December 1, 2008

Last week when DH’s brother was visiting from Australia, we decided to have a cook-out in the backyard. Since DH and I both don’t drink there was no alcohol in the house. So I decided to go a nearby grocery store to buy some beer.

Can you believe I got carded?

I had left my ID in the car and it was pouring outside. However, she refused to sell me the beer so I had to go and get it. I came back soaking wet and showed her my ID. Know what she said?

“Wow, you’re old enough to be my mom.”

I wanted to strangle her.

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diana/sunshine said:

you obviously didn’t look as old as her mom or she wouldn’t have carded you =)


Shelley said:

I usually like getting carded. It so rarely happens that it makes me feel young again when it happens. :-) But the comment she made would make me want to jump over the counter! Especially after making you go out in the pouring rain just to get it!


Krista said:

Geesh, someone needs to work on their customer service skills! She should have believed you or just kept her mouth shut after making you go out in the rain!


sagemom said:

omg…i can’t believe she said that! well, think of getting carded as a compliment. a few years ago a couple of friends & i went to mrs. barry’s in kona and the lady behind the counter asked “what high school are you all from?” when we bought our house solicitors would come by and ask “are your parents home?”

i guess looking younger than your true age can be both a curse and a blessing =)


Melissa said:

It’s better than someone saying “Gee, you’re old enough to be my mom” BEFORE knowing how old you actually are ;)


Sues2u2 said:

Someday you will laugh @ this! On the plus side I agree w/ Melissa. @ least she didn’t say it before she carded you! AND most importantly, she was doing her job. Making the little kiddos of the world a little safer whether they want to be or not!


Pamela said:

I would have kissed her (for carding me)… but, those were the days. ha ha.


Renee said:

We don’t drink here either…the last time I got carded was to get into a casino.

But I have a strangle the cashier story too… I was barely 21 and a bit proud to show off my ID. I know that I did NOT look my age back then…I’m not sure I look my age now. Anyway I showed the 16 y/o cashier my ID and she says “Oh you look old enough!” If I had been thinking I should have gone over to her manager and reported her!

You look great and should get carded…they say they’re supposed to card until you look 30.

December 1, 2008
10:52 pm

illahee said:

ooooh, what a bad cashier. i would have quipped back, ‘then, you’re grounded young lady!’ haha.


AmyG said:

Yeah, I would’ve wanted to strangle her, as well!


Mike said:

Everybody is missing the obvious. You need to drink more so that the cashiers will recognize you as being the one able to buy alcohol.


Sharon said:

Ah, forget what she said. You got carded!!!! :)
A few years back I was at the movies with one of my older nephews. I got carded for the R-RATED MOVIE!!! Ridiculous. I felt like I wanted to run out and buy makeup. lol


Desert Songbird said:

The little snot! I hate when people say that to me!


Summer said:

Well at least you know you didn’t look old enough she thought you were her moms age. :)


Qtpies7 said:

LOL well, it could have been worse!
We have to have ID to buy alcohol here, they scan our barcode on our drivers license. Not in restaurants and bars, but at the liquer stores. At least they have the 3 times I’ve bought alcohol here in Minnesota in the last 6 years, lol.


Michelle said:

I don’t mind being carded at all. It still happens to me at 35. (Not sure how old you are.)


Holly Schwendiman said:

Well at least she was surprised!



Dee said:

Hahaha What a funny thing to happen, ok, except for the part where you are wet from rain.

You know last year when I was in Longs in Kaneohe, where my sister in law is a manager. There is a sign there that says we card anyone that looks 40 and younger. I was buying my moms beer and the stinkin girl behind the register DIDN’T card me! I was so mad! I told my sister in law that the cashier should be fire she isn’t doing her job lolol


Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said:

Hehehehe… great for the ego…. bad for the ego… all in one shot!


Tiff@Three Peas said:

LOL sorry I get that all the time and I’m 36 unless i have a lapse in hair dye. Then you can tell my age. I would have strangled her too!

Stop by my place to enter in some giveaways!


Shana said:

OH SNAP as my oldest son says…lol!!!


Ali said:

I’m 38, and I *love* getting carded!


witchypoo said:

Talk about a mixed blessing!


BlapherMJ said:

I can tell you, that the time will come when you’ll be feeling a little bit “old” and when someone cards you it will make your day! :-) Not that this has happened to me…. LOL


Jenni Jiggety said:

Did you hit her with your cane on the way out?

Punk kids… :-D


Tonya said:

OMW….I would have killed her!!! But it was a great compliment to begin with…I doubt seriously I’d get carded in a million years nowadays!


Forgetfulone said:

That’s actually happened to me before!


Muthering Heights said:

Wow, I guess it’s flattering that you were carded, but what a mouth on that cashier!


Grace @ Sandier Pastures said:

The reply to that would have been: “and if were my daughter, you’d be slapped”

Anyway, she thought you were young. That’s all that matters. :-)


Jamie said:

Oh MY! Oh no she didn’t. ;)


Nina said:

LOL…. Sorry that was a great laugh for the morning. I am 34 and still get carded all the time so I have come to expect it.


tanya25m said:

:-) Thanks for the laugh!


desi said:

You should have!

December 3, 2008
11:45 am

Vicki said:

I’m just wondering if she was old enough to be selling alcohol. :shock:

December 3, 2008
11:54 am

Tammy W said:

ROFL!! The little twit!! Well obviously you look GREAT! Ya know for someone so OLD!!! Yeah..I hear it too!


Jeannie said:

OH MY GOSH!!!! lol

Nooooooooooooooo way!!! I would have been soooooooooooo MAD!!!!!!


Jen @ One Moms World said:

Girl…. take that as a compliment hehe :). That means how young you look :)

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