Isn’t Stupid a Bad Word?

February 4, 2009 by Kailani  
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Well, it is in my home as I’m sure it is in most others. So why do supposedly G-rated cartoons and movies use this word like it’s not a big deal? I just don’t understand the rationale behind it when they could have easily used “silly” or “crazy” and still make the same point.

Just wondering . . .

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44 Responses to “Isn’t Stupid a Bad Word?”
  1. Mozi Esme's Mommy says:

    good question. got no answers for you!

  2. Amy @ Coffee with the Mrs. says:

    I get irritated at the same sort of thing. I was watching Ice Age 2 with my son and turned it off immediately when they used the word “crap”. I couldn’t believe my ears! There’s no good reason for using words like that in a kid’s movie. rar.

  3. Erin says:

    I could not agree more. Now I understand the appeal of Barney, it’s about the only place you know you won’t run into that. So many non-cuss words that are tossed around as ‘okay’, if you’re angry, in movies and TV. No wonder so many kids have potty mouths by third grade.

    Reason number 367 that I homeschool . . . :-)

  4. Kristi says:

    A GREAT BID AAAAMMMMEEEEENNNNNNN!!! (that’s Amen if you can’t read it. A few weeks ago I started WWIII in my family because I said I avoid Disney movies. It’s largely because THAT word is everywhere in them.

  5. Teri says:

    We try to avoid that word at our house too. And I also don’t know why they put it in movies and tv – not cool!

  6. Desert Songbird says:

    I’ve had that same thought many times myself.

  7. jodi @ bpr says:

    I am so with you there! I often wonder if those people even think!

  8. Queen-sized funny bone says:

    Many times when I even hear a F bomb or excessive swearing I wonder how do they think this made the movie better?

  9. Autumn @ My MoonBean says:

    This is something I have recently been hit in the face with. Words that I never considered as “bad” but when you hear your 2 year old say them, it’s totally HORRIBLE! I think it’s all about perspective, and the writers don’t always consider which ears are hearing it! I know I am definitely trying to improve my vocab :)

  10. Jennifer says:

    Excellent question. It is not allowed in our home. As for TV, since we rarely watch it I have not encountered it on Telly yet there a re a lot of things that IMO should not be allowed on telly, which is one of many reasons we do not watch it unless it is NOVA or a documentary.

  11. Qtpies7 says:

    Yeah, it is sad. But kids do have to learn about words that are not OK to say some time. And that is a better word to learn on than the F word, LOL.
    I just wish that kids shows were FOR kids, and not geared to adults. I don’t like seeing movies with adult innuendos in them that are marketed to kids. Like Shrek.

  12. AmyG says:

    It’s not a nice word here, either. I try hard not to say it. And we’ve stopped watching Zack & Cody, Hannah Montana & all the other Disney shows that we’ve come to love, because of that one word. They say it so much. If one of us slips & says it… both my girls will say, “you said a bad word”. Sometimes I have to stop to think what I said, because I’m thinking, “I did??” lol

  13. Cathi says:

    My grandson loved watching Sponge Bob until his little brother started calling people “idiot”.
    No more Sponge Bob.
    I think the creators of these shows think it’s cute to hear little ones say words they shouldn’t.

  14. Kim @ What's That Smell? says:

    Oh I know! Just when we got Jake to start replacing it with “silly” yet another cartoon or movie (g-rated) says it and we start right back at the beginning.

    Saying stupid in our house gets one sent to ones room around here.

  15. Lori Downs says:

    wish I had an asnwer I would love to know but here is another question why does burger king get to use the word Virgin? and how mnay kids ask thier parents what a virgin is

  16. Naomi says:

    Mean-ness sucks. Oops, sucks is another sketchy one. I think the best thing is just to teach your kids appropriateness. Sometimes things that seem innocuous in one contest are totally wrong in another and that is one of the most important rules a parent can pass on to their kids…

    Then again, I hate hearing people over 40 call the f-word “the f- word” if you know what I mean. In the end, a word is just a word. I saw Gran Torino last week and had never heard half of the derogatory slang for Asians, for example. If you don’t take it that way, it can’t hurt you, right?

  17. Mary @ Holy Mackerel says:

    I agree. Not only with that word, but so many inappropriate things on during the day when all children are up, and many planted in front of the television babysitter.

  18. Monkey! says:

    Isn’t “stupid” better than “retard” or any 4-letter word? My godson is learning words now so i’m being charged $5 for every cuss word that comes out my mouth. Helluva trust fund already!

  19. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Combating the outside influence is HUGE. These little things add up and really helped push me over the edge for removing TV from my home.


  20. Jennifer says:

    Stupid is a bad word in our house. We just never say it. We taught my daughter it was wrong and mentioned some of the alternatives you said. If she hears it on a show, she always makes a point of they should have said silly or goofy.

  21. Muthering Heights says:

    It seems that there are more and more things permissible across the whole rating scale anymore!

  22. Ann says:

    We were not able to use that word growing up…it still makes me turn my head when I hear someone say it. I do not like it!

  23. Renee says:

    seems to me that the entire industry is just trying really hard for us all to shut the tv off!

    I’m appalled by what is either on the show or in the commericals all day long. It is getting so that you can’t even allow your child to watch a supposed channel that is just for kids. CLICK!

    I’m just so glad that DD would rather play or read a book than watch. when we do watch…it’s the food network! LOL! One day my child will be a great chef.

