What’s In A Blog Name?

March 5, 2007

How important is a blog title?

When I had the unexpected opportunity to start a new blog at the end of last year, I decided to sit down and really think about an appropriate name. What would accurately describe my life? What were the main topics I would cover? Am I Mommy Blogger? Should I have a Mommy-type title?

I never really realized how important it was to pick just the right name. In this vast sea called the blogosphere, you have to do whatever you can to stand out in the crowd. Your title should be able to tell the world who you are in just a few words. Not an easy thing to do.

I decided on An Island Life because this is what my blog is about . . . life on an island. I thought the name was general enough that I wouldn’t be categorized into a particular blogging group. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. ;-)

And it also didn’t hurt that it started with an “A” (if you know what I mean). hee hee

So, how did you choose the title of your blog? Are you happy with it? If you could, would you change it?

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33 Comments on “What’s In A Blog Name?”

March 5, 2007
6:27 am

The Foo said:

i thought that your blog title has always been “An Island Life”. what was it before you started this new site…. can’t remember. i like your title… makes me always think of beach, vacation and sun…. such a happy blog :-)

BTW: heather did a good job on the design as expected.

March 5, 2007
6:39 am

Michelle said:

No, I know what you mean. I get this question occasionally. I made up a word that sounded fun, non-mommyish, and made me think of writing–scribbling, scrabble, scribes–which is where I mentally feel my focus is.

March 5, 2007
7:27 am

Leslie said:

I chose the name of my blog Duct Taped Halo, cause I keep breaking the my halo and duct tape fixes everything, right? :)

March 5, 2007
12:25 pm

EaglesWings said:

My blog name Eagles Wings is based on the scripture that is directly below the title: Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait on the LORD, Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

I have always loved Eagles. It was also caused by the book “The Eagle Story” by the Institute in Basic Youth Conflicts.

I also love Eagles as the American symbol of FREEDOM!

Did you know that a great bald eagle calculated an average speed of 120 mph? Did you know that eagles are “renewed” each year? Their feathers are replaced over a period of several months. Did you know that eagles mate for life? Did you know that eagles fly during storms while all other birds seek shelter?

In the book “The Eagle Story” it says:

What will happen when we wait upon the Lord?
When we quote Scripture in order to resist Satan’s temptations, we can be compared to an eagle stretching out its wings in a storm. The air rushing over the wings creates the lifting power that is stronger than the force of gravity that would otherwise cause the eagle to fall to the ground. Similarly, reaching out to quote Scripture during temptation helps us to rise above the poser of Satan’s temptations.


March 5, 2007
1:07 pm

BeachMama said:

Back when I was a bartender, a customer used to always say to me, “Life is always good at your beach,eh?” or “Is there a little sand in your happy place today?” That is how I came up with my title. Although this past couple of years have been a bit rough for me, I always take myself back to the beach. Because there is truly always a little sand in my happy place :) oh yes and a little boy, J.

March 5, 2007
1:16 pm

Irish Church Lady said:

I like your blog title and you’re right, there are many cool ones out there.

Here’s how I came up with my blog title. Sláinte ~ It’s only Me.

March 5, 2007
2:54 pm

Karen said:

My blog is actually a recycled blog. My husband started it, but he also started a podcast for parents (he’s a pediatrician) and he got way too busy. He asked me to take over, and I did….reluctantly. :) So “PediaScribe” it is for me. Although I am toying with starting up one on my own where I can be a little more off the cuff.

March 5, 2007
3:09 pm

Twisted Cinderella said:

my blog name has changed over the years. When I started out blogging I wasn’t entirely happy with the way my happily ever after was going. I kind of felt a little like if this is my happily ever after, then it certainly wasn’t what I expected. I was Cinderella, Prince Charming came and swept me off my feet and then the story got kind of twisted some how. Thus I was Twisted Cinderella.

My newest incarnation of my blog and is my most accurate one. Because I am Twisted Cinderella and I am living my happily ever after. I like my life. It may not be the stuff that faery tales are made of in story books but it is my happily EVER AFTER done MY WAY, thus Ever After . . . My Way.

March 5, 2007
3:09 pm

momrn-2 said:

You may be interested to head into the archives of “My Quiet Corner” and read the post I did on Sun, Aug. 27, 2006. It explains and discusses just what you are talking about here!

I always think it very interesting how people create their titles.

What a great place you have here. I enjoy the bright and bold colors. It gives a feeling of energy! Thanks for such a great visit!

