They’re Magically Delicious!

August 23, 2007

One of the reason I love my job is that it allows me to run my errands during the week. This saves me a lot of time in looking for parking and standing in lines.

However, yesterday I headed over to COSTCO and was surprised at how many people were there. Why was it so busy on a Wednesday morning? Don’t these people work? They can’t all be flight attendants!

While I stood in a long line waiting to pay, I started to get bored. So, I did what most people would do in this situation - I looked around to see what other people were buying.

There was a couple in the next line with a flat bed trolley filled with cases and cases of water, juice, soft drinks, and napkins. I figured they must own some sort of restaurant or store. Behind them were two men. In their cart was a rotisserie chicken, a huge Caesar salad, a bottle of wine, and a DVD. I guess they’ll be having a quiet evening at home.

When I looked on the other side of me, I was surprised to see a lady looking at my cart. What did I have? Three gallon-sized jugs of milk (Baby Bug can drink a gallon in three days!) and 4 large bulk sized boxes of Lucky Charms. By the look on this lady’s face, I could tell she wasn’t looking at the milk.

When our eyes met, she said (I’m not kidding!), “You really shouldn’t feed your kids that cereal. It has too much sugar.” I looked at her and said sweetly, “Oh, the cereal is not for the kids. It’s for me.” I guess she didn’t know what else to say so she turned away.

I can’t help it if I love Lucky Charms. It’s my favorite cereal and I have to have a bowl of it every night before I go to sleep. Strange, huh?

What’s your favorite cereal?

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56 Comments on “They’re Magically Delicious!”

August 23, 2007
5:37 am

Desert Songbird said:

You crack me up! My friend Julie buys boxes and boxes of cereal because her hubby eats a bowl of cereal for a snack every night!

I don’t eat that much cereal, but I’m hooked on Trader Joe’s Nutty Salty Sweet Granola right now. i eat it on nonfat vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries. Yum!

August 23, 2007
5:50 am

Melissa said:

That’s too funny! I love that you responded instead of just ignoring it… which is probably what I would have done.
Somewhere in the bloggy world, some lady is writing about “that woman at Costco with FOUR. BOXES. OF. LUCKY. CHARMS.” ;)
Me? Almost anything coated in sugar. I particularly like Corn Pops - but not the generic kind. I also really like Lucky Charms and O’s. I’m hungry. :)

August 23, 2007
6:39 am

Pamela said:

pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers.
yes… I can see you are a little leprechaun

August 23, 2007
6:52 am

yoshi said:

I guess she can tell you what not to feed your kids but not what to feed yourself eh? LOL that cracks me up.

and I love lucky charms too! :D

August 23, 2007
6:58 am

Jen @ One Moms World said:

You go girl! People irritate me when they say stuff like that. And btw… I love me some lucky charms too :)

August 23, 2007
7:38 am

JHS said:

can you imagine saying that to someone in a store? Jeez.

I swear I could live on cereal, but not Lucky Charms. Gross. (Sorry.) Ditto Cap’n Crunch.

I love Life, Cocoa Puffs, Raisin Bran and Cocoa Krispies the best. I like to mix them all together, too. Yum! My kids like Cookie Crisp.

August 23, 2007
8:50 am

La Bellina mammina said:

that’s a cute reply. LOL!

August 23, 2007
11:03 am

Lulu said:

OMG…Lucky Charms is one of most favorite cereals! As is Trix, Corn Pops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Cap’n Crunch. I grew up eating all of those sugary delights for breakfast (my mother should be ashamed).

Actually, one of my best friends from high school would come over and look in stunned silence at all of the cereal boxes in our cabinet. She thought she was in heaven because her mom would not allow any sugary cereals in the house.

Ooooh…I think that I’ll do my next Thursday Thirteen on my favorite cereals! Thanks for the idea! As always, I will reference back to my inspiration post!!

BTW, that is so funny about the woman in line! I can’t believe she said that to you!

August 23, 2007
11:51 am

Dana said:

OK, I just can’t get over the rudeness of that person. You certainly took it in stride. I may not hvae been so generous. Kind of nervy of her to judge what you were buying. its one thing to look and THINK something, but to actually tell you what you should or shouldn’t be buying. Gee!!!

