It’s a Plush . . . It’s a Backpack . . . It’s Petsac!

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In the past, we’ve had stuffed animals turn into other objects but never into something so practical. Introducing . . . Petsac. Brand new on the WalMart shelves, Petsac ($19.99) is a cuddly furry animal that turns into a full-sized (770 cubic inches) backpack. See how it works.

When we first received our Catpuccino the Kitty there were two things that I immediately noticed. First, the plush animal was super soft with flexible arms and legs. This made the kitty that much more cuddly. Second, the furry animal was smaller than I thought it would be. How in the world does a backpack fit into that little kitty body?

To remove the backpack, all we had to do was unzip the animal’s back by lifting up it’s tail (the kids found this to be hilarious).

Then we just pulled out the entire nylon backpack.

That’s it! What I really liked was the nylon material because it’s so lightweight and it holds it’s shape well despite being tightly stored in the plush’s body.

The backpack itself could surprisingly hold a lot. They’re was room for Kaila’s books, school snacks, and even her jacket with room to spare. The straps were adjustable and comfortable which made toting the backpack around enjoyable.

I couldn’t believe what a great idea this was. Not only do my girls get to bring along a furry pet on car rides and outings but it also allows them to carry their own books and toys as well. I definitely like that idea!

Petsac comes in 9 different animals . . . dog (3 breeds), monkey, tiger, panda, kitty, bear and baby lion . . . and 6 different nylon fabrics . . . so your child is sure to find a Petsac to love. Mine did!


Connect with Petsac:

This post was written for PetSac who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.



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