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One of the items on my kids’ back-to-school supply list was disinfecting wipes. I never gave any thought to which brand I should get so I just picked the cheapest one I could find. However . . .

Did you know that most disinfecting wipes have such harsh ingredients they say you must rinse surfaces that come into contact with food?

So let me get this straight, not only do I need to wipe down the surface but then I also have to rinse it, too? Isn’t that like doing twice the work? Who has time for that when you can get it done in one step?

Introducing the new Scotch-Brite Botanical Disinfecting Wipes that kill 99.9% of household germs and kill cold & flu viruses – with no rinsing required.

Made from botanically pure plant extracts, these no-rinse wipes are an effective cleaning solution for the many hard, nonporous surfaces where bacteria or unpleasant odors are a concern including: desks, classroom countertops, food preparation surfaces, floors and garbage cans. New Scotch-Brite Botanical Disinfecting Wipes are here to help you clean easy and breathe easy. It’s the no-rinse, one-step solution for effective, everyday cleaning.


We received a sample of the Scotch-Brite Botanical Disinfecting Wipes in lemongrass. It contained 35 cleaning wipes in a handy single-sheet dispensing spout container. What I really liked about these wipes is that it didn’t leave any type of residue on my surfaces. It just looked clean and shiny.

It was perfect for the master bathroom, where the kids tend to congregate, because I could just leave the container on the countertop and have the wipes handy whenever I needed them. Because let’s face it, if it’s not handy we’re more likely not to use it, right? I found the wipes to be really soft and moist making it perfect for wiping up even tough things like dried toothpaste.

The only downside is that I really didn’t care for the Lemongrass scent. However, since it also comes in Breeze, which is more to my liking, I’ll still be able to use it around the areas that I frequent the most.

Thanks to Scotch-Brite, my home has never looked cleaner!

Hurry, get your 50 cent off coupon while supplies last!

This post was written for Scotch-Brite who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.

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