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dreyerfamilyI was fortunate to review the CD Dreyer Family Band: Family Photograph (ARV $14.99 CD; $9.99 MP3 Download), which offered a broad range of music styles that both the young and young-at-heart will enjoy.

We are the Dreyer family…What’s the music all about? Our family experiences! This is homegrown in the extreme. Recorded in 11 days over 2 family vacations, this music was made for us and is just too good not to share. Who is it for? Some songs are about and for little ones; many are for school age kids; some are loved by the “tweens” in our lives; and many come from the parents’ perspective and have been known to make grandparents cry (you know who you are). In short, this is not a toddler CD, but a CD that just might take the whole family on a musical journey while on that family road trip.

Family Photograph consists of songs with influence from all sorts of genres—blues, jazz, country, and more, and the songs are all about life, love, and family.

Many of the songs describe scenarios that parents often experience themselves, such as struggling to get kids into bed or taking care of boo-boos, and present them in a light-hearted way. Loud House is a funny song that I could definitely relate to. It’s a song about all the noise many of us encounter in our daily lives, and how the “baby’s gonna wake up” because of the noise (every time the wind blows, the stairs creak, or a dog barks while my baby’s sleeping, I always worry that he’s going to wake up).

The I Love You Song and Peace and Love are really sweet songs that will tug at your heart, and so does Covers (A Lullaby), which happens to be my favorite track. This song almost sounds as if it has an island influence, and it’s simply a soothing song that could easily help any child fall asleep.

Although some of the songs may be geared towards little ones, I felt most of the songs were actually for adults, who would be able to appreciate the songs and the meaning of the lyrics more. However, all of the songs are appropriate for the entire family to listen to. In fact, my son kept dancing around to Big Green Tree!

No matter what your taste in music, it’s easy to find a favorite song on Family Photograph!

Shop: You can purchase Dreyer Family Band: Family Photograph on CDBaby.com

Thank you to Dreyer Family Band for the product to review and/or giveaway.

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3 Responses to “Dreyer Family Band: Family Photograph”
  1. 1
    annie says:

    What a nice review!
    It makes us all so happy to know that other families enjoy and can relate
    to our songs. Tell your son that we do a lot of dancing around to Big Green Tree
    too…sometimes even UNDER one!
    Thank you so very much!
    …and…rock on!

  2. 2

    family vacations in a nice tropical country would be very very nice .-~

  3. 3

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