Still Healing

December 11, 2007

Today was another post-op appointment and the doctor wasn’t happy. He said that both eyes should have been doing much better by now. In fact, he even had to put plugs into my tear ducts to help keep my eyes hydrated. I think one of them might have come out this evening because it feels like I have an eyelash stuck in there now.

Even with all these complications, I still feel it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I now wake up in the morning and I’m ready to go. No more cleaning my contacts, no more headaches from glasses, no more squinting to see the clock. I love it and would do it again in a heartbeat.

If you’re even thinking about LASIK, I highly recommend you checking it out. I’m such a chicken and even suffer from anxiety attacks so if I can do it, so can you. The procedure lasted only 4 minutes per eye and and basically all I had to do was stare at a blinking red light. My eyes were propped open the whole time but I never felt any pain or discomfort. I never even had the urge to blink. And when it was over, things were a little blurry but I could already see better.

Once the numbing drops wore off, my eyes did start to sting a little - kind of like getting ocean water in there. That’s why they recommend that you sleep for the next 4-5 hours. When you wake up, the discomfort is gone.

This is such an amazing procedure. I would go as far to say it’s changed my quality of life. Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for LASIK so make sure you talk to your doctor about it first. It can also be pretty costly, mine was $4000. However, I feel it was worth DH’s every penny. *wink*

In any case, I’ll probably take a break from blogging for the next couple of days because in addition to my eye bothering me, I also had to disconnect my home computer because we’re getting our new flooring installed. I still have my laptop available but for some reason the signal it’s receiving is slower than dial-up (if that’s even possible). Most of you know that I’m not a very patient person so the combination of all this makes me want to throw my laptop out the window. And we can’t have that, now can we?

Thank you again for all your support and well wishes! They mean the world to me.

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34 Comments on “Still Healing”


HawaiiVacationGifts said:

Did the doctor tell you that you need more rest;)


Baby Advice said:

You get all the rest that you need, and I hope that you feel better soon!


CPA Mom and Soccer Mom Angela said:

Get some rest and we’ll see you on the flip-side. I’m so glad it went well for you and if I ever hit the lottery, I’m going to do it!


witchypoo said:

Now that’s an endorsement! Even with slow healing, you think it’s totally worth it. Now, go close those peepers for a bit, and rest them up.

witchypoo’s last blog post..Meat Juice


Pamela said:

I understand the need to shot put the lap top. I have a short fuse with computers and … dvd players, and 10 remote controls for everything and programming my cell phone..

oh yeah.

Now that you can see things again, the frustration level should be better.


Summer said:

Oh no! Get lots of rest and come back when your eyes are fully healed.

Summer’s last blog post..Make it from Scratch, Edition #43


Renee said:

Dh had a problem with his plugs staying in too. Go back to the doc and have them check that one again…you want the plugs to stay in as long as possible.

I’m so glad you’re pleased with your results. I hope you love your new floors and have a nice break from the computer.

Renee’s last blog post..Happy Holidaze!


Desert Songbird said:

I’m so sorry the one eye is not healing fast enough. I’d be impatient, too! But you seem to be really happy you had it done, so that’s the most important thing.

Don’t throw the laptop - it won’t survive!

Desert Songbird’s last blog post..The Mo Show - December 12


Holly Schwendiman said:

Here’s to a speedy and full recovery and perfect flooring install! :) Enjoy your break and know we’re thinking of you.



Jen said:

Well, hope you can use the extra healing time for some rest! :-) Get well soon!

Jen’s last blog post..My Naughty Mommy Body Care Product Review!


Melissa said:

I hope that your eyes will heal quickly now… sounds like a really good reason to take another nap… :)


Jill said:

Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery! I’m glad everything went so well for you!!

Jill’s last blog post..More Spike


Maddy said:

I’m still on the drops myself [the heating at this time of year doesn’t help] Best wishes and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Maddy’s last blog post..Parental Expectations


DebMomOf3 said:

Still thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you’re able to get lots of rest! For the eyes, of course… :)
DebMomOf3’s last blog post..Tackle It Tuesday #20 - Kids’ bedrooms


witchypoo said:

Love the Santa surfer dood on your banner!

witchypoo’s last blog post..What?s in the box?


amy said:

Okay, I have gotten the “anti-spam word” of shopping the past 4 times I have left a comment. I think it’s sign that I should go shopping :)

I hope you continue to heal. I still don’t think I could do it, but I’m glad you did!

amy’s last blog post..CONTEST: Name that puppy! *Sticky Post* *UPDATED and scroll down for new entries!*


Kelly @ Love Well said:

Congratulations on your new contract-free lifestyle! My husband has contemplated Lasik for the last few years. I’m all for it. He’s just trying to justify the expense. I’ll give him your advice.