March 5, 2007
3:13 pm

Melissa R. Garrett said:

I’ve started and stopped blogs numerous times since January 2006, and I was never really comfortable with the direction in which they were going. I am so . . . everywhere these days! I literally pulled my new blog name out of the dictionary, and it describes me PERFECTLY, both literally and figuratively.

First of all, Little Woolgatherings (woolgatherings) are daydreams or idle fancies - totally ME. Second, I *heart* wool felt and making little pretties (I have an etsy shop and I am also giving away 5 sheets of 100% wool felt in the 5 Minutes For Mom giveaway).

I’m finally comfortable with my blog, and I even purchased my domain http://www.LittleWoolgatherings.com

Stop by and hang out a bit sometime (actually, I wish I were in Hawaii right now and not snowy NY!)

March 5, 2007
3:29 pm

Rachel Langston said:

I chose the name of my blog because it is also the name of my business. That was several months ago and, if I was doing it again, I might name it something different. As it is, my blog is about lots of things and not all of them business. Perhaps I should add a 2nd blog that is more personal? That is a thought I have had recently, but not ready to make that jump yet.

Glad to meet you and I’ll look forward to coming back to the island!

Rachel Langston

March 5, 2007
3:31 pm

MamaDuck said:

Should I be “A Lil’ Duck Duck” then?? ;) Seriously though, something memorable helps a lot, I get a lot of people visiting just by typing in “Lil Duck Duck” at a search engine, you know??

March 5, 2007
4:02 pm

Andrea said:

I wasn’t familiar with blogging when I started my blog. I really was just journaling online. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a fog and I wanted to figure it out. Writing helped me do that. So…Decipher the Fog was born. :) I don’t think I would change it. I kinda like it. :)

March 5, 2007
4:03 pm

Mikki said:

Thanks so much for stopping by. What a beautiful blog you’ve got here!!! What a HUGE blessing to live in Hawaii!!

Have a great time at the party!

March 5, 2007
4:09 pm

Christine said:

Honestly, I love your blog title now, than your other one. It fits your blog better.
For my blog title, I love going on trips. Long trips, short trips, road trips, plane trips, and even around the corner to the store can be an adventure. I was looking for a title that parents could relate too. Growing up when we went on roadtrips what better catch phrase than, Are We There Yet. Since I started blogging ,I’ve found a few more awesome bloggers with the same title. Great minds think alike. :)

March 5, 2007
4:21 pm

Desert Songbird said:

I’m a title geek, and I know how important word-play is to the success (or failure) of any literary venture. Heck, even businesses are attuned to how word-play will affect their business (think: slogans, advertising, etc.)

I remember finding your blog as a “featured” blog on the now-disbanded Thursday Thirteen official site. The title and the template intrigued me enough to give you a “look-see” and now, several months later, I’m still here, and you’re still reading me!

I chose The Ice Box for various reasons, some personal (that are obvious to those who know me), and some cryptic. I think it’s different enough for people to wonder, “WTH?” and maybe check it out. Kinda like road-kill - can’t help but look…

The Ice Box
Ice Box Project 365

March 5, 2007
4:56 pm

Pamela said:

No. I didn’t sit and contemplate a name.
My daughter was blogging, and I decided one afternoon to sit down and try it. There was so much to be done around the house, we had our yard torn up, and inside was completely ignored because of the things we were involved in on the outside.

So, off the top of my head I thought.. Well, The Dust Will Wait.

Looking back.. I’m glad that is how it happened.
It has served me well.

March 5, 2007
5:07 pm

Renee said:

I have to admit that when I first got into this whole blogging thing I did not expect to become this involved. In fact my first post said something to the fact that I wasn’t even sure I would be back to post anything at all. HA HA HA HA

I chose the name because DD was into this password game that she invented. She would block dh or me and we would have to tell her a password to get through. One of her favorites was fefyfomanna. I guess I fail in telling folks who I am or what I’m even doing out here. But I still manage to attract a small following anyway. go figure?

March 5, 2007
6:37 pm

Lissete said:

Well, since my blog is mainly my journal and I really just started it for myself, I really never thought about the title that much. I chose “THis is the Time to Remember” based on the song by Billy Joel.

“This is the time to remember
Cause it will not last forever.
These are the days to hold onto
Cause we won’t although we’ll want to.”

So I blog about my life & what I want to remember. I am so glad that friends visit my little corner of the blogsphere, but ultimately it is for me. I just chose to share with others.

Would I change it? If I came up with something I like better, sure I would why not? For now, I will keep it.

March 5, 2007
7:04 pm

Mike said:

I love my blog name. I was actually surprised it was available. Although if I knew my wife was going to contribute as much as she has been, I might have modified it slightly…or just made her start her own blog.

