Thursday Thirteen ~ Random Things

February 22, 2007


Boy, I haven’t done one of these in a long time.

Here are 13 random things that happened in my little corner of the world.

  1. My 2 month old nephew was in the hospital because they found a hole in his heart. They flew him up to San Diego where he went through open heart surgery and had a pacemaker put in. I talked to BIL today and he’s doing fine!
  2. Believe it or not, my 10 month old niece was also hospitalized with Kawasaki Disease. They say she’s getting better every day.
  3. Girlie Girl had some sort of allergic reaction which caused her face to swell up. Of course, this happened on picture taking day.
  4. I took my SUV into the shop because the engine check light wouldn’t go off. They had it the entire day and still couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I guess I’ll be giving Toyota a call soon.
  5. Still haven’t gotten a replacement on my Treo 650. I didin’t realize how dependent I was on it until it was gone.
  6. My DVR decided to go on the fritz, too. It missed the first 15 minutes of Brothers & Sisters and didn’t even record the guys night on American Idol. If you watched it, who do you think will be eliminated?
  7. Last week I was trying to get something out of Baby Bug’s mouth and she bit me hard. It’s still numb!
  8. If you haven’t already noticed, I put in a theme switcher. I keep getting teased about my constantly changing looks. Themes are like shoes, you can’t have just one. BTW, I’m getting a new one added tomorrow!
  9. Woo Hoo! I’m still listed at Top Momma! Thanks for all your clicks! 8 days and counting!
  10. Since it seems like a lot of my blogging friends are going through a “blah” phase, I’m trying to think of something fun that everyone can participate in. Any suggestions?
  11. Kaimana escaped out of the house again. I didn’t realize it until I heard a cat fight next door and noticed the screen window missing. I went outside to call him and he came running back. Unfortunately, he tried to jump back into the window he came out of and didn’t realize that I had closed it. Ouch!
  12. I received the jewelry I won from Alli’s Originals! I’ll have to post a photo of it, they’re so cute! Girlie Girl loves her new bracelet!
  13. And last but not least, I know it doesn’t fit my TT theme but I have to send out my never ending gratitude to Be A Good Dad for helping me fix my broken blog. He voluntarily took this project on and worked tirelessly to get everything fixed. Also, thank you to Goofy Girl for reinstalling my pink shopping theme and for not lecturing me when I broke it . . . again. You guys are the best! If you need any tech help with your blog or a new look, they’re the ones to see.

You are welcomed to leave a comment even if you’re not participating in TT.

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27 Comments on “Thursday Thirteen ~ Random Things”


MamaDuck said:

Agh, our check engine light is on and we need to take it in too…. DVRs are odd like that, and I just got my jewelry I bought from Allie, I need to post about it as I just LOVE it!


Twisted Cinderella said:

Sorry about the first few things on your list. I think a fun thing to participate in would be wonderful


Raggedy said:

Thursday Thirteen has come to an end.
I have enjoyed my visits here and consider us friends.
Thank you for sharing your thirteens with me.
The comments you left me filled me with glee.
It is hard to believe it is really true.
I am trying very hard to not be blue.
Happy TT’ing!
(”)_ (”)Š


Chickadee said:

It’s stressful when our little ones get seriously ill. I’m glad your nephew and niece are doing better. And your little stinker? OUCH! LOL.

My 13 is up.


mar said:

Hope all the little ones get better soon!!! I took a day off TT today…until I found out it’s the last one so I am visiting around. Happy thursday!


katkat said:

Oh my goodness what a week. I’m sending happy healing thoughts to you and your family.


Ma said:

Wow! sorry to hear about your nephew and niece. It’s spooky. I remember when Kamalani had meningitis when she was 6 weeks old and was in the hospital for 3 days. Luckily it wasn’t the bacterial type that is fatal. Then at 10 months she had a siezure and had to go to the ER in a ambulance. I had to go with her cause she wouldn’t let her Mom or Dad carry her. I never want to see that happen again. She had an infection that caused a high fever. She has seen enough and been through alot medically her 1st year. Now, she’s a healthy 4 year old. Thank God.

Hope your niece and nephew get well soon. My prayers are with them.


Fly Girl said:

I am so glad your nephew is doing well. My little twins had two different rashes a couple of weeks ago, one had Fifths Disease, and the other had something called Psorresis Rosea (?), I can’t remember how to spell it. I was like, “I swear I bathe my kids and they live in a clean environment!” They said it’s normal and nothing to worry about. But you know how us mothers are with our “mother’s guilt” about everything :)

I remember when Girlie Girl got Fifth Disease from school. It sounds so serious but it was pretty harmless.


Jill said:

I have an idea for number 10, or rather Lili ( does. She’s asking people to post song lyrics that best describe themselves. I put mine up today….

might be a fun way to help get people out of the blahs!

Thanks. I’ll go check it out!


Pamela said:

you broke your blog? That just was funny.
well number 7 made me bite my lip, too. I didn’t want you to think I was laughing at your sore finger. ouch.
No No. Baby Bug. You’re not that kind of bug!!!!