Hope your eyes continue to heal!

Kelly @ Love Well’s last blog post..What I Did Today


Lifecruiser said:

Ah, I hope they’ll heal faster! Good luck! Sounds like such a great thing to have done. i haven’t had glasses myself, but I can imagine the feeling of not being forced to use contacts or glasses. What a freedom feeling it really is.

Lifecruiser’s last blog post..Straighten Me Up Please


Lifecruiser said:

Hm… that is ddefinitely not my last post showing up in my last comment… it’s an old one. Strange.

Lifecruiser’s last blog post..Straighten Me Up Please


groovyoldlady said:

You heal up, girl! AND enjoy that new floor!

Btw, I got your card a few days ago. I love the turtles in the Christmas ball!

:-) Hope mine got to you…

groovyoldlady’s last blog post..Updates and a Reading Meme


Mary said:

I’m glad you feel great about having the procedure even if your poor eyes aren’t feeling all that great. :( Hang in there buddy! Sending hugs your way.

Mary’s last blog post..*sigh*


webduck said:

Hello my friend! I didn’t realize you had surgery, and I sure do wish you a very quick recovery. I know it is difficult, but you do need to rest and let your body recover. :) Sending you healing thoughts!

webduck’s last blog post..No Apology From This Boomer Mr. Prager


Tiff@Three Peas in a Pod said:

Well I hope your eyes heal fast for ya. I’m kind of chicken about doing the LASIK myself . I only need it in one eye. Which is very strange 2/30 in my right and 20/100 in my left. strange.

Tiff@Three Peas in a Pod’s last blog post..Autism - Children are a gift from God


Tammy said:

I’m just catching up with you on this…bless your heart, I hope the complications get remedied soon.
But glad your sight is already that much better! :) That’s wonderful!

Tammy’s last blog post..Portraits, and shopping and trees…oh my!


Kila said:

Thanks for the update. I hope your eyes continue to get better.

Will you share a photo of your new floor?

Kila’s last blog post..Christmas among the planes…


Wendy said:

Rest up! I may look into this before I get removed from the soon-to-be-ex’s insurance. No reason they shouldn’t pay for it!

Wendy’s last blog post..Christmas Puppies


Wendy said:

If I ever have the money, I think I’d do it, too. Glasses and contacts are SUCH a drag! Congrats on getting it done, and I hope you rest up and get completely healed super quick!

Wendy’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday - He’s As Big As A Tree


zamejias said:

I hope everything’s okay now. But yes, congrats on this big leap.

zamejias’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: The Tease In A Teaser Shot


Waya said:

That is just awesome Kailani! I’m definitely getting mine done once I’m done with nursing!

Waya’s last blog post..Weekend recap-the busy blogger?s post*


Katja of Skimbaco said:

Speedy recovery and good for you for going through it. I was just talking to two friends who had it done and were recommending it to me - that’s three in the same week, maybe it’s a sign..?

Thanks for sharing the experience and have a great break :)


Katja of Skimbaco’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday


Twisted Cinderella said:

I hope you are well on the road to recovery now. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Twisted Cinderella’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen


The Foo said:

hope you’re feeling better. i tried to get laser surgery done in 2000 and the initial checkup said that my corneas were too thin and hence too risky for the procedure. guess i’m stuck with glasses.

btw: don’t normally do memes but decided to do one today. you’ve been tagged — just a simple one: list 8 random facts/ habit about yourself.

read the rules on my blog:

The Foo’s last blog post..8 random facts about me


Write From Karen said:

I hope by the time you read this, the irritation is gone. Congratulations on getting through the procedure and I’m so happy you can see!! It’s amazing how we take something so fundamental as our vision for granted until it starts giving us problems.

To echo other commentors, get some rest and baby yourself for a few days. (((hugs)))


Crissybug said:

Sorry I have been out of the commenting loop for a while. I just wanted to congratulate you on your surgery! I had my eyes done in January of this year, and yes…it is worth EVERY penny! I hope you have a great holiday!

Crissybug’s last blog post..Soaking in Some Sun

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