Rich’s Nut-Free Frosted Sugar Cookies

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If there’s one thing I can’t resist its cookies. I love all kinds of cookies . . . crunchy, soft, chewy, frosted, etc. So when I received the opportunity to try Rich’s Nut-Free Frosted Sugar Cookies I just couldn’t say no.

One of the things that really intriqued me about these cookies were that they’re nut-free. With 3 girls attending 3 different schools, there are all kinds of rules about what kind of foods they can and cannot take to school with them. However, the constant is always nut-free products. I was really surprised to learn that nut allergy in kids are more common than I thought. This has really influenced the types of snacks that I purchase for my children because I never know if something will find their way into my child’s schoolbag when I’m not looking.

So back to the cookies . . . I have to admit that I was a little concerned about a platter of cookies being shipped to me all the way to Hawaii. So when the box arrived I was a hesitant about opening it up. But not to to worry . . . they were in perfect condition!

The cookie platter was surrounded with bubble wrap and ice packets to make sure it stayed fresh and secure throughout the long journey. Very impressive!

However, what I liked best is that the platter had individual slots for each cookie to make sure they stayed separated and in perfect condition. Not a smashed cookie among them!

Now came the taste test. I decided to take the cookies to work with me to face some of the harshest critics around . . . flight attendants. I had each of them try one and some of the comments I received were . . .

“These are really good! The frosting is delicious and really adds to the flavor of the sugar cookie.”

“The sugar cookie is softer and chewier than I’m used to but it really works. They’re so good!”

“The frosting is the best part. I could eat the tops off of all of them!”

“They’re so pretty and festive. Perfect for parties!”

So there you have it, Rich’s Nut-Free Frosted Sugar Cookies were a big hit on our 10-hour flight to Australia. Which actually turned out perfect since the crew members wanted to take some of the cookies to their hotel rooms with them and I don’t think you can bring nut products into Australia. :-)

Check out the rest of the product line from Rich’s . . . everything from pizza to seafood to gluten-free items. You’ll be surprised at their vast selection of food items! Enjoy!

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This post was written for Rich’s who provided a complimentary platter of cookies in exchange for my honest review.


About the Author: Kailani:
Owner of An Island Life. A flight attendant and mother to 3 beautiful girls. . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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