Word Up. It’s Wordgirl Review

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Have you ever had a show that you and your kids absolutely love?  Or better yet a cartoon that you would watch even if your kids were not around.  I do and I am guilty of watching Wordgirl without my kids around.  Of course I watch Word Girl with my kids as well.

As I type this I have the theme song going through my head. If you know it sing it with me cause I know it is in your head too.

Word up. It’s Wordgirl.

Word up. It’s Wordgirl.
Flying at the speed of sound,
Vocabulary that astounds,
From the planet Lexicon,
Watch out villains…….. here she comes!

When faced with a catastrophe
We need a living dictionary,
Her superior intellect
Keeps the crime world in check. Go girl!

Huggy Face is by her side,
Vocabulary a mile wide.
She’ll make sure that crime won’t pay
And throw some mighty words your way.
Word up. It’s Wordgirl.
Word up! From the planet Lexicon, watch out villains, here she comes!

So not only did I get to enjoy this review but so did my 8, 5, and 2 year old.  Even my 9 month old dances every time he hears the Wordgirl theme song.  We received a DVD with a Wordgirl show on it. “Sonny Days with a chance of Showers” guest stars The Today Shows, Al Roker as “Sonny Days” the meteorologist.

Just when meteorologist Sonny Days is about to deliver an eagerly-awaited forecast, The Birthday Girl kidnaps him and demands he announce her birthday on TV.  Will Wordgirl be able to free Sonny?  You have to watch the show to find out.  This new show aired on September 5 so I am sure you will be able to catch it on PBS Kids Go.  You will also be given some vocabulary words to listen out for.  In this episode it was Precipitation and Meteorologist.

Also after the episode you always have a little quiz show that comes on called “May I have a word.”  The host Bo Handsome has 3 contestants that have to guess the meaning of a word by showing them different pictures.  The contestants have to figure out what the right answer is. Then they win a awesome prize or a pretty silly prize.  It is a very cute way to end each episode of Wordgirl.  It gets the kids thinking even more.

Of course I use Wordgirl to my advantage because I homeschool.  When the little game show come on after an episode I try to get my kids to answer the question before the contestants do.  Most of the time they get it before the contestants do.  Also I ask them what word did they learn from Wordgirl.  So from the episode my 8 year old daughter told me she learned the word “precipitation.”  I asked her what it meant and she said “it means when there was rain coming.”  My son who is 5 learned the word “shattered.”  That was the word used in the game show.  I asked him what it meant and he said “broken into pieces.”

I love how educational Wordgirl is for my children.  If you haven’t check it out then you really should.  You may even be like me and watch it even when your kids are not around.  It comes on weekdays on PBS Kids Go.

*Note: I received a complimentary screener DVD.  I was not paid for my review.  This is my honest opinion of the show.

About the Author: Terri:
I am a stay at home mom to 4 kids. I homeschool my oldest 2. I love to review different products on my blog. I also enjoy meeting other moms through blogging. You can find me at Mom's Point of View.
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