Tahoe or Bust!

March 16, 2008

Today’s the day. The bags are packed and we’re ready to go. In less than an hour we’ll be on our way to the airport.

I’m actually starting to get excited about our snow adventure! I checked the weather channel and it looks like we’ll have great weather while we’re there. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is ice skating in an outdoor rink. I’ve always seen it on movies and would love for the girls to try it. The area that we’re staying in has a bon fire near the rink so you can make smores while taking a breather. How cool!

But first, we’ve got to survive the plane ride. You would think that since I work on a plane, this would be a piece of cake. However, I think it’s even more stressful because we actually know the flight attendants working the flight. It’s not like they’re strangers that we’ll never see again. The last thing I need is people at work saying, “You should have seen Kailani’s kids! They’re crazy!” I’ve packed toys, snacks, crayons, extra clothes, the DVD player, video games, iPods, & books. That should keep the girls busy for about 30 minutes. ;-)

Try not to miss me too much while I’m gone. I have all kinds of fun things lined up in my absence including guest posts from some amazing bloggers as well as some really cool giveaways. I’ll also try to post a few photos so you can laugh at this unprepared warm-weather girl freezing her butt off.

Wish me luck!

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