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I was born and raised in England so I’m biased and have to say Cadbury’s chocolate has to be one of the best chocolates out there.  The Swiss chocolate comes a close second but unfortunately American chocolate doesn’t hit the spot for me.  The cocoa and butter ratio seems to be off and it tastes like watered down chocolate with a whole lot of sugar.

However, I have to eat my words as I just met Sweetriot chocolate the other day.  Sweetriot is a small mission-based company in NYC which strives to build tasty little morsels for a different generation.  Plus, Sweetriot is human, globally responsible, irreverent and built for a new generation.  Sweetriot uses recyclable, reusable packaging which features original artwork by emerging artists, and only uses all-natural, healthy ingredients for sweetriot’s dark chocolate.

We received the sweetriot minis and a sampling of the sweet riotbar including sweetriot’s NEW riotBar available in Pure 60% Dark Chocolate with Crunch Nibs.  I have to say these are just heavenly.  The high cocoa content is up there and so is the taste and now I can say sweetriot features a close third to Cadbury’s and Swiss Chocolates – this is a commendable jump for American chocolate.   Each square is only 20 calories so indulgence is allowed.  Plus, with their ecosocial mission there is no longer guilt by chocolate.  I’m so glad WholeFoods sell these chocolate as I can head over for my proper chocolate fix.


The sweetriot minis (Only available in 70% dark chocolate), come in a box of 24 squares for $19.99 or 90 squares for $29.99 are perfect for the holiday stocking.  And the sweetriot’s NEW riotBar available in Pure 60% Dark Chocolate with Crunch Nibs, Pure 70% Dark Chocolate and Pure 85% Dark Chocolate is perfect as a hostess gift or just for those quite moments when a little chocolate high is needed.  Both are available exclusively at Sweetriot.

Disclosure: Sweetriot chocolate provided a sample for our honest opinion.  Other opinions may vary.

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One Response to “Review: Sweetriot Chocolate”
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    I have to tend to agree about American chocolate even though I’m FROM America-Foreign chocolate just seems to be better! More rich and flavorful and savory.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not bias. I love ANY chocolate xD

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