Department Store Woes

August 11, 2008 by Kailani  
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I was recently on a layover where I made my usual shopping stops – Target, Ikea, Trader Joes, Joanns, & Michaels – all the stores we don’t have in Hawaii.

However, there was this one department store that I decided to visit that I’ve never been to before. I was warned beforehand that this was a bargain-type store where you really have to dig through the racks to find what you want. However, if you can find something you like, you’ll more than likely get an unbelievable deal.

Now, I’m not usually the type of person who enjoys treasure hunting. I prefer my stores to be clean and organized but I figured I could rummage with the best of them.

I was wrong.

When I walked into the store, this is what I saw.

I was appalled! How can people destroy a store like this? And what happens to all those damaged and dirty items that no one purchases? I took one look and walked away.

Some of the other departments were not as bad and I did get a good deal on a new diaper bag. However, I’m not sure I’ll make any extra effort to visit this store again.

Do you know which store it is?

Spotlight Comment from MomTo4KidsNy @ Chocolate Party:

I was going to say Big Lots too as that is what it looks like to me from the shelving. I don’t have a Kohl’s here at all. I have never in my life seen a store look like this! I’m shocked that people trash a store to find a good deal. I have kids and they know better than to touch something in a store much less throw it on the floor….we would leave the store so fast their heads would spin!

About the Author: Kailani:
Owner of An Island Life and Family Review Network. Wife, mother, and flight attendant . . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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70 Responses to “Department Store Woes”
  1. 51
    Lissete says:

    I don’t do well in those tpe of stores either. I have never seen anything THAT bad though! I need everything organized and by type, I just look for my size. My friends do make killings at Marshalls & Ross, but I just can’t deal with it! Now that picture may just be Big Lots, that’s another disaster area!

  2. 52
    BlapherMJ says:

    My first thought is Ross. We have one in our area that looks like that every time I decide to venture in. Of course I walk out vowing never to go back (again!). It really makes you wonder…

  3. 53
    Anne says:

    people do the same thing at garage sales, which is when I use the lull in activity to straighten all my friggin tables, I mean why would you pick stuff up and just toss it to another table for pete’s sake.

  4. 54
    VeRonda says:

    I couldn’t imagine, but I’ve been in similar places and it literally gives me a headache. I think what happens is that people know someone else has to clean all that stuff up. It’s sad, but true.

  5. 55
    Melissa says:

    I was going to guess Ross too. That’s the way ours looks much of the time. And it’s not only the kids section–the housewares look about the same!

    I too tend to pick up when I’m there. And Christmas time is the absolute worst time for this type of mess there.

  6. 56
    diana/sunshine says:

    i don’t know what store this was but i know of similar (if not the same) stroes. i really don’t like them, but my daughter does. i’ve been in one particular on about 4 times in the past 3 weeks because she’s looking for something specific. i cringe every time i’m in the store. i don’t like them and it’s just not my preference for shopping.

  7. 57
    Ginny says:

    I love bargain hunting, but that store looks pretty bad. I’ve never been in one like that before. I never can understand how shoppers can do that. I guess because I used to work in retail, I sometimes find myself fixing things the way they should go, lol.

  8. 58
    Amanda Petite Mommy says:

    The first store that came to my mind was Tuesday Morning. That place is a mess. It could also be Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

  9. 59
    kksmom says:

    My first thought was it reminded me of TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I love a good deal, but that’s one reason why I don’t shop those places. I even have a hard time shopping at Kohls because it seems like things usually aren’t to organized.

  10. 60
    Rick Bucich says:

    I think everyone covered what I was thinking although I have never seen anything quite to this extent.

    My experience with Kohls is pretty good however, probably because it was empty all the time in the New England town we lived in.

    Looks like some parents used the toy section for daycare while they shopped elsewhere.

  11. 61
    Elizabeth says:

    It looks like the toy section of TJ Maxx to me. I always tell my kids, “the people who work here work hard enough without you making their jobs more difficult by messing up their store”.

  12. 62
    Karen R says:

    It looks like Tuesday Morning to me. I used to work at Kmart years ago in the womens’ clothing department. I would straighten a display of clothes and minutes later it would be a disaster area. It was a never ending job and the employees couldn’t keep up.

  13. 63
    Blur Mommy says:

    Looks like Ross to me too. I have been to a few different Ross in different states & most of them seem to be in a mess like that.

  14. 64
    Melissa Markham says:

    I checked out our Ross store yesterday and it was clean and neat.

    So are you going to tell us the store? Curiosity is driving me crazy (and I didn’t have far to go)…hee hee.

  15. 65
    Stacey Kannenberg says:

    I would have to agree with some many others: Big Lots or TJ Maxx!

  16. 66
    Crazy Daisy says:

    I don’t know which store this is, however there is no way I could dig through that!

  17. 67
    Channah @ Get a Grip, Mom! says:

    I’m going to say Burlington Coat Factory – every time I’ve decided to given them another chance and step into one, it looks just like that!

  18. 68

    [...] you would not believe how many comments and emails I’ve received demanding to know what store this was. You guys crack me [...]

  19. 69
    Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Wow – that is absolutely appalling! No matter what store it was!

  20. 70
    Molly says:

    OMG! Ross is so like that, actually thinking about it – seems like all the bargain stores just don’t care! ugh grossness!



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  1. [...] you would not believe how many comments and emails I’ve received demanding to know what store this was. You guys crack me [...]


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