I did love your response though. I’m sure you were gracious. I like Lucky Charms too. I used to go through and pick out just the marshmallows…still do sometimes. ha ha

August 23, 2007
12:42 pm

Sheila said:

So who was this chick in line? The Cereal Police?

Here’s a video for you:

Enjoy those extra marshmallows. :-)

August 23, 2007
12:57 pm

MamaLee said:

OMG, I have the same conversations with old ladies at BJs.

And Lucky Charms tops my list as well! I’ll be over at 9!

Happy TT!

August 23, 2007
1:14 pm

wendy said:

Oooohh! I love Lucky Charms! Sometimes I will sit with the box and only eat the marshmallows out of it. Terrible! Don’t tell anyone!

August 23, 2007
1:32 pm

HawaiiVacationGifts said:

My husband eats cereal for snacks everyday, but since we are getting old and I do all the shopping, now I only buy cereal from the health food store!

August 23, 2007
1:42 pm

Carey said:

I love Lucky Charms. I dont buy them however, because my kids only want the marshmallows. My favorite cereal is probably choco puffs, or fruity pebbles, but I dont buy them very often. Im not a big cereal eater.

August 23, 2007
1:52 pm

Lissete said:

First of all you cracked me up because I always go to the stores during the week and say the same exact thing. “Don’t people work?!?!”

I love all sugary cereals and I eat them dry. Froot Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Apple Jacks….
None of that Special K stuff for me!

August 23, 2007
1:53 pm

Summer said:

I can’t believe she had the gall to say that to you!
By the way I just finished my 3rd bowl of Lucky Charms!
It’s my fav. cereal too! For breakfast or as a midnight snack.

August 23, 2007
2:10 pm

Vail said:

I LOVE your blog, it is sooooo cute! And I can not believe that woman said that to you! Boy, some people can just not mind their own business!
Sometime when you have some “healthy” cereal in the house - compare it to your Lucky Charms, I think you will be quite surprised at how similar in sugar/protein/etc. they are. We did that when my hubby complained about what I was feeding the kids.
My favorite is the Strawberry Yougurt covered Cherios! And Raisin Bran Crunch!

August 23, 2007
2:29 pm

Write From Karen said:

I’m sorry. She said what?!

*smack down time*

I’m so with you though. I absolutely would have said something but more along the lines of, “Really? Huh. Well, it’s got to be better than the sugar IV I give them three times a day.”

Honestly, the nerve of some people. *mumble*

Cereal? I love cereal. Anything really. My problem? I can’t handle the milk. And I haven’t quite worked up the courage to try soy milk, or what my husband has with cereal, rice milk. Yeah, it looks as bad as it sounds. *shudder*

I’m going shopping with you next time so you can point out that judgemental “I know what’s best for your children even though I don’t know anything about you” woman. Grr.

August 23, 2007
2:38 pm

Kelly @ Love Well said:

As another friend who eats at least one bowl of cereal a day, I can only say — more power to you. You handled that gracefully.

Right now, I”m stuck on Kashi cereal, because it has so much protein and fiber. It helps this pregnant lady stay full.

Plus, I love the taste.

But nothing beats a bowl of Cheerios and ice-cold milk topped with bananas or blueberries for comfort food for me.

August 23, 2007
3:12 pm

NYCWD said:

That was an awesome comeback!

That woman was a fascist tyrant. She’s probably a card carrying member of the National Cereal Hater Association that is trying to kill Toucan Sam, The Trix Rabbit, and all the other Cereal Creatures.

Keep eating the Charms. Save the Cereal. Save Americana.

August 23, 2007
3:23 pm

Holly Schwendiman said:

I love it! Sugar cereal was a real treat growing up in my house so when I got married I really enjoyed having it all the time when I wanted. There are still more I like than dislike. ;) Every day I’m out driving I’m wondering if anyone ever works for the constant flow of people everywhere here in the Phoenix metro!!


August 23, 2007
3:43 pm

Tammy said:

First of all…I can’t believe how some people can feel free to tell strangers what they shouldn’t buy! Ugh!

Secondly…too funny…I have had my share of those yummy yellow moons over the years, myself! Yes, even as a kid…and I’m still here to tell about it. ;)

And guess what? I was at Costco with the kids yesterday, too! I was buying exciting stuff like toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, and vitamins…oh, and plus a Kindergarten workbook! So now you know! :)

August 23, 2007
3:55 pm

Janet said:

I think that was kinda rude of her, really…

I love Cinnamon Life!

