Whew! What a Day!

October 14, 2007

I had plan to post about the little adventure I had today involving a passenger who took my rollerboard (that’s suitcase in flight attendant language) off the plane by mistake. I was going to tell you about the panic I felt when I thought I’d never see my precious laptop again. Or how I raced through the airport trying to focus on the hundreds and hundreds of other black rollerboards going by to see if I could spot my bright white crew member or pink plumeria tag when all that was going through my mind was what this person would think when they discovered my dirty underwear.

Instead, I’m going to blog about something that has unexpectedly come up.

This week’s host for the Carnival of Family Life just informed me that she’s been having server problems this week and has not been able to access the 80+ submissions that were received! This means I have 24 hours to sort through and try to make sense of all the entries, categorize them, and get them published! Never mind that Girlie Girl has Taiko practice, or that I have to take my parents to the airport and then water their million and one plants, or the 3 orders I have to sew from my little store before Monday morning, or the cookies I need to make for the bake sale.

All I can say is . . . Lord help me! *reciting to myself: I love blogging, I love blogging, I love blogging . . .*

BTW, speaking of my little store, if you’d like to win a matching Hawaiian print bib and personalized burp cloth, head on over to Aimee’s Blog. I donated a set for her month long giveaway in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even if you don’t have little ones, this would make a great Christmas gift! And if one of my bloggy friends win, I’ll even include a box of chocolate covered macadamia nut candy! Yum!

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16 Comments on “Whew! What a Day!”

October 14, 2007
11:05 am

manicmama said:

Hi Kailani

So sorry to have added to your stress.

The problem with the server has now been fixed (after 4 days!) so hopefully I can now help you by hosting the Carnival as originally planned.

Many apologies.

All the best :)


Summer said:

So I assume you caught the fiend who took off with it? :)


Dana said:

Yes, yes, tell us - did you find your luggage?? That would suck. You must have been a basket case.

Oh, and I feel for you, I really do, with all that to do - so stressful!!! I hope you get everything working ok.

It sucks when everything comes at you at once. I have sorta felt the same way for weeks!!!


Renee said:

I wanna hear about the luggage.


Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said:

Oh goodness. Take it easy, bite off a few posts for the carnival at a time, and most of all… get ya cup of coffee!


tracey said:

Dirty underwear… heh. Hopefully, it wasn’t taken by a dirty old man… EEwwww….


Melissa said:

Busy busy busy!! I hope you get a chance to sit back and take a breather!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

Oh I hope you got your suitcase back! And don’t forget to take a few minutes to relax with everything else going on today… :)


Vader's Mom said:

Well, I think those sewing projects can be put on hold for a while… :)

Hope you got your luggage back and that you get everything accomplished!


momto3cubs said:

I get the feeling you DID recover it, whew!

I’m gonna send my SIL a link to your baby boutique, since she and my brother were married in Maui and we’ve all been slightly obsessed with Hawaii ever since, and they now have a baby girl who needs some aloha in her closet!


Baby Advice said:

I hope you found your bags!! And the bib and burp rag are so precious!

October 15, 2007
12:57 am

Nicole said:

That bib is too cute!


Pamela said:

LEFT US HANGIN’ !!!!!!!!!!!
I know you’ll post it soon. yes?

Hope you are feeling better. I got Zicam along with my zinc and hot tea. Got Airborne for the hubby to keep him from catching it. (sore throat…and all the goodies. oh groan)


Wendy said:

I am definitely going to have to put in an order for some of your bibs!!! How cute are they!??


Stacey said:

Girlfriend–do you EVER sleep? Ever? Because I do the math and I find it near impossible. You’re such a blessing to so many–I consider myself fortunate to be amongs the bloggers who know you. xo


Christine said:

I am so glad you were able to recover your suitcase.

I’ll be needing a Tooth Fairy pillow for Katelyn soon.

When I feel like this, I remember in Finding Nemo, the phrase, Just keep swimming!! Keeps me going.

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