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The Smurfs are back!

Growing up the Smurfs were one of my favorite cartoons. I would wake up on a Saturday morning and immediately turn on the television anxious to watch their next adventure. I would laugh as the Smurfs would outsmurf Gargamel, the local evil wizard. I collected Smurf figurines and wished to be as beautiful as Smurfette.

With the excitement building for the upcoming Smurf movie, I hoped to share the original version with my son. Bring it back old school style! And that I did with the Smurfs DVD.


The Smurfs a Magical Smurf Adventure is a 2-disc set of 10 Smurftacular Season 2 episodes. This itty-bitty powder-blue crew including Brainy, Lazy, Vanity and Smurfette, is led by the wise, gentle and 542-year-old Papa Smurf. Gargemel, the local eveil wizard, is forever scheming against the tiny team, but our little friends outsmurf him everytime! In a couple of episodes the Smurfs also join up with Johan and Peewit for some outrageous adventures. Special features include Smurf Speak : Express your self the Smurf Way and Smurftastic Moments: 10 Top Moments from the Smurfs’ Second Season.

My son and I really enjoyed watching this DVD together. For me, it brought back a lot of childhood memories. For my son, we created new memories. He had a great time watching something he knew his mom enjoyed as a kid herself. We laughed together and he asked a bunch of questions about my childhood. This Smurf DVD reminded me of how wholesome and innocent my childhood was and how much things have changed. I’m thankful for this DVD. It gave me the opportunity to share with my son something I enjoyed so much as a kid.

It was very hard for us to choose one Smurftacular episode. Each episode showcased either Brainy, Papa Smurf, Hefty, Lazy, Smurfette, or Baker in an entertaining and humorous way. The Smurfs a Magical Smurf Adventure is a classic cartoon sure to bring lots of Smurftainment!

I received a complimentary product to help facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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