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fattoskinnybookI recently had the opportunity to review the book FAT TO SKINNY Fast and Easy! It’s written by Doug Varrieur and in it he describes how many Americans are caught in a vicious cycle of overeating, low self-esteem and out-of-control weight gain. Americans endure confusing advice from a diet industry pushing both low-fat and low-carb products, and yo-yo dieting that’s destined to fail. Obesity, diabetes and related diseases rob us of health and vitality, and threaten a healthcare disaster for our kids.

Hidden sugar, even in supposedly healthy snacks, is a leading cause of the childhood obesity epidemic that is threatening our children’s health and their future.

“We have the highest obesity rates that we’ve ever had,” Doug says. “The generation of children that are upcoming right now are expected to live a shorter life span than their parents for the first time in history.”

Fortunately, there are lots of things parents can do to help their kids eat well and avoid becoming fat. It starts with Sugar-Proofing your child, according to Doug.

Sugar-Proofing is as simple as following these 10 steps:

1. Spot the hidden SUGAR

2. Understand how to read labels

3. Get your children involved

4. Act immediately

5. Remove all of the foods and drinks that metabolize into blood sugar

6. Prepare your family meals

7. Replace the foods that metabolize into sugar with foods that don’t

8. Organize a Sugar-Proof gang

9. Offer your help in teaching others what you’ve learned

10. Forget everything you’ve been taught

No one can watch Doug’s visual demonstration about the tons of sugar hidden in our foods, including supposedly “healthy” ones, and be unmoved. Pouring cups of sugar and stacking 5-pound bags on a scale, he graphically shows the 150 pounds that each of us consumes on average every year.

“People see that and they say ‘I can’t believe I’m eating that much sugar.’” Doug says. “This is about how to eliminate the one thing out of their diet that’s making them fat. All of a sudden, it makes sense for the first time in their lives.”


Doug is not a doctor or nutritionist. He’s an inquisitive entrepreneur with a big heart for people who are overweight just as he was for many years. He developed Fat To Skinny on his own, independent of those other low-carb diets, out of his drive to win his own battle with diabetes. Using these principles, Doug at age 46 lost more than 100 pounds, went from a size 48 to 32 waist and reversed his type 2 diabetes. He has kept the fat off and stayed fit for almost eight years since then.

Doug has developed a complete lifestyle change which replaces all the foods that contain hidden sugar with comparable foods that don’t contain this ingredient linked to creating fat in our bodies.

Doug’s regular guy appeal allows him to present information in a simple, easy-to-understand way in Fat to Skinny that makes sense to everyone struggling to lose pounds. In a world of confusing and often conflicting diet messages, he believes simplicity is the key to his ability to reach people and save lives.

I found this book very easy to read and understand – it just made sense. I was shocked to discover how much sugar we consume on any given day. One thing I really liked about the book was that Doug listed very clearly the foods that were good choices and the foods that were not. He included specific brand recommendations as well as many recipes. This made it so easy to figure out a meal plan. After reading the book, I decided to give this “diet” a try. I followed the plan for about three weeks, and, while I didn’t stick with it perfectly, I did drastically reduce the amount of sugar in my diet. In that three week period I lost four pounds. But, more than that, I cannot tell you how differently I felt. I tend to have a lot of bloating, and upset stomach – especially at night when I go to bed – I’ve gotten used to having that uncomfortable full-feeling. But once I removed a lot of the sugar from my diet, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling this way at all anymore. I didn’t feel like I was starving myself and usually felt satisfied (with the exception of a few sweet-tooth cravings every now and then, for which Doug offers several options for when you need some “dessert” type foods).

I know that I won’t totally adhere to a strict low-carb/low-sugar diet, but, reading this book taught me a lot. I will definately make an effort to read food labels more closely and watch the amount of sugar that my kids and I are consuming. This book is a real eye-opener and I recommend it highly.

For more information visit the FAT TO SKINNY website.

This post was written for author Doug Varrieur who provided the book for review. I was not compensated in any way except for the complimentary product.

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I'm a stay-at-home mom to four children, ages 16, 13, 11, and 9. I'm a former registered nurse and have recently been considering returning to the work force. Topics I like to blog about include - parenting and family issues, especially those related to tweens and teens; movies; books; music; and product reviews. Find me at Alas 3 Lads.
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    Janet says:

    Thank you for this review. I just heard about this diet or way of life and will research. I am not very over weight, 10 pounds, but one pound per year and 10 years well then it is 20. The part about how much hidden sugar there is will be an eye opener I am sure.

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    I do not think it sounded bad, but the girls were laughing hysterically. Well, I had fun, and you too! Check Wii Disney Sing It Hits Party and the party begins!

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    that too bad dont you thing we live in fat word

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    Reviewers at An Island Life are sent a complimentary item in exchange for their honest opinions and receiving a free product does not influence their review posts. All opinions and thoughts ar

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  7. 7

    Are you ready to lose weight fast and EASY? gg Bran Crispbread and author Doug Varrieur can show you the way! This book has a 100% reader success rate and has been called “The Best Weight Loss Book Ever Written in your life”.

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