August 23, 2007
4:11 pm

Heather L. said:

I LOVE Basic 4, but I don’t buy it very often. I am more of an eggs kind of girl for breakfast, but I like Fruit Loops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the evenings sometimes.

August 23, 2007
5:16 pm

Marcia said:

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios YUmm

August 23, 2007
5:34 pm

BeachMama said:

Good for you! And no there is nothing wrong with eating a bowl of cereal that you like for a snack. Shame on that woman for commenting.

In a twist of irony, I too was at Costco yesterday morning and could not believe how packed it was. It was almost like there was a race to get the food. My Mom was with me and pointed out that this happens every year around back to school time. It was crazy and the store had been open for 15 minutes. (I picked up:dog food, milk, pj’s for J, apples and Diet Pepsi.)

August 23, 2007
6:03 pm

Jill said:

First, that woman needs to mind her own business!

Second, Lucky Charms rock!! I bought a box last weekend because I’ve been having such bad sugar cravings this pregnancy. I figured a bowl of Lucky Charms was better than a donut anytime!

August 23, 2007
6:17 pm

Katja from Skimbaco said:

Ha-ha! That’s so funny. I can’t believe she said that to you, that’s so good that you said that back to her!

I don’t really eat cerial, if I do, I buy some Swiss or German müsli…

August 23, 2007
7:52 pm

jenn said:

I love lucky charms too, but my very favorite is cocoa puffs. the best part is getting to drink the now turned chocolate milk at the end.

August 23, 2007
9:29 pm

Amy said:

LOL! We could live on cereal at our house. I love ‘em all~cinnamon life, golden grahams, waffle crisp, cinnamon toast crunh, etc.

Mmmm, I wonder what’s for supper tonight!

August 23, 2007
9:53 pm

Sparky Duck said:

strange and rude, fun all around. I don’t do cold cereal, hell I don’t do breakfast.

August 24, 2007
1:17 am

tracey said:

I can’t believe she said that!! Think what you want, but keep your unwanted opinions to yourself! I mean, did she actually think you were going to say “Oh my gosh! They ARE?? Wow. Thanks so much for letting me know. I’m not gonna buy them, now.”

Gimme a break.

Another response could have been “You know, you really shouldn’t be such a nosy busybody. It pisses people off.”

August 24, 2007
1:20 am

Kim said:

That was a great response! It always surprizes me what people will actually say.

August 24, 2007
1:43 am

Aimee said:

i can’t believe that lady actually said that! some people just think everyone needs to know their opinion, but you handled it great! and i have to admit, i too love sugary cereals, and often eat them for dinner. :)

August 24, 2007
2:06 am

Tonya said:

The nerve of some people. I thought it was only a Southern thing for people to insert themselves in your shopping trip!

I personally like Cinammon Life Cereal or Frosted Mini Wheats!

August 24, 2007
2:30 am

diana/sunshine said:

honey bunches of oats - EVERY MORNING!

August 24, 2007
3:56 am

Renee said:

where does this woman get off telling you what to feed your kids??? Is she the food police.

I’m glad you told her it was for you…even if it is. She shouldn’t have stuck her nose in your cart.

my favorite cereal is Oatmeal Crisp w/ rasins. Yum…good enough for dessert.

August 24, 2007
5:44 am

Elizabeth said:

Gotta love those comments. I am excited to snoop the stacks next time I’m in the storeI’m usually trying to keep my kid out of the candy and trying to avoid reading the magazine covers that tell me all about the celebrities and their life strife- another two pet peeves.
My cereal of choice - Raisin Bran and then those Wheat Rounds that I used to eat when I was younger. I’m a lame cereal-eater, I prefer to make pancakes.

August 24, 2007
6:02 pm

donetta said:

Funny, I can just see her ….

August 24, 2007
7:28 pm

Christine said:

The nerve of some people. Classic comeback!Good for you!
My husband and I love Lucky Charms. My favorite cereal is Golden Grahams, or Apple-Cinnamon cheerios. I’ve eaten whole boxes of them when I was pregnant, in one day! LOL! I was eating for two!!

