Power Rangers Samurai for Nintendo DS & Wii

I’m not just Carrie, wife and mother, these days- I’m Carrie, Power Ranger and fighter of Nighloks! Or at least I am in my gaming life, thanks to Saban’s Power Rangers Samurai. Here’s a bit about this game, from its website http://namcobandaigames.com/powerrangers/:

“Practice the ancient Symbols of Samurai Power, activate your Spin Swords and become your favorite Samurai Ranger! Use your special powers & weapons to battle the evil forces of the Netherworld. Employ teamwork to join forces with your fellow Rangers and activate the Samurai Megazord for epic boss battles! Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!”

First off, I’d like to say that I haven’t watched any Power Rangers shows for roughly 20 years. So I’m not what you would consider a Power Rangers fan. But the games sounded fun and we’re always looking for a new game to play on the Wii and on our Nintendo DS, so when I was offered the chance to review both versions of Power Rangers Samurai, I agreed happily.

Power Rangers Samurai is rated E10 because of the fantasy violence. Fighting against the Nighlok monsters is the main point of the game, and there are a lot of fight scenes. Nothing graphic is ever shown, monsters just disappear when they are defeated. When the Power Rangers themselves are defeated (which sadly happened to me more than once), you can start over on the same part of the game that you were on prior to defeat, with no penalty. As a not-too-serious gamer, this was very helpful for me and kept me from getting frustrated with the game.

The game is basically the same on both the Wii and the Nintendo DS, with a few minor differences.

Power Rangers Samurai DS ($29.99)

Good graphics, but not quite as good as the ones on the Wii. This version gives you the ability to change the controls for the different moves, if the default settings don’t suit you. I found it fun to play, and it’s nice to have the game on my DS to take with me when I’m out and about.

One important note for the DS version- it starts out with a tutorial, which you must get through to get to the next mission. You need to pay careful attention to what move the game is teaching you, because that information is only on the screen until you hit “continue” and if you don’t do the exact move that the game wants, you will be stuck on that spot in the game, with no way out other than turning off the DS and starting over. We learned this lesson the hard way, as my husband spent over an hour stuck mid-tutorial on his first attempt to play.

Power Rangers Samurai Wii ($59.99)
Great graphics and a lot of storyline and time spent showing things like the Power Rangers morphing into different modes. Game play is fairly simple, with a nice tutorial that clearly explains the different moves. Even without going through the tutorial, my husband was able to jump in to my game (thanks to the fun 2-player option) all the way on the eighth mission without too much difficulty in figuring out the moves. This version has some extra elements as well, such as bonus discs to gather within the mission, so there is incentive to go back and replay levels and try to find things you missed.

My overall opinion (and my husband’s as well) is that both versions of this game are a lot of fun and they’ve both provided me many hours of entertainment. I will definitely be continuing to play these games- I’ve got to improve my Power Rangers skills and keep the world safe from those pesky Nighloks!

This post was written for Namco who provided the complimentary copies in exchange for my honest review.

Carrie is a mom to two small kids (ages 4 and 2), who spends her days trying to keep her kids out of trouble, enjoying life in Seattle, and blogging at Growing My Kids Reviews.
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