  24. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Oh I hate this too! Thankfully my girls know it’s a ‘bad’ word so they don’t repeat it even after hearing it in a movie – but it would be so much easier if we didn’t have to worry about it to begin with. I hate the idea of limiting them just based on whether or not ’stupid’ is used, especially if it’s a really good movie otherwise. But it’s so frustrating!

  25. Noreen says:

    we were watching bug’s life yesterday and my daughter pointed out that hopper uses stupid and that it is a bad word. I read an article in a parents magazine once and it read that silly was a bad word which is silly to me, which is why I used it in the name of my blog, I like silly but not stupid.

  26. Baba says:

    I totally agree! We try to teach our children not to say that word and yet they see it all the time. It undermines our efforts.

  27. Stacey says:

    I posted about this issue too. I just don’t understand why they can’t have the cartoon character use less “offensive” words. I’m not saying to make everything happy and merry and full of big fluffy clouds and rainbows. But I do have a problem with cartoon characters (designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers) calling each other stupid or jerks.

  28. Heather says:

    Okay, so I’m not okay with words like “stupid” or “crap” on children’s television. However, something that has really gotten under my skin lately is Swiper on Dora the Explorer. For some reason, I’m really annoyed by the fact that they want my son to repeat the words “Swiper, stop swiping!” … He’s 3-ish. I doubt we really need to start giving lessons on theft at this age- let alone introducing lingo like ’swiping’.

  29. Donna@WayMoreHomemade says:

    Even for me, stupid, when in reference to a person is off limits. And, since my philosophy with my kids is to set the boundaries tightly at first and then broaden them as they mature, certain words are off limits 100% of the time right now. “Stupid” is one of them. So is “butt” and “booty” though. I think we have to be realistic in that as they age they will say words like this, but I feel it is inappropriate (in my home at least) for toddlers and preschoolers up through elementary age. (I posted about this topic recently.)

  30. Heather says:

    I have some old Care Bears videos that were made and shown when I was a kid. They use stupid and idiot and more in there. I don’t care for teaching very young children to call other people stupid, but I guess I’d rather have that be a teaching moment at home about how to treat people (or not treat people) than to have them hear it for the first time and have no idea what to say.

  31. Sarah Jewel says:

    I don’t feel it’s a “bad word” but I think it gets used inappropriately far too often. I don’t have a problem with innanimate objects being called stupid, but if it comes to people being called stupid, I tend to want to stop that, as it’s just a mean comment.

  32. Lori says:

    one of the students at my school came up to me and whispered, “chelsea said the ’s’ word!” we were justifiably concerned .. until we found out the ’s’ word was ’stupid’. ;^)

    a lot of teachers make a big fuss out of kids saying someone else is stupid or calling themselves stupid .. makes sense, i suppose, if you are trying to convince them that they can grow as learners.

  33. Gennaro says:

    It’s definately a bit much for a cartoon. As you mentioned, there are other options.

  34. Just Mom says:

    Sometimes I think Disney and other studios that make movies targeted to kids, should have parents sit in and advise them about the kind of words the characters use. Some of the words I heard recently while watching a Disney film for kids were “stupid,” “moron” and “idiot.”

  35. ciara says:

    i think there are words far worse than stupid though it’s not nice to call someone that. my kids are older so they know better. there are words that i will not tolerate though. you can do only so much to protect your kids from words or things you don’t like or approve of, but when they go to school, it’s a whole new ball game. i may get flak, but i keep things realistic…i have open door policy and kids can talk to me about whatever they need.

  36. Jeannie says:

    I agree with you!!!!!! TV is NOT liek it use to be when we were growing up!!!! Soooooooooooooooooooooo much has changed!!!! I think that is part of the reason kids act the way they do….TV…the Disney Chan…those kids on their are little smart butts!!!!!!

  37. thefarmerfiles says:

    We pretty much stick to PBS kids for just this reason.

  38. Pamela says:

    because our culture IS getting stupid.
    things have changed so much even since I was a kid.
    Now I know how my folks felt.

  39. MommyAmy says:

    I agree.

    But, I dislike the use of Shut Up even more.

  40. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    With all of the bad words my kids could be saying, “stupid” is one we let slide, unless they are directly calling a person that.

  41. kris says:

    I think there are worse things a person can say. In our house, you cannot call a PERSON stupid but using the word itself is okay. Silly and crazy are not the same thing and don’t work in some situations. We are also not allowed to tell another person to shut-up and there are many times that I tell my children that there are better words that they could use. Most times that is enough. We have two grown children and I can tell you that the way they talk will directly be reflected by the words we use to them and the friends that they hang out with each day!

  42. Debbie says:

    I am a 59 year old grandmother and a mother of a 14 year old. I never, and mean never, heard anyone ever say stupid was a bad word when I was growing up. Sorry, but I don’t agree with you. Sometimes there is no substitute for the word stupid. Humans can do stupid things, but that does not mean you should call them stupid. Taking drugs is a stupid action, driving under the inflluence of alcohol is a stupid action. What would you think of me as a nurse if I said ,”taking drugs is silly”? Kinda looses its punch, don’t ya think?
    Same thing with shut up. Shut means to close. If I said close your mouth or shut your mouth, why is one worse than the other? Adding the world up does not make it worse! Sorry, you guys are zeroing in on ” silly” things.

  43. Alfred says:

    I don’t see how words can be bad, especially one like stupid. I think americans need to grow up on this matter, this aint the middle ages anymore.


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