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I have purchased business cards before. From the ubiquitous “free” sites that give you limited options.  However, I’ve never had real business cards.  Until now. recently invited me to try out their business cards and you can bet that I will be purchasing my own for my photography business in the near future!

NextDayFlyers is an online printing company that specializes in full color printing of custom business cards, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, and other specialty items.

The “Next Day” part of their name means that when you have your art in and verified by their staff by 6pm PST your order will ship the next day!

My Review

I love all the options available through  They make it possible for everyone from the very beginning designer to the very advanced to easily create or customize the perfect business card or other personalized item.  Since I reviewed their business cards I’ll tell you about that process.

You have three options:

  1. Choose a premade template and customize it to fit your needs
  2. Use their Online Design Center to upload your own graphics files and customize with their basic tools
  3. Download a template for Photoshop, Illustrator, or 2 others and create your own totally customizable file within your program. (also available for Mac)

I took the third option and used their downloadable template in Photoshop.  This worked so well for me because I knew exactly how I wanted my card to look and could play with all the different designs until I had it perfect then just follow the easy directions provided to save it in the PDF form they need.

The process was so simple and straightforward and the chat specialist who answered all my questions was very knowledgeable.

What you see here are the front (top) and back of my business card.  They turned out just like this on high quality UV protected 14pt stock.  I totally love them! (and wish I’d know about them just a couple weeks earlier for a blogger meet-up I went to!)  And if you get some cards in the top of the box that slide around and get a little “dinged up”, don’t worry, they’re extras that they sent along because they print them that way to protect your “real” order.  How nice of them to send more than my order so that my kids can play with them or I can use them in places where they’ll get a little banged up anyway!

There are so many other options I just don’t have time to write about (business cards with rounded corners!), but there is one last thing. is SO affordable!  And while they specialize in that next day service if you are not in a big hurry the prices are even cheaper.

So go, check them out for yourself, and tell them An Island Life sent ya!

This post was written for who provided the complimentary products in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author: Krista:
Krista writes about her family and life adventures at Welcome to Married Life. Most days you can find stories of her daily life and funny things her sons have done. She also reviews books and posts loads of photos since she is an aspiring photographer.
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One Response to “ Review”
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    Ross Hawkins says:

    I have ordered business cards and postcards from this company for several years, always with excellent results (although they clearly use shipping charges as a profit center.

    But two orders in July show they have a problem. I followed their templates precisely with full bleed images that I knew would be trimmed. I am not a beginner at this, having started with PhotoShop 1.0 in 1995. The cards I sent had been enlarged 5% or so, printed, and THEN cropped. This made my carefully controlled layout with precise spacing to the edge of the cards useless. This is not simply a cropping error; the cards I received had larger images than I sent them.

    No more orders to this company until they fix this problem.


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