March 5, 2007
8:31 pm

Mom Tu-Tu said:

I’m just stopping in from the blog party! I chose my name because I’m the mom of two and one is a little girl who loves to dance and takes lessons. Thus she wears a tu-tu! Kind of a play on words, but I like it. Thanks for telling me that tu-tu also means Aunty because I am one of those as well! I have two nephews already and one more on the way!

March 5, 2007
10:24 pm

Sparky Duck said:

Easy, I grew up in New Jersey, moved to Philly, but I am not from Philly. Tada!

March 5, 2007
10:33 pm

Mommy the Maid said:

I always tell my husband that somedays I feel like a maid. THen it just came out, Mommy the Maid.

March 6, 2007
12:28 am

becca said:

The anti spam was shopping.. I love to do this. I love my blog name. Even though it pegs me as a mommy, ohwell. I talk about my spawn but not in ever post and so you know there you have it. I like your new blog title.

March 6, 2007
1:37 am

Amazing Gracie said:

I chose my website name, Echoes of Grace, because I believe in Grace and feel the need to share how grace and hope have touched my life; hence, echoing. My real first name is the same as a well-known figure and I get a lot of teasing for it, so I chose to be “Amazing Gracie.” It just seem to match the website and because Grace is Amazing, I’m certainly not…

March 6, 2007
4:00 am

Michele said:

When I first started with a website I chose “From Michele’s Heart” because I started the website for my Military son’s and their buddies to go to but it slowly turned into a reflection of me and I just could never change the name

March 6, 2007
5:01 am

tiggerprr said:

tiggerprr’s been my AOL screenname/online persona for over 10 years, so when I started a blog, it seemed only fitting that name would be what I used. I came up with scratching post and the tagline on the fly because that’s one of the things that cats use to get a little stress out and have some fun. Much like I’d hoped my blog would we.

While I like this name, and I like my blog title…I wonder if it would be easier to create a custom theme without violation of copyrights for Mr. Tigger and his pals at Disney if I had just chosen a different non-character specific name. ::shrugs:: I don’t know.

March 6, 2007
12:49 pm

carmen said:

I don’t really think about my blog name anymore. It’s a quote from a movie (SpaceBalls) but most people just refer to it as “Carmen’s Blog”

March 6, 2007
9:34 pm

Revka said:

I have two blogs: The Porch Light and Little Fun; Little Learning. The Porch Light is my personal blog. I chose that title because when I think of a warm welcome, I think of a porch light left shining after dark - like in my banner. I love it, but I had to change the URL cuz I kept getting creeps who thought I was referring to something else. (?)

As for Little Fun; Little Learning, I wanted that blog to focus on fun activities and educational ideas for the “littles” (children ages 0-5). Hence, the title. I think it’s pretty cute. :0)

March 7, 2007
3:58 am

Angela (Robinson County) said:

Robinson County Post was my husband’s suggestion when I asked for his input on a blog title. We don’t live in Robinson County…its a running family joke. When my husband and his brother were growing up, they would sometimes do things that weren’t necessarily legal (such as hunting out of season) and when their Grandmother would scold them, they’d just tell her, “Grandmother, its ok. Its still hunting season in Robinson County”. Since there really is a Robinson County, she assumed that they were good…but they were just referring to their surname. I liked adding on “Post” to the end of the title because it was a play on words. It sounds like a newspaper, and each daily entry is a “post”.

March 7, 2007
4:52 am

Wendy said:

I jumped right into the blog thing without much thought and in a huge rush so I didn’t think about it much nor did I know how important a blog name is so yes, I would change my blog’s name to something more creative. Something that was more general. My blog title is Snips Snails and Puppy Dog Tails…bet you can’t guess what I write about! Stop by if you get a chance and enjoy the blog party.

I did the same thing with my first blog. However, it gained so much momentum that I didn’t want to change the name and confuse everyone. I’m so glad I got the chance to start over again. I’m sure I lost people along the way but I’m so much happier with this title.

March 7, 2007
5:49 am

Scone said:

My blog name (Scone at Midnight) was a spur-of-the moment choice that reflected my situation when I started. Other than in the middle of the night, I had no time for myself, especially for writing, which I was really missing. So I figured midnight was about the only time I’d get around to posting. I was right, for about a month. :) Still, I think it suits me; I’ve always looked good in black. Plus, I’m going through some dark times and the theme suits the mood. I do love your new look.

March 7, 2007
6:27 am

Overwhelmed! said:

I chose the blog name, “Overwhelmed With Joy!” to reflect the feelings I had at becoming a mother through adoption. I love my blog name and have no desire to ever change it!

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