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Since I rarely go anywhere without my iPad, it’s very important that I have a case that will not only protect my device but is also functional as well as reflect my style. This is not as easy as it sounds. So when I was offered the opportunity to review an iPad case of my choice from Maroo, I wasn’t sure if I would find one that I liked. But after checking out their website, I realized that they had a very extensive selection of cases with designs that I’ve never seen before.

Maroo is a globally-inspired new line of products born to address the desires of the burgeoning mobile culture. With a sharp understanding of product features, and customer needs and wants, Maroo sheds all preconceived ideas of manufacturing and design.  Focused on delivering the best, for those that demand the most.

Courtesy of Maroo

So which case did I choose? None other than . . . Polka . . . designed by Project Runway’s 7th Season winner Seth Aaron.

When I initially saw the pink polka dots, I knew this was the perfect iPad case for me. It’s made with white leather and pink canvas polka dots (3 in the front and 1 in the back). The cover is also lightly padded for extra protection and there’s a little cutout in the back for your camera lens. I really liked how the black and white interior contrasted with the pink and white outer design.

The inside sports a black background with smaller white dots throughout. There’s also a corner pocket with black and white stripes.

What I also liked about this case was that it was so easy to insert the iPad. I’ve used cases before where it was so difficult to assemble that I thought I would crack the device just trying to get it to fit. The Maroo iPad case has 4 corners that hold the iPad securely in place. All I had to do was place the iPad into 3 of the corners and then slightly bend the 4th one back to secure it over the unit. That’s it!

The case can also be used as a stand so that you can watch your favorite movies, read books, or type with ease.

And since I’m always traveling with my iPad, I really appreciate the corner elastic bands that keep the case securely closed.

Thanks to Maroo, I now have a case that will not only keep my iPad safe but show off a little sass as well.

Connect with Maroo:

 This post was written Maroo who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest opinions.

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    Now that’s pretty darn cool!
    If only I had an iPad to buy a case like that for ^.^

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