Living With Multiple Personalities

February 2, 2007

No, not me. Unless you’re talking about Girlie Girl and her alter ego, Sassy Girl. LOL!

This week’s roomie is Cat from Living With Multiple Personalities. She’s a legend over at Blog Explosion and a fierce competitor at the Battle of the Blogs. She’s also the brains behind Click & Comment Monday which strives to increase readership for our weekly renters. Talk about a genius!

I think this paragraph from her “About Me” sums her up very nicely:

I have a mission - it came to me like a bolt of lightning. My mission has been to open the eyes of others and help them walk down a healthy mental path. Did I say mental? Yes. How many times would you admit to seeing your Dr. for a cold? No issue there…you’d tell others and get some pity here and there…and then you’d take the medicine required to get better, right? Well, how ma