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With Kaila still at home with me during the day, we’re always looking for shows that emphasize school readiness and we’ve found it in Bubble Guppies. Bubble Guppies are a group of mermaid-like preschool characters who cover a wide range of everyday experiences that most kids can relate to.

In the newly released Bubble Guppies (available May 1st) DVD, the audience is introduced to the gang in 3 various episodes:

Bubble Puppy’s Fin-Tastic Fairy Tale! (Double length episode) – The segment begins with Mr. Grouper explaining to the class what fairy tales are. The Guppies are then seen in a Jack and Jill setting with Bubble Puppy getting turned into a frog by the mean witch (Wanda Sykes). They enlist the help of some famous fairy tale friends (Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Jack and the Beanstalk) to undo the wicked spell before the Witch can execute her evil plan to turn the world’s inhabitants into frogs.

This episode was a great way to teach my girls teamwork and helping out others. Even the Big Bad Wolf offered words of encouragement to Jack and Jill. They also taught critical thinking by showing bowls of porridge and having the kids decide which one was hot, cold, and just right. And finally, they promoted counting as the kids had to count out 1 dozen golden eggs.

Bubble Puppy – This is the episode where Bubble Puppy joins the group. Gil wants to adopt a puppy after seeing one he really likes at the adoption center, but the Bubble Guppies have to learn how to take care of a pet before he can bring it home.

The Guppies talk about the different kind of pets they’d like along with the sounds that each one makes. They also share some interesting facts about each animal as well as the sounds needed to pronounce each animal’s name (ie. CH for Chihuahua). Mr. Grouper then teaches the Guppies the basics of how to take care of a dog.

Bubble Bites – Ms. Pinkytoe, a friendly crab, gives Gil a few Bubble Bites to feed to Bubble Puppy. Bubble Puppy wants more food so the guppies head to the supermarket. They discover there is one box of Bubble Bites left and both Gil and Ms. Pinkytoe want it. They must compete in a Bubble Bites biathlon. Will Gil get more Bubble Bites to feed Bubble Puppy?

This episode’s theme is visiting the supermarket and everything the store has to offer. They also talk about paying for items and make a correlation between the amount of money you have to what you can buy. They do this by explaining the theory of  subtraction. They also show Gil and Molly stacking oranges in their own way. Molly stacks hers in the usual pyramid style while Gil stacks his in one tall column. Which one do you think will fall over? However, the best part is when Gil wins a box of Bubble Bites and shares it with Mrs. Pinkletoe. Great lessons!

Each of these episodes follows the same basic layout which usually starts out with Molly introducing herself and getting ready to share the day’s topic only to have Gil stop her by performing some silly act related to the subject. On their way to school, something will happen to some of the Guppies while the rest of them go to school and tell their teacher, Mr. Grouper, about it. He then encourages them to think and discuss possible solutions. This is usually followed by a themed song.

The half-hour series features a variety show format with a strong narrative that relates to the theme of the episode. Bubble Guppies is set to a soundtrack of catchy, educational pop songs and a curriculum that infuses the core elements of kindergarten readiness including: math, literacy, the arts, science and socio-emotional development.

courtesy of Nickelodeon

Kiana and Kaila have really been enjoying the Bubble Guppies series. Their favorite part is always the part when the character asks the audience a question and the kids have to say the answer. They also enjoy the upbeat songs which can usually get them on their feet and dancing around the room. Even I enjoy those catchy tunes.

Bonus Features:

  • “Create Your Own Bubble Guppy” DVD Game
  • 2 Karaoke Music Videos – Fairytale Pop Song & I’m So Mean (Wanda Sykes)
  • Juke Box Song Selection

Bubble Guppies can be viewed on Nickelodeon. Check your television guide for show times in your area.

Purchase your copy of Bubble Guppies at Amazon.com for $10.99.

This post was written for Nickelodeon who provided the complimentary copy in exchange for our honest review.

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One Response to “Bubble Guppies on DVD on May 1st”
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    starbar says:

    My daughter loves watching Bubble Guppies and she really wants to get this movie. Luckily I was looking on Blockbuster @Home and I ran across it. So I got it in the mail very quickly after that. She has been watching it non-stop so it’s a huge plus I don’t have to return it right away. I have a co-worker at Dish who has a daughter the same age and sometimes I baby-sit while she works and she really enjoys what Bubble Guppies teaches her. I think it is very educational for the kids.

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