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When Peppa Pig first made it’s US debut, my kids were intrigued. Here was a family of pink pigs that talked, snorted, and laughed . . . all with a cute British accent. The show centered around the family’s every day life doing every day things . . . going to school, playing with friends, having dinner together, and visiting relatives. There were also a whole bunch of other animals featured in the series who played the parts of friends. Each of these groups of animals also talked as well as made their respective animal sounds.

Thanks to Child’s Play Communications, we recently had the opportunity to check out an assortment of Peppa Pig toys, books and videos.

  • An assortment of the new Peppa Pig playsets from Fisher Price
  • A Peppa Pig plush doll
  • A Peppa Pig DVD featuring 10 “peppasodes”
  • The new book Peppa Pig and The Lost Christmas List


When the box first arrived, Kaila was especially excited. She loves watching Peppa Pig and always chooses to watch this piggy family on Netflix. Her favorite item was the Peppa Pig Schoolhouse. This cute playset includes a schoolhouse, bench, easel, school desk, and 2 figurines. The cool thing about this set is that the easel and desk both have a flip top so you’re able to change picture shown. For the easel, one side shows a drawing while the other side has an addition problem. For the desk, you’ll see school supplies on one side and lunch on the other. There are also other mini playsets that you can purchase to add to your collection.

Kiana’s favorite item was the book – Peppa Pig and the Lost Christmas List.

Kiana is getting really good at reading and the large text made it easier for her to read along. We also liked the bright illustrations which showed the characters exactly the way they look like on the television show. This hardcover book would make a great holiday gift for any Peppa Pig fan!

Finally, the Peppa Pig DVD, Muddy Puddles and Other Stories includes 10 episodes of some of the most popular segments from the show. It’s great to have this DVD on-hand so the girls can watch it whenever they want. No more Netflix for us!

What we like best about Peppa Pig is how lighthearted the episodes are and how they stress the values of family, friendship, and having fun. They teach kids to enjoy their childhood and remind parents to appreciate . . . and laugh . . . about the mischief that kids can get into. One day, the kids will be all grown-up and we will miss those days of messes, kisses, and laughter.

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This post was written for Child’s Play Communications who provided the complimentary products in exchange for my honest review.

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