August 24, 2007
9:01 pm

petite mommy said:

Wow, all of it for you.So do the kids atleast get a bite? :)

August 25, 2007
2:38 am

Kim said:

Great that you are a quick thinker! I am almost always the one who goes home, and then thinks, “Ooohhh, I shoulda said….” Of course, it’s too little, too late! I love Captain Crunch w/ Crunch Berries, hubby-Apple Jacks, kids-King Vitamin and Cocoa Crispies! We love cereal!

August 26, 2007
7:50 am

Grace said:

My favorite cereal (yes I am eating cereals for breakfast now instead of rice!) is Kellogs Special K as I still feel full until my 1pm lunch break compared to other cereals when my stomach growls a couple of hours after eating.

I love to snoop on other people’s carts too but never commented yet.

August 26, 2007
11:36 am

Heather, Queen of Shake-Shake said:

Some people have nerve, that’s for sure.

August 26, 2007
8:43 pm

Csara said:

Oh, I love Lucky Charms too. I am such a sucker for cereal. I could eat it morning, noon, night and midnight snack. LOL! Cheerios (any kind), chex, apple jacks, fruit loops, corn pops, oh man I can go on and on. I don’t think I’ve met one that I don’t like.

August 27, 2007
3:41 am

Rejiggered said:

A few observations:

– In no way is your neighbor in line entitled to scold you about your purchases. Boundaries and discretion, please.
– That said, I will sneak a peek to see if the next person in line has picked up anything good I might have missed.
– To answer the question, my favorite cereal has to be Post Raisin Bran. Not Kellogg’s Raisin Bran. I have to have those sugar coated raisins.

August 27, 2007
5:12 pm

Barbara said:

my brother LOVED Lucky Charms. My 2 new favorites are Ginger Raspberry Crunch by Peace Foods and Special K with Strawberries.

And don’t you LOVE it when people tell you how to feed your kids. One of mine lives on Cinnamon Life - and that was a big switch from Coco Puffs. Its still hard to get any food into her that isn’t loaded with sugar.

BTW - Costco Rules. (I’m a disabled mom who shops on Wednesday mornings after my kids go to school! ;))

August 28, 2007
2:56 am

Caitlin said:

Wow, how rude of her! I can’t stand it when people take it upon themselves to tell me how to do something. You responded very nicely, I would have been more inclined to shoot her the finger.

August 28, 2007
4:07 am

Waya said:

It’s strange that that lady actually telling you not to feed your kids that b/c of too much sugar.

August 28, 2007
5:03 pm

Erin said:

I don’t suppose that lady had a big bottle of Mind My Own Business in her cart did she? Who is she to tell you what you should and shouldn’t feed your kids?

August 29, 2007
3:11 pm

Andrea said:

You should have said “I’m actually buying these to bring to my friend who is in the hospital dying of terminal cancer and it was the one food she said she had to have before she passed away so I came down to get her some, but thank you for your concern”

August 30, 2007
12:26 am

jessica said:

That is hilarious, I can’t believe that woman could not control herself & just felt obligated to save your kids from the sugar devil!

The funniest shopping cart viewing I ever had was in a drug store that had changed ownership. Because of this, they were selling the old store brand products at a very reduced rate to clean out the stock for the new store brand. When I went to go check out, there were two women each with a shopping cart filled to the brim with disposable douches!

I could not imagine what they were going to do with them…give them to a women’s shelter to the women who dont’ know they are not the best for feminine health? A whorehouse? Themselves?

August 30, 2007
1:52 pm

Marie said:

I just bought Lucky Charms. They are so totally for me, but I do pon it off to my kids. But I buy the Malt0meal brand. I find it just as good!! Too funny, great response to that lady!!


Corey said:

LOL I love it….
my favorite is Cinnamon toast crunch. I eat cereal for dinner quite often. yummo!


Margie at Limited Edition Foods said:

This made me laugh … and Lucky Charms is a classic.


Rejiggered said:

I have to confess to checking out the next cart in line, but it’s across the line for me to comment.

Anyway, I have a weakness for peanut butter Cap’n Crunch and all its generic counterparts. I also like the simple taste of corn and rice chex.

Rejiggered’s last blog post..Stacey’s Vietnamese Buzzsaw

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