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May 7, 2008 by Kailani  
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As most of you know, I’m a big online shopper. I love being able to sit in my pjs and browse to my heart’s content while the kids happily play outside. It sure beats getting everyone ready, packing up the many baby essentials, driving in traffic, and circling for parking only to have Baby Bug go through a meltdown as soon as we get there.

However, the only problem is that sometimes shipping to Hawaii can get pretty expensive. In fact, sometimes the shipping costs more than the actual item! That’s why I’m so glad I found FreeShipping.org.

FreeShipping.org is a site that provides you with a list of stores with free shipping. And we’re not talking about lesser known stores either. How about Best Buy, Gap, Macy’s, Office Depot, and Sears . . . just to name a few? Some of these stores do have restrictions, however, it may be worth your while to check it out in case you can make use of these great offers.

For example, how about the Target free shipping offer? Just spend $50 on eligible items which shows the “free shipping” logo and receive your items at your doorstep for free! How’s that for convenience?

Or maybe you’re a fan of Kohl’s. Kohl’s free shipping includes gift cards or anything purchased with a Kohl’s Credit Card. Even if you don’t have a Kohl’s Credit Card, you can still take advantage of this offer by spending $75 on select merchandise.

What’s really great about this site is that not only does it bring you free shipping offers but it also provides you with special codes for extra savings throughout the various stores. So, if you’re thinking of making an online purchase, stop by FreeShipping.org first to see what’s available. It could save you a lot of money!

I’m all for that!

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Kailani is the owner and founder of An Island Life. You'll find her sharing her daily life as a mother to 3 wonderful daughters, working as a flight attendant, and living a blessed life in Hawaii.


10 Responses to “I Love Free Shipping!”
  1. Kristen says:

    I just also read on that site’s blog that if you use the live chat on some of those sites, the customer service agent will give you free shipping if you ask for it. Very cool!

    Kristen’s last blog post..Social Media Gets You Free Shipping

  2. Desert Songbird says:

    I LOVE shopping online. Free shipping? I’m sooooo there!!!

    Desert Songbird’s last blog post..Just an Aside

  3. Jill says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    Jill’s last blog post..New Post at Slave To Target

  4. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Cool. I’ll have to check it out. I like online shopping too but I haven’t ventured into the clothing arena much – - everything fits so different I always feel like I need to try it on first. LOL


  5. Anele says:

    Cool! I’m going to go check it out now! I ALWAYS make sure I get $25 worth of stuff from Amazon for the free shipping so Christmas is convenient and free shipping.

    On a separate note for more savings, always do a search before you checkout in another window for say “Kohls coupon codes” and look at a bunch of the websites (like Coupon Cabin and others) for the best code. I’ve saved $50 on ONE ORDER just by doing this!

    Anele’s last blog post..Help the Kauai Food Bank

  6. Renee says:

    very cool! I just ordered some pantyhose from onehanesplace.com…I googled for coupon codes and got a free shipping on anything code. I couldn’t tell if it would work as the place didn’t know how long it was good for…but I plugged it in and it worked!!! YAY!

    I’ve also got a free shipping from Lands End and they’ve got a ton of cute summer clothes for DD…off to buy.

    Renee’s last blog post..a 33% chance of being right…for once!!!

  7. sue kauffmann says:

    wow! thanks for great tips. I love ordering online & I do it a lot from amazon but the shipping an be a lot! are you anywhere near where they film the show LOST??

  8. Karen MEG says:

    Thanks for the tip Kailani!! I find sometimes shipping costs more than the actual item, so is a major deterrent for me.

    Perhaps not anymore ;)

    Karen MEG’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Early Retirement

  9. Cathi says:

    I love free shipping. I loathe paying for shipping. Especially when someone on ebay tries to scam me $15 for shipping from Ohio. I paid shipping but bought it from a seller in Australia “just because”.

    Cathi’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – Not On it…In It!

  10. Estartit says:

    Hi All,

    Wow I’m sorry if this is a bit of topic, but I just found your site by a miss click.

    I started a blog, for the first time, a couple of months ago. I thought I was doing alright until I found this site, LOL.

    Looks like I’m going to have to spend a fortune to get my site to look like this. I’m going of now to check it all out.

    Great Job – C U soon

    Estartit’s last blog post..The Festamar Estartit

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