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Looking for a way to keep your tummy covered while nursing?  There is a pretty neat solution for it.  Undercover Mama is a patent-pending strapless undershirt that attaches to any nursing bra, allowing for a mother to feed her baby without exposing her stomach or side.  It stays attached to any strap and opens with the flap of a nursing bra when it is time to breastfeed and allows women to wear any shirt they want and still be able to nurse discreetly. Made of super comfy cotton and spandex, the Undercover Mama™ is available in several colors to match different outfits with ease. It is the perfect alternative to unattractive or uncomfortable nursing shirts, allowing for easy nursing everywhere you need to go.

After having 4 kids it is nice to have something that I can use and feel comfortable with while nursing.  I didn’t like showing my tummy when nursing. Who really does? Unless you are one of those lucky women who don’t look like they had a baby.  I know that is not me.  I have stretch marks galore and lots of extra fluff.  I know others don’t want to see all that.

Of course there are all those cute nursing tops out there but really I couldn’t afford to buy  more new tops after buying all the maternity clothes I had to buy.  That is where Undercover Mama comes into play.  It pretty much makes your regular tops into a nursing top.

Undercover Mama top is like a tank top but without the straps.  It has a hook and a loop you can use to attach to your nursing bra.  You can use either one.  It is actually really helpful to watch the video of how to attach it to your bra so all you have to do is pull your bra flap down and the shirt goes with it.  The video can be found on the Undercover Mama homepage.


The Undercover Mama comes in different colors as well.  I chose white so I can wear it under all of my tops and not worry about a color showing through a different color shirt.  I didn’t want to have a black one and it show through a white shirt.

Once I am done with nursing I am going to keep using the Undercover Mama because it will work great for making a low cut top more modest.

So if you are looking for a solution to keeping your tummy covered I really think that Undercover Mama is a great choice.

*Note I was not paid for the review.  This is my honest opinion of the product.

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I am a stay at home mom to 4 kids. I homeschool my oldest 2. I love to review different products on my blog. I also enjoy meeting other moms through blogging. You can find me at Mom's Point of View.
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