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Have you ever heard of a pictogram watch?  I hadn’t until recently when I received an educational box set which contained 1 hands watch, 1 pictograms watch, 1 educative booklet, and 1 card game.  Wow!  What a set!!!  When I showed it to my children my teenage daughter said “that’s cool!”  My 6 year old son said “yay…that’s mine!”  And so began our close examination of this interesting watch.

Paris, France – Pam Tim, creator of the first pictogram watch, has just launched their new timepiece in the United States.  Dedicated to the innovative solutions, the Pam Tim watch uses pictograms enabling children as young as three to understand the concept of time and navigate throughout their day.

Bruno Graff, Founder and Creator of Pam Tim, first recognized the need for a new concept timepiece 25 years ago.  With a strong background in electronics engineering, and active experience in parenting, Graff discovered he could use technology to help children move from one activity to the next.  By automatically deactivating his computer at 8:30pm every day, Graff’s son Yohann quickly accepted bedtime in a positive, cooperative manner.

Graff decided to expand on this discovery and create a timepiece designed to guide preschoolers throughout their day.  By using combinations of pictograms rather than traditional hands on the clock, children are able to follow routines and understand the rhythm of each day with the Pam Tim watch.

Pam Tim pictograms match the moments of a child’s life, thanks to images representing mealtimes, tooth brushing, bath, bedtime, and school.  A pie-shaped hourglass defines the length of each activity, teaching children to pace themselves accordingly.  And results have been impressive – children empowered with Pam Tim timepieces understand the concept of time and move more smoothly from one activity to the next. 

Courtesy of Pam Tim

The pictogram watch is truly unique!  There’s a child’s face in the center of the display with a beating heart (yes! It’s really beating).  Around the face and heart are various images representing different activities such as bedtime, learning time, snack time, bath time, etc.  These same images are also on the band of the watch…really cute!!!  In fact, when you press the button a display of all the images is shown.  Then a few seconds later, it quickly shows a sequence of events.  We actually did this quite a few times to see all the images.  We were simply amazed.  The hands watch is also adorable.  This is your traditional watch with numbers, but it has a blue and red pencil for its hands.  So cute!!!  (I know I can’t stop saying “cute”)

My son decided he wanted to wear the watch that very day.  It was so funny seeing him constantly look at his watch to see what image was displayed.  With each new image, he would tell me what he is supposed to be doing…it was hilarious!  I never thought my child would tell me “mom, I need to take a bath now”.  Wow…I was shocked!  Later that night, he also told me “mom, I need to go to bed”.  Are you serious?!  This is the child who would fight to stay awake and he’s telling me it’s time for bed.  I couldn’t believe it!  That night I found myself giggling as I thought about him and the pictogram watch.  Even now, I have a silly smile on my face!!!  Thank you Pam Tim!!!

Here’s a technical description of the watch courtesy of Pam Tim:

  • LCD analogue watch
  • CR1120 lithium battery
  • Estimated battery life time of 12 months
  • Stainless steel case
  • Polished stainless steel bottom
  • Ringed glass waterproof seals
  • 1 year Pam Tim warranty
  • Quartz-piloted microcontroller

The Pam Tim Watch Set can be purchased at for $48.90.

This post was written for Pam Tim who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest opinions.

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