Fruity Cheerios

May 7, 2007 by Kailani  
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What kid doesn’t love Cheerios?

It’s practically a staple in our home. So, when Nicole from Modern Mom asked if I’d like a free sample of the new Fruity Cheerios to review, I jumped at the chance.

Now I’ll be honest. I love cereals. I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack . . . all on the same day. My friends tease me that my cereal collection rivals that of Jerry Seinfeld’s. However, I’m more partial to the sugary ones. You know, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Vanilla Mini Wheats, etc.

So, although I knew my kids would love it, I was less certain about my reaction. Afterall, everyone knows how healthy Cheerios are for you. This one in particular is made with whole grains and 100% real fruit juice with 25% less sugar in each box. Less sugar? Oh oh. I’m in trouble.

But to my surprise, it was actually pretty great! Not too bland, not too sugary . . . just right. I even added it to my regular grocery shopping list!

To help promote this product, Fruity Cheerios and Modern Mom are sponsoring a photo & video contest with the grand prize being a case of Fruity Cheerios and $500 cash. Stop by Modern Mom for more information. Deadline to submit your entry is May 18th.

Good luck!

About the Author: Kailani:
Owner of An Island Life and Family Review Network. Wife, mother, and flight attendant . . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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13 Responses to “Fruity Cheerios”
  1. 1
    Desert Songbird says:

    Couldn’t find any better endorsements than those two beautiful smiling faces!

  2. 2
    momto3cubs says:

    Thanks for the review. My kids have been wanting to try it, and I’ve been curious about it also.

    We, too, like cereal for any meals and snacks, day and night. My boys and I all had cereal for supper tonight before rushing off to baseball practices. Frosted Mini Wheats and Frosted Flakes.

  3. 3
    Liz (Looney Mom) says:

    I guess I got really technical with my review. I’m kinda nit-picky that way. They probably won’t be asking me for more reviews! ;)

    But they are really good!

  4. 4
    Renee says:

    My family likes their cereal with 50% sugar…lol. but I did get DD to eat one that is high fiber too. Might have to try those…DH likes Honey Nut cherios.

    The kids look great.

  5. 5
    Renee says:

    re: microwave. I serve a lot of frozen veggies and cook them all in my microwave…zap at 5 min with a bit of water and done!

    I also cook our baked potatoes in the micro…I wash really good as DH & I like the skins, prick with a fork, and zap them on a papertowel for 2 min intervals until they are soft. Then I wrap them in foil and park them in the oven with the rolls until the rest of dinner is done.

    And I reheat everything in the microwave. I cook all our meals to be left-overs the next night that I heat in the microwave. If I’m smart I get my left-overs on the nights that DD has gymnastics…but I’m not usually that smart. LOL

  6. 6
    Lissete says:

    I am a huge baby when it comes to cereal. LOVE the sugary stuff plus I only eat it dry, no milk.

  7. 7
    BeachMama says:

    I too am a ceral lover and would eat it for every meal if others in the house didn’t mind. I wouldn’t mind having that in our house to offset all the sugary ones :) .

  8. 8
    Wendy says:

    We are going to have to try these. I usually let The Boy pick out his own cereals by looking at the box and picking the coolest looking one, but I think I could convince him to try these.

  9. 9
    Holly Schwendiman says:

    I had much the same experience with this cereal! Fun to hear you did too.


  10. 10
    Karen says:

    I’ve got to look out for this one! My kids got hooked on Fruit Loops recently and I cringe every time they ask for it – it’s like pure sugar. At least with the Cheerios as part of the name, it sounds sort-of-almost-good for them!
    BTW your girls are just adorable!

  11. 11
    Carey says:

    Ive never actually tried these, but i have been meaning to. Glad to hear a positive review on them, now i will be more willing to give them a try next time i see them on sale. Thanks .

  12. 12
    Mary (mert) says:

    My whole family loves these, I have to buy 4 boxes at a time to keep up with them!

  13. 13

    [...] you know, the first one was the Fruity Cheerios which my family [...]



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