Disney Publishing’s Peter Pan for iPad

Here’s another great story app from Disney Publishing . . . Peter Pan ($3.99).

To Neverland! Relive the magical story of the classic film Peter Pan in this book app featuring beautiful illustrations, word-for-word narration, music, and interactive surprises.

With hope and trust and a pinch of pixie dust, readers will join Wendy, John, and Michael on their adventures with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook and his swashbuckling crew of pirates. Includes coloring pages, puzzles, music and memory games, and so much more!

courtesy of Disney Publishing

We received a complimentary code to test out this app for ourselves and Kiana loved it! She has always enjoyed the story of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell as they take Wendy and the gang on some really cool adventures.

In this story book app, Wendy, John and Michael fly off with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell to Never Land to find The Lost Boys. While there, they are discovered by Captain Hook who persuades Tinker Bell to help him capture the children. She agrees since she’s a little jealous of Wendy and all the attention she gets from Peter Pan. However, when they’re all captured . . . including The Lost Boys . . . Wendy feels bad and goes off to warn Peter. And together the rescue the kids and return them home.

One of the cool features of this ebook are the Reading Modes.

  • Read to Me – This is where the narrator reads the book to your child. You can also choose where to have your child press the next arrow to turn the page or have the page turn automatically.
  • Use My Recording -  You can use your mic to record your’s or your child’s voice to read the story. I really like this feature since I’m usually away a few days a week. This way the kids can still hear my voice while reading a bedtime story.
  • Read by Myself – This is great for those kids who have evolved into independent readers.

In addition to the Reading Modes are the various activities.

  • Coloring – There are 4 different coloring pages taken directly from the story. You can use either a paint brush or colored pencil (4 different widths each) as well as a wide variety of colors to make your masterpiece. Once you’re done just save your picture or you email it to a loved one. What I like is that you can zoom into the picture to make it easier to get the colors inside the lines.

  • Puzzle – There are also 4 colored puzzles to choose from each one having 3 different difficulty levels (easy – 4 pieces, medium – 6 pieces, and hard – 12 pieces). There’s an image of the picture on the board to help your child find the right placement. Just drag and drop!

  • Matching – This is Kiana’s favorite game. Just touch on the gold coins – 2 at a time – to turn them over. Just find all the pairs to clear the board. It has 3 difficulty levels (easy – 6 coins, medium – 12 coins, and hard – 16 coins).

  • Flute – This is not really a game but more of a musical activity. You can either listen to the flute being played, learn how to play by following along as the individual bamboo pieces light up, or just play your own musical creation.

However, what makes this book truly engaging are the way the images on the pages react when your child touches them. Pirates fall overboard, lanterns dangle, animals move, and people appear out of nowhere. The kids loved touching the screen to see what would happen next.

Peter Pan has become one of my kids’ favorite storybook apps which is saying a lot considering how many I have downloaded on my iPad. It’s the one they keep coming back to again and again.

This post was written for Disney Publishing who provided the complimentary download in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author: Kailani:
Owner of An Island Life. A flight attendant and mother to 3 beautiful girls. . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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2 Responses to “Disney Publishing’s Peter Pan for iPad”
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    Sean says:

    I just purchased this for my son. He LOOOVES it! It’s his favorite iPad app so far. Thanks for sharing.


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