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My kids love playing with storyboards and playsets that allow them to develop their own characters and storylines. So we’re always pleased to review new ways to encourage creativity. This is exactly the case with the Magicforest Play Set Family ($33).

When we received our Play Set Family, the girls were thrilled to see that it involved a wedding scene. We opened up the box and found all of the non-toxic, eco-friendly pieces inside.

At first I was a little wary and overwhelmed by the sight of all these pieces but found that they were really easy to detach and put together. For the smaller holes that I needed to punch out I used a chopstick which worked perfectly.

The pieces fit well together using tabs and sticky backs. I did have to help Kiana (9 years old) along the way since the instructional diagram was a little confusing for her.

However, if you just look at the colored picture on the box you’ll be able to follow along easier. It took a total of 20 minutes to construct the whole thing. What I would recommend is not sticking the wedding aisle onto the platform since you’ll then have to store the whole thing as one piece.

Once we were done, the girls couldn’t wait to start playing. They had fun giving names to all the people, coming up with various stories on how the bride and groom met, as well as different versions of the wedding ceremony.

It kept them occupied all afternoon and I really enjoyed listening to their imaginative storylines.

Connect with Magicforest:

This post was written for Magicforest who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.


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