TT - My Newest Blogging Buddies

August 9, 2007


  1. Skimbako - The Lifestyle - I am a fashion-freak-former model. I am a cinnamon-bun-baking-housewife. I am a marketing-loving-business-woman. I am a “let’s-jump-some-more-on-the couch-kids”-mother. I own, the Upscale Children’s Boutique.
  2. Go Visit Hawaii - Your source for unbiased Hawaii vacation advice, news, and reviews.
  3. Pinks & Blues Girls Blog - Pinks & Blues is the “you’re lucky to know” one-stop resource for every-perfect-family-thing that you just don’t have the time to find yourself. New or proven, fresh or established products and services, Pinks & Blues is always in the total “know” for those who need to know!
  4. Whitterer on Autism - Ex-pat from the UK. Middle aged, bifocaled and technically challenged. My Significant Other and I currently enjoy fragile custody of 3 minors and a major, two girls, two boys, two with blue eyes, two with brown eyes, two with autism, two without.
  5. A Life Uncommon - I am a friend of God, A devoted Wife of 25 + yrs. and a grateful Mother of two Wonderful Internationally Adopted Special Needs kids.I love seeing the lives of people become full.
  6. Summer’s Nook - I am a young mother of 3 young children, Count Dooku (5), Obi Wan Kenobi (4) and Angel girl (3 months), trying to find the balance between parenting, my marriage, making time for myself and everything in between.
  7. JameeForever - My blog is named Jamee Forever after my lovely sister, Jamee Renee. Jamee drew her last breath on July 30, 2002. She was a victim of occular melanoma, at only 36 years old and a mere 19 months ahead of me. I miss her I miss her I miss her.
  8. Lulu’s Laundry - What about Lulu? I’m a 36-year old writer of technical documentation (how fantastically boring!) who just needs a creative outlet to talk about my everyday life!
  9. I’m Not Just a Mom . . . I’m a Home Mom - This mother of four takes you on a journey through parenthood as she tries to figure it out, with as little mess as possible. But with three mobile kids, a spit up baby and a Marine for a husband that isn’t always possible.
  10. Charming & Delightful - I was once told by a friend of a friend, that I was “charming and delightful.” A brilliant assessment, if I do say so myself, and I’ve chosen to ignore the fact that this guy was probably just trying to get in my pants…. Even a BS-artist has a moment of clarity every once and a while.
  11. (the mad) household of la bellina mammina - what do you have when you put three boys and a working mom sharing home space…and dad’s always travelling…..A MAD Household!! JoIn us on our rollercoaster ride each day.
  12. Mom of 3 Girls - I am 36, married for 7 years to my hubby, Ron, and we have 3 beautiful daughters, ages 6, 4 and 1. Oh yes, and 2 cats as well. I work full-time out of the house, so between work, daycare, school and life - things can get crazy and hectic!
  13. Ventanahoos Candid - I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3 georgeous children, and wifey to my soul mate. The only reason why I exist is to show you all that a real God can seriously love a nobody.
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Aloha from Annaliza @ ventanawhos candid, JHS, Stacey, Angela at mommy bytes, Pamela, Katja from Skimbaco, Jenny-up the hill, Jill (CDPJ), Sheila, Zeus, Lisa, Sparky Duck, Vixen, Holly Schwendiman, Scooper, Christine, Jennie, Gabriella Hewitt, Mcewen, Harlekwin, Janet, Melissa, Deb, Aimeeroo, KC, Yoshi, Marilyn, Pandora, Pinks & blues girls, Donetta, Heather Rae Scott, MamaLee, Summershine, Kristee, Lulu, Susan B., Emmyrose, Homemom3, Mar, Robin from Israel, Burntofferings, and Gattina

43 Comments on “TT - My Newest Blogging Buddies”

August 9, 2007
7:09 am

Gattina said:

And me ??? I nominate myself nr 14, lol !

August 9, 2007
7:18 am

burntofferings said:

This is a great list…. I know of some, and I think I might get to know of some more!

Our list is up as well, so please stop by and check it out…

August 9, 2007
8:35 am

Robin from Israel said:

Looks like some great reads there.

Happy TT.

August 9, 2007
8:40 am

mar said:

I was checking out some of your links, wonderful sites! ahhh, too many blogs, too little time.
Happy thirteening!

August 9, 2007
9:46 am

homemom3 said:

Oh thank you for adding me to the list. Happy TTing! Now I need to go and write mine up, it’s going to be 13 good superstitions.

August 9, 2007
9:53 am

Emmyrose said:

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Happy TT! :)

August 9, 2007
12:20 pm

Susan B. said:

What a great idea for a list!

August 9, 2007
12:49 pm

Lulu said:

Moi made the list? Thank you! Thank you! I’ll check out some of your other bloggin’ buddies as well…

August 9, 2007
1:20 pm

Kristee said:

You have a beautiful blog! I love the theme. Great T13 list. It’s good to have buddies and looks like you have some really special ones. I will be checking out their blogs.

have a blessed day!
Kristee :)

August 9, 2007
1:28 pm

summershine said:

Thanks for the links. My favorite is Summer’s Nook, what a great site! ;)

August 9, 2007
1:34 pm

MamaLee said:

What a great list you have here! I know some, but others I will have to check out! Thanks!

Happy TT!

