Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns

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Peter Pan is back––but his shadow is missing! When Peter loses his shadow while playing a game of Catch-Me-If-You-Can, he returns to Never Land to seek help from his kid pirate friend Jake. Embarking on one of his most daring and exciting adventures ever, Jake and his kid pirate pals, Izzy and Cubby, along with lookout parrot Skully, must use teamwork to find Peter’s shadow and return it to its rightful owner. However, their mission is nearly thwarted by the fiendish Captain Hook, and his bumbling first mate Mr. Smee. But bravery and justice win the day and Jake and his Never Land pirate crew once again reveal what it takes to become heroes, in Disney’s “Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns.”

courtesy of Disney Junior

My kids really enjoy watching Jake and the Never Land Pirates on Disney Junior but they have inquired several times about where Peter Pan was. Well, with this new DVD release my kids can now get their fill of the lovable flying character. In Peter Pan Returns, we see the icon return to Never Land in search of his shadow. He needs everyone’s help and cooperation if he’s going to get it back before Captain Hook captures him. There are some great messages shared like teamwork and not to steal but also that you should stop and think before you act. Rushing into action can sometimes get you into trouble. And of course, there’s the usual counting lesson as the kids add up their gold doubloons.

In the end, Peter Pan finds his shadow and carries on his way to seek new adventures. The pirate kids are sad but they know that he’ll be back again one day. My girls are hoping he’ll bring Tinker Bell with him next time!

This DVD includes 5 more episodes:

  • The Elephant Surprise!/Jake’s Jungle Groove
  • The Pirate Pup!/Pirate Rock!
  • The Sword and the Stone/Jake’s Home Run
  • The Pirate Princess/The Rainbow Wand
  • Mama Hook Knows Best/Pixie Dust Away (Never-Before-Seen Episode)

What we really like about Jake and the Never Land Pirates is that even though Captain Hook is considered the villain he’s still pretty likable in his own way. And even though the pirate kids are always wary of Hook’s actions they are quick to forgive him. The message of acceptance is something that I hope to instill in my kids.

Purchase your copy of Jake & the Never Land Pirates: Peter Pan Returns at Amazon.com for $13.99.

This post was written for Disney Junior who provided the complimentary copy in exchange for our honest review.

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