What’s For Dinner?

February 19, 2008

I had so much to do around the house today that DH decided to take the girls out to the park and then to dinner. It was so nice to have the whole house to myself for a few hours. The best part is that when I cleaned up, everything actually stayed clean!

He asked if I wanted him to bring home dinner but I figured I would just whip up something simple for myself. Know what I ended up having?

A bag of M&Ms. How sad. However, in my defense they were peanut butter M&Ms and we all know peanut butter is great for protein, right?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever had for dinner?

Spotlight Comment by Judy of Welcome to My World of Dreams:

Uh… the time when I made a cake (well, half a cake) because I had a craving for cake batter. (Hey.. it was TOO healthy! Haven’t you ever heard Bill Cosby talk about how healthy cake is????)

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Krista said:

Um, how about today…? I had bean dip for lunch and raw cookie dough for dinner. My stomach’s feelin’ kinda weird…
also one time I ate an entire box of Rice a Roni all by myself as a meal… :)
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Michelle in Mx said:

This is hillarious (and I sigh with envie since I would love DH to take the kids to the park AND then dinner!!!) But really, I tend to eat bad on my own, so I would mention what I whipped up for me by myself that was good! Today for lunch I made myself chickensalad that I served to myself in a tomato! It was really tasty too!
Otherwise - I’m like you . . . whatever chocolate I have around the house. . .

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Rosie said:

It would have to be an entire tub of Ben & Gerry’s cookie dough ice-cream, and nothing else, for a very long time!!

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Jacki said:

Ice cream! If left to myself I will not cook at all….and just eat junk food. :-)
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Carey said:

I wasnt hungry at dinner time last night, so i skipped, then went to the grocery store. After the kids were in bed, I had a klondyk ice cream bar…that was my dinner. Least i had some dairy. :)
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Sheila said:

haha…when I was single I used to have stupid stuff like microwave popcorn and baby carrots for dinner.

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Neha said:

Slices of processed cheese (American that too!), kettle corn popcorn and a pint of B&J’s mint chocolate cookie… and then I told myself I was getting my fill of dairy :-)


Mary mert said:

I am forced to eat most of the left overs here because I live with a bunch of food snobs LOL! So take your pick, I’m usually combining things that shouldn’t really go together and regretting it later.

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Lisa-Marie said:

I never eat decent dinners on my husband’s football night. I feed my daughter and scrounge. Being that I am a celiac it usually means corn chips and hummus. But like you will frequenty be chocolate!

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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

Do I have to actually admit it? Well, i do have to say that I’ve had M&Ms (or other forms of chocolate) for dinner sometimes, but probably the strangest would have to be chocolate chip cookie dough. Not the ice cream - the actual cookie dough.

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..Love x 3


Joanne said:

I hate cooking. I am a good microwaver though. My husband is the cook in the family!!

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Judy said:

Uh… the time when I made a cake (well, half a cake) because I had a craving for cake batter. (Hey.. it was TOO healthy! Haven’t you ever heard Bill Cosby talk about how healthy cake is????)

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Renee said:

I think one of my worst dinners was 2 Krispy Kreme donuts.

It wasn’t suposed to be that bad…but I didn’t leave time to eat before I went for a girls night out…I brought my dinner of an Arby’s sandwich…but I felt too uncomfortable to eat it in front of everyone. And then one girl brought the donuts. I gave the sandwich to my dog later.

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Jen said:

Oh goodness…there are times I’ve eaten a whole box of Girl scout cookies…or a bag of pocorn…or whatever struck my fancy in the cupboard…

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Desert Songbird said:

I hate cooking for just one person. I can’t think of the worst thing I’ve ever had for dinner; lately, I haven’t been eating at all. But last night I had chips and salsa for dinner.

Desert Songbird’s last blog post..Manic Monday - Two


Sundi said:

Yesterday I had 2-day-old powdered doghnut holes — yuck! But I was on the run and they were the most available!

Sundi’s last blog post..Albertsons Deals This Week!