Good Good, that your neice and nephew both had medical help right away.

My car has a reset button for engine lights, but I’m sure they’ve tried that.

and lastly, I’ve had the blogger blahs, too. Some of it from FibroMyalgia attack, but also from being busy with other things.
I forgot there were other things.


Angela (Robinson County) said:

I hope everyone in your family recovers soon. It’s crazy how it all just hits at once, sometimes.

I agree on the blog-blahs. I chalk it up to the nicer weather—lately I’d rater be outside at the park than in the house and online. I’ll be checking back to see what you come up with to liven things up. Thanks for taking care of us!


Renee said:

I hope your neice & nephew are all better soon. Hugs & prayers.

ouch on the bitey from baby bug…dd did that a few times to me, but she was always sorry about it.

I finally got my car back. It seems to be doing very well now…but DH did complain about the cost. They put new breaks in when he told them NOT TO. GRRR! I hope your mystery light problem is solved soon.

I checked on my package status (dd’s new clothes) and as of yesterday it was in Indiana!!! I ordered this stuff on the 13th. I should check and see how far it got last night. Do you have a tracking number for your Treo? Where was it getting shipped from?

About your missed shows… have you checked out watching them online? They decided to run the Apprentice against Desperate Housewives…so I’m watching Desp wives online. It’s so cool and there aren’t as many commercials. YAY


Christine said:

I glad to hear both your neice and nephew are doing much better. Can’t wait to see your new look. I’m starting to not feel so ‘blah’. The sun has been shining, and I’m going to do a little shopping today for a quick pick me up! :)
Something fun to do would be a reall good thing.
Happy Thursday!

It’s amazing what a little sunshine will do.


Richard said:

I like the tagline to your blog. Very true!


Lissete said:

I hope your nephew & neice are better soon. How scary must that be?? Is Girlie Girl’s swelling down? One word, Retakes! Oh and I know it hurt, but the biting thing made me giggle. Been there several times :)

Blog Blahs, I think it’s an epidemic!


Scone said:

Oh goodness. I hope the good things balance out the bad and that the sick kids get well soon.


Barbara H. said:

Glad your niece and nephew are doing better!


Janet said:

Your Treo 650…what made you choose that over a Blackberry Pearl or similar? I’m thinking of getting a new phone and it’s a tossup between these two.

Glad to hear your cat came back, hope the kids don’t escape!

When my engine light goes on, it’s usually close to one of the major check ups.

Love the little crab at the bottom!!!


Carey said:

Sounds like you had a hectic week. I hope your niece and nephew are doing much better. Have you checked your gas cap, to make sure it was on tight? That made my engine light go on…just a thought.
I like the new look. Hope you have a happy TT.

I didn’t know about the gas cap thing. I better go check. Thanks!


Sparky Duck said:

the numb thing does not sound too good.

I like the new look and I have been clicking for you.

Ahh, so you’re the “one”. LOL!


Stephanie said:

I like this theme. My husband loves his Treo too. He had a 650, now he has a 710? His boss bought them both one. I think so Tim can teach him how to use it! :)


Amy said:

Oh! How pretty is this theme?! Beautiful! I love it! I will keep your niece and nephew in my prayers. And is Girlie Girl better now?

DeeDee at made up a fun music meme called Soundtrack of My Life since you’re looking for something fun to do. Of course I had to put Donny on there somehwere..hehe! He made a quick appearance on Ellen this morning! Sigh!

You’re so funny!


tiggerprr said:

I’m sending big positive vibes over Girlie Girl and to your nephew and niece for a quick recovery. Did GG have a bad reaction to something (obviously, huh?) that you can identify?

Gotta laugh at BB chomping down on your finger. I know it probably hurt like the dickens but omg, the picture in my head. LOL That’s what you get for saying “ass”. :P

I know it’s not funny…but picturing Kaimana coming in the way he left only to discover the way was blocked…I wish you had a video of that. LOL

I have no idea. She didn’t eat anything before she went to school. Strange, huh?


Melli said:

Eeeewwwwww… that Kawasaki disease sounds BAD! I’m glad your niece is being treated! And poor baby boy! Thank God he had good doctors who recognized the problem so quickly and were able to help him! My friends son had that same problem 27 years ago — and he’s now Dad to 3 little girls of his own! Isn’t it AMAZING what the doctors can do!?

Great list! And that Goofy Girl IS awesome with her design skills!


Mary (Mert) said:

I am glad your nephew is ok after his heart surgery, poor little thing! And your niece, I bet that is hard to handle. My kids have eczema, which is nothing compared to Kawasaki, and man are they a mess sometimes!

I hope your electronics stop breaking on you! :D


JHS said:

I’m switching to WordPress. That’s it. You’ve convinced me.

My nephew had Kawasaki’s disease. Scared us to death. But he is fine now . . . 23 years old. Best wishes for health to both the niece and nephew. That’s a lot to deal with all at once!


Irish Church Lady said:

Lots going on in your world, as usual! Whew!!! I don’t know how you do it!!

Hope Girlie Girl is over her reaction and nephew and niece are doing ok!

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