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At our house, it has always been a given that food, place mats and cloth napkins go together.  When Todd, my youngest son was a teenager, he would even use place mats and cloth napkins when he and his friends would grab a bite to eat at our house. The cloth napkins would usually be a variety of different colors in a basket on the table. Now days we have a different basket and our napkins are white and not that entertaining for our grandchildren. 



 Fabkins are delightful cloth napkins for children. We received the Beach Bound set and my grandchildren love them. 

About Fabkins: Joyce Raffo and Paige Rodgers were both committed to packing “waste-free” lunches for their school-age children but had trouble finding cute cloth napkins that weren’t too formal or too big. Ultimately, they decided to create their own, and Fabkins was born.Fabkins are soft and durable everyday cloth napkins for kids, available in an array of bright colors and playful designs. Sized for kids’ laps and lunchboxes, Fabkins come in themed packs of five that reflect kids’ interests. Fabkins make school lunches and meals at home more fun, and inspire children to help save the environment. 

The Way I See It: The napkins are the perfect size for little ones. I think they’d be perfect for a fun Beach themed dinner party too. During a meal, my three year old grand daughter can go through several paper napkins. She’ll wipe her face and wad up a paper napkin. A darling little Fabkin will last her throughout the meal.

Besides the fact that Fabkins are simply delightful, they’re also economical and very good for the environment. Using Fabkins at home, and in lunch boxes, is a perfect way for children to do their part in helping to save the planet. Fabkins would also make adorable party favors and gifts. It simply doesn’t get any better than washable, reusable and “green” all at the same time.


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I’m a happy wife, mother and grandmother. I write about motherhood, grandchildren and life from the perspective of Simply Cathi. Before I make purchases I rely on consumer opinions and reviews. I feel I have a responsibility to share my thoughts and experiences to help others make informed decisions.
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