Heather Neff said:

Well, M&M’s is definately not the worse… maybe the naughtiest ;) But I have had some pretty ROTTEN things for dinner before. BUT the naughiest thing I have eaten for dinner was cheesecake… like 4 pieces. It was soo good ;)
Heather Neff’s last blog post..Gabriel Jacob…


Write From Karen said:

The strangest? Probably a granola bar and two tortilla shells (I LOVE those things! Rolled up and plain *grin*)

When I first moved out of my parents’ house, I used to eat six packs of Milky Ways for dinner … for about a week. I would go to bed with a stomachache, but it was OH SO GOOD to eat what I wanted, when I wanted. hehe


yoshi said:

you really need to eat better than that! :P

I’d have to say the worst i’ve had is brownies. lol that was last night. :P
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Melissa said:

Oh, cookies, cake, ice cream… you name it and I’ve probably had it for dinner :) Whenever Hubby travels, I don’t eat so well…


Jessica K said:

Last time I was home by myself for dinner I had a leftover croissant and a glass (or three) of Pinot Noir! Now that’s a dinner to be proud of!

Jessica K’s last blog post..Wiped Out


TheAngelForever said:

The worst thing I have had recently is hospital food. Tonight we are likely doing take out (Chinese sounds good) since we are just back from there today. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog.

TheAngelForever’s last blog post..JSL Hospital Update 2-18


Kristen M. said:

I had pop tarts and monkey bread for dinner on Sunday. So healthy!


Stacey said:

A big bowl of Breyers Natural Vanilla ice cream. I see I’m in good company here-ice cream makes a good little meal! xo

Stacey’s last blog post..My Friend’s Neph Is An American Idol (Practically…By Marriage)


Pamela said:

I don’t know what the worst thing I’ve had — but I know I’ve justified the M&M’s because of the peanuts, too. giggle.


Michelle at Scribbit said:

Sad, but I have to ask: So how did they taste? Yup, I thought so. You can’t beat chocolate!

Michelle at Scribbit’s last blog post..Shrinky Dinks for Grown Ups


Jessica said:

i am forever having unhealthy things for breakfast, lunch, dinner… i think i’ve had all of the above commenters’… my skin and my stomach hate me!

Jessica’s last blog post..emerging from a rut


Tiffany said:

I can’t remember what the worst thing we have ever had for dinner. But, there are a lot of nights where we don’t really eat anything for dinner. Especially when one of us is sick. I just don’t make anything and make Andrew fend for himself.

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witchypoo said:

English toffee, home made, with butter brown sugar, chocolate and nuts. Some of these are good for you, but I ate the whole thing. That is one whole pound of butter. Dang it was good.

witchypoo’s last blog post..Tickle Me Tuesday the Third


Holly Schwendiman said:

Ha! I love reading all the responses. My worst would probably be a bag of chips. *sigh*



Karen W said:

OH! I am so glad to know that I am not alone in the world of eating non traditional dinners. Peanut M&M’s sounds like a good dinner to me.

Karen W’s last blog post..Swimming, Sailing, Swaps and School


Lulu said:

There’s way too many to list, I’m afraid!

Lulu’s last blog post..Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting!


Jennifer H. said:

Too funny! I think we’re all guilty of this, at some point in our lives. At least, I know I AM! Glad you got some time to yourself. Hope you have a great week!

Jennifer :-)
Jennifer H.’s last blog post..10 Things I Love


grace said:

A bag of Doritos. It was good while it lasted, I just had to deal with the guilt later and couldn’t sleep after that!

grace’s last blog post..plates more expensive than cars


Kelly Rigby said:

Before I had kids, I’d eat any old thing for dinner because usually I’d eat a “proper” meal at lunch time. But the worst dinner I’ve ever had would have to be the time my married lover (I know bad form, am mortified by this now) broke up with me and I ate an entire CAPPUCCINO CHEESECAKE and polished off with a 1.25L of COKE. Yes, enough sugar for a small country. It all came back up again when I was wailing later that night too. Ick!


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