Season Three of Prison Break

September 18, 2007


If there is one television show premier that I’ve been looking forward to all season it’s Prison Break.When it first started, I was intrigued. An architect robs a bank so that he can be placed in the same prison that his wrongly accused brother is in. The kicker? He has seen the blueprints of the prison and has the escape route secretly tattooed on his body. Pretty clever, huh?

I have to admit that I couldn’t see this show lasting very long. After all, it’s called Prison Break. How much more can happen once they break out? Boy, was I wrong. There is just as much action, if not more, outside the prison than inside.

In season three, Michael is framed and sent to Sona Prison by “The Company,” the same government conspiracy that originally put Lincoln behind bars. Sona is unlike any American prison. A murderous riot among the inmates has driven all guards and authorities from the premises, leaving the prison with its own warped hierarchy and code of ethics created and ruled by a vicious drug kingpin.

Michael soon discovers that he was placed at Sona on purpose so that he could engineer another daring and seemingly impossible prison break – this time in order to free a mysterious inmate hiding within the prison’s sewer system.

Needless to say, after watching this evening’s premier, I’m again hooked for another season.

What television premier are you looking forward to?

source: FOX Broadcasting Company


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  • The Carnival of Cities is being hosted by Grace at Sandier Pastures. Included is my post Meadow Gold Heathy Baby Contest.
  • And speaking of the contest . . . I found out tonight that Baby Bug is ONE OF THE FINALISTS!!!!!! Woo Hoo!

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22 Comments on “Season Three of Prison Break”


Grace said:

Congratulations to Baby Bug!! I knew it!


Lulu said:

Well of course she’s one of the finalists! How could she not be? :-) Congratulations!


Lulu said:

Well of course she’s one of the finalists! How could she not be? :-) Congratulations!


JessicaK said:

Aw, congrats to both of you! I just watched the video, & she was so cute! I hope she wins!!


Carey said:

way to go babybug! she sure is adorable, i hope she wins. ‘
i didnt realize this show started already.


Mike said:

Prison Break is the ONLY show that I actually must watch on TV. I started watching season 1 and 2 on DVD and now that I’m watching 3 on TV with commercials, I really want to get a Tivo.


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

Congrats to Baby Bug! I’m looking forward to CSI’s season premiere, as well as Heroes.


Dana said:

I really enjoy the Biggest Loser..I guess cause I lost weight and I can so identify with the people on there…there are other shows I like Desperate Housewives…but I just don’t get too much “tv time” unfortunately or else I would plant myself in front of it for hours. I love to watch TV!! I have never watched Prison Break, but one of my coworkers loves it. I may have to watch it! Congrats to you and Baby Bug…I didn’t check out the video, but I’m going to right now….I am so excited for you!!


Dana said:

I just checked out the video and she is so adorable!!! Those little pigtails. Good luck in the finals. I bet you guys win!!!


chesca (exskindiver) said:

yehey for baby bug!

and i look forward to Grey’s Anatomy.


Sheila said:

Congrats to you and Baby Bug and good luck at the next step!!

I’m looking forward to Lost, baby! That’s how I get my weekly fix of Hawaii. :-)


Renee said:

YAY Baby Bug! We knew she would make it. she’s a winner! :)


Melissa said:

Congrats Baby Bug! Was there ever a doubt? :D
As for the TV premeirs… I’m looking forward to Heroes and The Office. But other than that… well, I guess Biggest Loser has already started… I know. I’m weird. ;)


Southern Girl said:

At first after seeing the PB premiere, I wasn’t all that thrilled with it, but the more I pondered it, the more it grew on me.

As for other premieres, I can’t wait for “The Office” to start up again, and I’m really looking forward to that new show “Pushing Daisies.” If there’s nothing else to like about it, it at least looks visually stunning!

Congrats to Baby Bug! Hope she wins it all!


wendy said:

I watch Prison Break too but I lost interest towards the end last season. I have some episodes recorded, including last nights that I need to watch. Sound like it may be pretty good. I too wondered how long a show called Prison Break could last. I am looking forward to Jericho, Brothers and Sisters, and Lost. Jericho and Lost because of how they ended last season and Brothers and Sisters because I love that show!

Congrats Baby Bug!


Angela said:

Congratulations to Baby Bug! How fun. Thanks for the recap on Prison Break. I never got into it (although it was an intriguing plot, I’ll admit…it just didn’t fit our schedules), and really had wondered how they could possibly be starting season 3.

We’re big “24″ fans, but my favorite premiere will be “Lost”, which isn’t until February…such a long wait!


Christine said:

Congratulations to Baby Bug!!

I haven’t seen Prison Break, but as always I can’t wait for the next season of Survivor.


zamejias [verb] said:

Another hot topic between my hub and me. He always always makes a copy of every episode for me to watch.

Congratulations to your kid.


Jenny said:

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My blog is private but I’d love to send you an invitation if you’re interested. Send me an email!


Jenny said:

I love Prison Break - those guys are HOT!


Vail said:

I LOVE prision break! Haven’t watched it yet, but it is taped.
Also looking forward to 24, Lost, and Gray’s Anatomy (I know, I know - guilty indulgence here).

October 3, 2007
8:28 am

HawaiiVacationGifts said:

I was looking forward to Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives!

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