A Tropical Destination

September 8, 2008

I’m really excited to have Sunsort Travel hanging out in the sidebar this week - sun & travel - what’s not to love?

From the site: “The main goal was to provide two things: a comprehensive travel guide for tourists looking for sunny destinations from all over the world, and a forum for those same tourists to share experiences with each other.

Unlike other travel sites, we will never turn into a general travel encyclopedia. Our focus will always be on travel destinations that provide a warm climate and lots of sun. We believe this is our greatest strength and what makes our site so good. We hope you feel the same way!”

With the cooler months headed our way, why not plan a family vacation in a nice sunny destination? It would be pretty cool to have a tan in December, don’t you think? Stop by Sunsort Travel for all your tropical vacation needs!

Where would you go?

Comment Spotlight by Stacey @ JameeForever:

I love my Missouri in the Fall….I love it in the Winter. Until Christmas is over. Then, I’m done with it all! So at THAT time, girlfriend, clean out the guest room, I’m on my way over. xo

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Amy @ The Q Family said:

You know my answer.. The first place on my list is your beautiful home state - Hawaii.


diana/sunshine said:

sounds great - a sunny vacation and the travel site. i almost don’t go anywhere anymore without being able to read some kind of feedback on the location from other travelers.


jyl @ mommygossip said:

I was just telling my kids the other day that we need to plan a trip to Hawaii. One of my best friends is from and lives on Maui. I miss her. Her kids are the same ages as my kids. We would have a blast and who can turn down free lodging?

If I could choose one destination location right now, though… as in this moment, I would choose India. I have wanted to go there my entire life. I am fascinated by the culture and want to spend time there getting more familiar with it.


Renee said:

I would LOVE a trip to Hawaii. DH says work keeps trying to get him to go, but his boss needs him to stay here. :(

DD really wants a trip to American Girl Place, she isn’t particular which one either. I think CA would be the most logical cuz it’s close & there’s other stuff to do nearby. So if we can find the time, we’ll try for a CA trip.


TheAngelForever said:

One of these days I vow to get back to Hawaii. I was there the summer before 6th grade and just did not appreciate the beauty. Until then I would love to get to Orlando, FL again and CA to visit family in nice warm weather land. No, FL and CA are not really tropical, but compared to where I am they will be soon ;)


Melissa said:

Well, I live in the ultimate winter destination - Southern California! So, eh, I’d probably stay here ;)


Holly Schwendiman said:

That picture makes me want to escape! I’m sick of feeling a little sick and thinking how nice that retreat looks!!



happyathome said:

Why I would go back to Hawaii of course! Maybe next spring, always nice to get away from the cold!


Alexis said:

Hmmm right now the Greek Isles sound cool.


Angie said:

I better get a tan in Dec. because we are going to our favorite destination, Couples Swept Away in Negril, Jamaica. I can’t wait! Less than 100 days to go whoo hoo.

Sometime if we can ever pull ourselves away from Jamaica, I would like to visit Brazil, Costa Rica, Spain, oh the list goes on.


Melissa Markham said:

The website sounds wonderful. However due to lack of snow here in Virginia in recent years, we are planning to head somewhere where we will be guaranteed snow this winter…like the mountains of West Virginia…I know, call us crazy, but we love snow.

I do hope to visit Hawaii one of these days and my hubby has been eyeing the Caribbean (Hey, if I am going to run into Jack Sparrow or Will Turner there, I’ll be the first one on the plane!)


Baby Clothes by Ambajam said:

It’s hard to believe summer is over. Guess I better start thinking about a winter tan. :)


Jenni said:

I would go to St. Martin!


Stacey said:

I love my Missouri in the Fall….I love it in the Winter. Until Christmas is over. Then, I’m done with it all! So at THAT time, girlfriend, clean out the guest room, I’m on my way over. xo


Jennifer said:

I want to see Hawaii before I die ;0)

But this year, this fall?

Well, we’re leaving for Florida on Saturday or Sunday and check into Walt Disney World Resorts on Monday for it 5 days/4 nights!!!


Cath Lawson said:

I love that picture. Definitely somewhere warm. Hawaii is high up on my list of places to see.

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