How Well Do You Know Me?

February 19, 2007

Actually, the first question should be “What is misprinted on this survey?” I tried to change it but it wouldn’t let me. Oh well . . . extra points if you can figure out what’s wrong.

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Aloha from BEN, Joanna, Debby, Skeet, Renee, Christine, Sparky Duck, Judy, Carmen, Sam, Carey, Amy, Erica, and Stephanie

14 Comments on “How Well Do You Know Me?”


Stephanie said:

Baby Buy? I think that was a Freudian slip! LOL

66% guess I need to read a bit closer.


Erica said:

Oh dear, must try harder :(


Amy said:

Yay for me! Plus it should read Baby Bug~not Baby Buy! I’m pretty observant this morning if I do say so myself ;o)

That was fun!


Carey said:

That was a cute quiz.


sam said:

I also noticed the “baby buy” instead of Baby Bug!!


carmen said:

i took the test, but it made me register, which I don’t usually do. I think I got most right, except for what handbags you bought. :)

I know what you mean about registering, I didn’t realize you needed to do that to play. Thanks for going through that!


Judy said:

Two mistakes (in the questions): How many children TO I have? and You changed Baby Bug’s name to Baby Buy. You reckon that’s prophecy there? After all… a shopoholic SHOULD have a Baby Buy!

OMG! That’s not even the mistake I was talking about! ROFL!


Sparky Duck said:

Scary because I remembered the bag

Hmmm . . . I won’t even ask ;-)


Christine said:

I only missed one too.How many guests you had at Baby Bug’s party! After my second cup of coffee I found the typos.LOL!!

Can you believe 200?


Renee said:

I don’t know if it accepted my vote or not. it took forever to register.
2 kids
grey’s annat

I knew you’d get most of them correct! You were close on the party attendance . . . it was 200.


skeet said:

Aloha and mahalo for stopping by! Yes, Norwalk is the gift from Vegas. It’s really laid me out. I know that you also work with the public and face exposure. Sure hope you don’t pick it up, too, or, worse yet, bring it home to those two beautiful girls. It’s just brutal!

My parents canceled their vacation to Vegas last week because people were getting sick. I’ve been trying to stay away from those trips myself! Hope you’re feeling better soon!


Debby said:

Baby Buy? I guess you were just thinking ahead to what was your best buy in Las Vegas!


Joanna said:

I am in a battle with you at BE and I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I like your blog template, very cute!

March 9, 2007
10:35 am

BEN said:

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

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