse and calling my name. Thank you again! So so happy I got to meet you.

    BTW–I didn’t think it was really possible, but you look exactly like the picture in your header. Skinny minny!

  17. Cindi-Moomettesgram says:

    Lucky Lucky you! Is it possible for you to give us new readers a short ‘re-cap’ on how you got chosen to go to this conference! Looking forward to your updates!

  18. Cathi says:

    I’m so glad you’re having a good time. I’ll have to email you a photo of my oldest son B when he was a baby. Everyone thought he was the Pampers baby on the diaper box. Silly thing is…all my babies were cloth diaper babies.

  19. Kristin says:

    How awesome! Too bad you didn’t get to hold it. :D

  20. UptakeInOH says:

    Very cool. Love that they took the time and effort to make you all feel welcome.

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