Hi Ho, Hi Ho

April 17, 2007

It’s off to work I go . . .

Yup, today I’m leaving on a jet plane for a 4 day (yikes) trip to Seattle then on to Portland. While I’m gone, WP will be working hard to publish my pre-written posts for your amusement. Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Wordless Wednesday ~ Guess what will be Baby Bug’s favorite color — if I have anything to say about it?
  • Back by popular demand . . . Blog My Blog. If you missed it the last time, now’s your chance to join in. It was hilarious (and scary) to read some of your responses!
  • Check out my entry in Write From Karen’s photo contest ~ A Special Mom Moment. If you hurry, you can submit your entry too! Just don’t forget to vote for me, please!

And if that’s not enough, here are some interesting things going on around the blogosphere this week:

  • Don’t forget to join the blogging community on April 18th as we gather together to support Heather in her time of need.
  • It’s the 50th edition of the Carnival of Family Life being held at Everyday Disasters. If you’ve never submitted a post before, what are you waiting for? Come and join the cool crowd! Well, I think they’re cool anyway.
  • There’s a contest giving away a COACH bag. Try not to get caught in the stampede.
  • Who doesn’t love a Tea Party with prizes?
  • MamaBlogga has comprised a list of the Top 30 Parent Blogs based on Technorati ranking, number of blogs linking to the blog, number of MyBlogLog community members, number of Bloglines subscribers, Google PageRank (just for the heck of it), and the number of comments received in a week. Guess who’s lucky #13? See if anyone else you know made the list.

So, my friends, I hope you all have a wonderful week. I’ll catch up with your crazy lives when I get back. Be safe!

BTW, guess what the wonderful DH is planning on getting for me very soon. Yipee! It’s not set in stone as to which specific one we’re getting but this is the one we’ve been looking at. Any recommendations?

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18 Comments on “Hi Ho, Hi Ho”

April 17, 2007
10:47 am

Carey said:

Have a safe trip. Try not to do to much shopping while your gone. :)

April 17, 2007
11:39 am

Irish Church Lady said:

You are a great blogger woman! :)

Thanks for your comments on my interview from Mr. Fabulous. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Have a great trip! Oh and cool about the new laptop!

Going to vote now at Karen’s…

April 17, 2007
12:58 pm

Csara said:

have a great, safe trip!

April 17, 2007
1:22 pm

Lissete said:

New laptop! Yay for you! I’m no techie, I have a Dell… but want an MacBook, just because it looks fun! Have a great & safe trip!

April 17, 2007
1:31 pm

katkat said:

Have a great trip!

April 17, 2007
1:36 pm

Gayla McCord said:

Have a safe trip! I was going to work on your review, but I’ll wait until you get back to post it.

It looks like you and I could be sporting laptops around the same time. :)

April 17, 2007
1:37 pm

Write From Karen said:

Thanks for the link love, Kailani! Have a safe (round) trip!

Oooh, new laptop. I’m almost drooling with envy. Though I own a Toshiba laptop (and those are great, btw!), I’d LOVE to have a newer one. The only problem is finding one WITHOUT Microsoft Vista already installed. I’ve heard some major horror stories about Vista - incompatibility, unwilling to run existing programs, blahblahblah. I’m not even sure you CAN buy a new computer/laptop nowadays without Vista. If you can buy one with XP, I’d highly recommend it - avoid Vista at all costs. :)

I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts! “Talk” to ya when you get back!

April 17, 2007
3:25 pm

carmen said:

Oooh, I like the present. Something special to come back to. :)

April 17, 2007
4:04 pm

Melissa said:

Have a great trip :) I’m sure you’ll have some great stories to tell when you get back!!! You always do…
I can’t see the picture… but by reading the comments, I can see that you are getting a laptop. I was just looking at the same thing this morning! Unfortunately, mine is just dreaming. But, it’s all good :D I have to echo Karen with the Vista warning… one lady I know has had her computer crash over and over because it won’t “play nicely” with the other programs - her words, not mine! lol I haven’t heard ANYTHING good about it. Of course, if you go with a Mac, that wouldn’t really be a problem, eh? :)

April 17, 2007
5:14 pm

The Queen Of Cute Shoes said:

Oh dang, I don’t think I have a sudden trip there in the next few days! I hope you enjoy your trip!

April 17, 2007
5:16 pm

The Queen Of Cute Shoes said:

my husband has vista on his laptop and has for a while now and he loves it. He hasn’t had any problems with it, but then again he isn’t trying to download a bunch of things on it, although I am not saying that they are either, I am just saying that he isn’t, so it has a good vote from us.

April 17, 2007
5:26 pm

Amy said:

Oh Goody, I can’t wait for Blog my blog! That was alot of fun. Maybe you could do it once a month! What do you think?

I’ll be praying for a safe trip and I look forward to reading your pre-written posts! And I so need to win that Coach purse~too adorable!

Hope you have a blast!

April 17, 2007
9:27 pm

Liz (Looney Mom) said:

Sorry Kailani that I am such a bad blog buddy and haven’t been around much. I’ll spare you the sob stories, but just know that I haven’t been ignoring you on purpose. Anyway, be safe!!

April 17, 2007
9:48 pm

Christine said:

That’s an awesome gift. Congrats on the new laptop!
Have a safe and fun trip!
Thanks for the head’s up on the Mom’s Photo contest.

April 18, 2007
1:17 am

Carol said:

Seattle? Did you say Seattle? On our way from Seattle (home) to Hawaii (wanna-be home), we met a family from the Islands who were decked out head to toe in jackets, wool hats, mitten, heavy socks, etc. The weather in Seattle was… well, typical Seattle — but this family FROZE through their entire vacation in Seattle! Which prompts me to ask — WHO in their right mind would leave the Islands to vacation in Seattle?!

Oh wait. Sorry…

Well, come visit! if not me in Seattle, then at least my Seattle blog in cyberspace!


April 18, 2007
4:19 am

Pamela said:

I’m going to try the blog my blog… because it was fun on yours… and I need to have some fun.

Wish I was in Portland this weekend… I’d make sure to find you! Tooo bad.

April 18, 2007
4:58 am

Desert Songbird said:

I adore Seattle. Wish I could meet you there! Eat some Dungeness Crab Bisque for me, would you?

I saw your name on the Top 30 Momma Blogs when I was looking up another blogging friend’s name - congratulations!

April 18, 2007
3:35 pm

Anne said:

well have a nice trip

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