August 9, 2007
1:39 pm

Heather Rae Scott said:

More reading material. ;) Thanks for dropping by my blog this morning, with the storms brewing here today, your beach theme really lifted my damp and darkened spirits. This is truly amazing, easy to read and just bright.

Loved that a lot of these links are about mommy’s, because I don’t think us SAHM’s get enough credit.

Happy TT

August 9, 2007
1:48 pm

Jill said:

Thanks for the shout out!!

August 9, 2007
1:49 pm

donetta said:

Wow, What a sweet surprise. Here I was coming over for a visit regarding your comment on my t13. To find such warm regards. Thank you for your enthusiastic support.
Now Dear Lady you mentioned the entry for my collection… How do I go about that? Sounds like that would be a fun list to read also.

August 9, 2007
2:43 pm

pinks & blues girls said:

We’re so honored to be included!! And so happy to be your bloggy friend! :)

Jane, P&B Girls

August 9, 2007
2:49 pm

Pandora said:

What a great idea for a TT! I might totally steal this for next week! ::grins::

Thanks for dropping by *my* TT. I updated the entry with a definition of “emo” for you. (;

August 9, 2007
2:50 pm

marilyn said:

This is such a pretty blog… lots of moms to visit. Thanks for the list.

August 9, 2007
3:06 pm

yoshi said:

Oooh, this is a good idea. I guess I’ll have to find 13 food related websites and do this. :)

Thanks for the idea for my next week’s TT :)

Oh, btw, they’re over at my Hello! food website instead of my own. :P

August 9, 2007
3:14 pm

KC said:

great list, looks like they are worth checking out.
Happy T13

August 9, 2007
3:37 pm

Aimeeroo said:

That’s a good idea for TT! Mine is up too. :)

August 9, 2007
3:45 pm

Deb said:

Wow, thank you for including me! (blush) Now to go and check out the other 12 great blogs you’ve got on the list… :)

August 9, 2007
4:01 pm

Melissa said:

It’s always fun to see some new blogs - thanks for the list!

August 9, 2007
4:12 pm

Janet said:

sounds like some interesting new reads! Great list, thanks for visiting!

August 9, 2007
4:17 pm

Harlekwin said:

Isn’t it great to find people you enjoy getting to know? I spotted several on your list I’d like to visit.

Speaking of visiting, thank you for stopping by my site today and commenting!

August 9, 2007
4:25 pm

mcewen said:

Well golly and thank you. I know a few of these already, but now I have the chance to check out even more.

August 9, 2007
4:26 pm

Gabriella Hewitt said:

Intersting list. Must visit ew people.

August 9, 2007
4:33 pm

Jennie said:

What a great list! I’ll have to check out some of those links!
Have a great TT!

August 9, 2007
4:38 pm

Christine said:

I’ve read several of these new blogs, I’ve met one blogger in person, and she is as wonderful in person as she is in her blog.
I’ll check out the other ones that look new to me too.

Great idea for a list Kailani.
Happy Thursday!

August 9, 2007
4:47 pm

scooper said:

I love your site. It’s lovely. I’ll have to check out a few of your links.

August 9, 2007
4:48 pm

Holly Schwendiman said:

What a fun twist…and a sure representation of how much the blogging atmosphere continues to grow and grow!


August 9, 2007
5:38 pm

Vixen said:

What a great idea for a TT. Almost all my fav sites were found by someone else recommending them, so I shall be checking these out.

Thanks for visiting.

August 9, 2007
6:11 pm

Sparky Duck said:

are you nuts?? More blogs to look at!

August 9, 2007
6:31 pm

Lisa said:

nice list, I’ve added some of them to my feeds.

Happy Thursday.

August 9, 2007
6:37 pm

Zeus said:

Wow, Kailani, I know it has been a long time, and you certainly have been busy. Your blog looks amazing, and I love all the details! Terrific idea for a TT by the way.

This summer has found me terribly busy and going through a lot of changes. I will stop by more often in the future. Thanks for coming by and not forgetting about me! :)

August 9, 2007
11:03 pm

Sheila said:

A big mahalo for making your list! I’m so honored! Its great having a new blogging buddy!

August 9, 2007
11:58 pm

Jill (CDPJ) said:

I just posted something I think we could both use (and no, it’s not about shirtless Hawaiian boys :-)

August 10, 2007
1:13 am

jenny-up the hill said:

I think Stacey from JameeForever is one of the most absolutely wonderful gals around! One of my faves too!!

August 10, 2007
1:50 am

Katja from Skimbaco said:

Thank you for including me!!! That is such an honor, I love your site, and I can’t wait that I can come and visit you :)

Thank you for letting me know some great sites, I had never visited before!

August 10, 2007
3:42 am

Pamela said:

I heard there were millions of bloggers. Will someone out there pay me just to read them all???

August 10, 2007
5:14 am

Angela at mommy bytes said:

Awesome way to spread the link love! I’ll go check them out. Thanks for visiting my TT!

August 10, 2007
6:12 am

Stacey said:

Thank you my friend, in this honor, you have honored Jamee. I like that! I also like your blog, keep the upbeat smiles coming (I’m still chuckling about the phone, that was a classic if ever there was one!). xoxo

August 10, 2007
7:07 am

JHS said:

Oh, more folks to visit! What fun!

August 11, 2007
7:23 pm

annaliza @ ventanawhos candid said:

this is so awesome! i’m VERY honored!
thank you!!!

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