Book Smart vs. Street Smart

April 16, 2007

Which one are you? Which one would you like to be?

I’ve always been a book smart kind of gal. I loved going to school. I loved getting my new schools supplies. I loved the smell of brand new text books. I loved the excitement of the very first day of school. Even now, I’m so excited about Girlie Girl going to Kindergarten since we can now go back-to-school shopping! The notebooks, the pencils, the folders, on and on and on.

Besides all that, I usually got pretty good grades. It made my parents very happy since they are strong supporters of a good education. They’ve always said that if I ever wanted to go back to school for any reason, no matter how old I was, they would pay for it. Can you imagine a 40 something year old woman asking her parents for tuition money?

My sister on the other hand never really liked school. In fact, she almost got kicked out of Community College. I never knew that could even happen to someone. However, when it comes to common sense, she’s all A’s. If I were in any kind of emergency, I’d want her with me because I know we’d turn out fine. I guess that’s why my parents never really worried about her . . . she’s a survivor.

What about you? Are you book smart or street smart?

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26 Comments on “Book Smart vs. Street Smart”

April 16, 2007
11:12 am

Irish Church Lady said:

A little of both with a sideways leaning towards book smart!

April 16, 2007
11:15 am

Anne said:

Can I say a little of both I guess I’m not all one or the other lol

April 16, 2007
11:43 am

Twisted Cinderella said:

I have always been a book smart kind of girl.

I tagged you with a cool meme over at my place:

April 16, 2007
12:27 pm

Author Mom with Dogs said:

Both. But I really, really, really love books. And shopping for notebooks, pens, etc.–my idea of heaven!

April 16, 2007
1:48 pm

Renee said:

I’m both as well…although I’ve been accused by idiots that I’m only book smart. I don’t think so. I’m mechanically inclined and was accused by a former pastor of being able to “hotwire” a car. At first I tried to argue, but then thought it out and decided that I could probably figure it out if I needed to. LOL
I think the biggest thing is that I’m not afraid to try stuff. DH says I do things too hastily, I don’t see it that way…I think that he is just too cautious…drives me batty as stuff will sit and sit waiting for him to do it. I get fed up and do it and then he’s like “did you do that right?” I’m like who cares, it’s running!

Oh yeah, my mom is nagging me to go back to college to finish up my degree. Hummm I don’t need a degree for my current job and most of the classes on my transcript will need to be retaken as they are specific to the school I went to in TX. Besides, DH is currently working on his “degree.”

April 16, 2007
2:09 pm

Growing in Grace (Nicole) said:

Definitely more book smart than street smart.

April 16, 2007
2:10 pm

tiggerprr said:

I am totally book smart, with random spurts of street smart. I am terrible with mechanical stuff, but I definitely “see” how it should be done and can direct anyone what THEY should do to make it happen. Smart and bossy, that’s me! LOL

April 16, 2007
2:16 pm

Monkey Giggles said:

I am a book lover…school supply JUNKIE…There is nothing like a brand pack of crayons. love em love em love em….

April 16, 2007
3:21 pm

Lissete said:

I am a little of both too. Book smart in everything except math. Street smart in the sense that I am a really good judge of character and of what’s right & wrong. I can usually get to where I am going without gettng lost and if I do, I usually figure it out quickly or ASK. Stuff like that. I am also shopping smart! :)

April 16, 2007
3:51 pm

Holly Schwendiman said:

If I had to choose only one I’d say booksmart. As I’ve grown I’ve learned more skills in the common sense, social and reading people arena but my strong suit as a girl growing up was definitely books. My hubby and I are making plans to get me back to school. I want to go after a law degree.


April 16, 2007
4:34 pm

Melissa said:

Hmmm… I guess I’m kind of a combo meal :) I did okay in school and I do enjoy learning new things, but I’m a hands on kinda gal. I like to get into the middle of something to figure it out.

April 16, 2007
4:46 pm

Christine said:

I’m a little of both too. I loved school, got great grades, and I only have 3 college classes left to get my AA. Now I can do them online.
This is the truth, when working in the restaurants, most of us servers would prefer new managers that had worked their way up instead of managers that had just graduated from college and had never worked a day in a restaurant. So when I became a supervisor, I understood what needed to be done, because I’d allready learned it hands on.

April 16, 2007
7:55 pm

Wendy said:

I loved school too! Especially later when I went back to finish years after graduating high-school, going and dropping out of college. I would say I’m a good balance of both. When I think of street smart I think of common sense and I have quite a bit of that. I have to because my husband has none. He is very book smart though.

April 16, 2007
10:02 pm

NOLADawn said:

I definitely think I’m both. Most would argue that I’m book smart only because I’ve been in school for my entire life, but I’m pretty street smart too.

April 16, 2007
11:19 pm

Desert Songbird said:

I think I’m more book smart, but over the years I’ve gotten some street smarts. I think that happened as my kids got older - you just kinda start developing the mama tiger instinct and you develop some street savvy.

I still love shopping for school supplies, and while I doubt I’d ever pursue yet ANOTHER degree, I could see myself taking a class here and there. Never say never, though!

April 17, 2007
1:18 am

momto3cubs said:

In between, but more book smart than street smart.

April 17, 2007
1:43 am

Dana said:

I was going to answer this even before I read everyone else’s answer..I feel I’m a little of both too..I think I’m a good bit of both. Maybe more street smart though if I had to choose. I have a LOT of common sense :) Or at least I like to think so (but don’t ask my ex husband) - ha ha.

April 17, 2007
2:35 am

Jen said:

I loved the competition for grades when younger, can you believe my fifth grade nun sat us according to our grades? I loved being in the top five. But I have got the street smart thing going to, b/c by the time I got to Public high school, I realized that I wasn’t a genius and was a little bit lazy. Still honor roll in high school and goody two shoes. But as I told my advisor in graduate school when I applied for admission as a 40 y/o, I had little bit of a good time in college. I spent the first two years having a good time and then the last two years were spent trying to bring my Gpa up.
As a mom, I have one book smart and one lazy, don’t compare me to my older brother kid who tests well, but is a C kid. Figured out just last week, he is my father. My dad was the same way.
Good question and yes, I loved the smell of new school supplies.

April 17, 2007
5:44 am

Pamela said:

not enough of either, I fear.

I love to read - but I haven’t been doing much recently because of blogging…
of course I read blogs, does that count.

I’m generally down to earth and full of common sense. But I have my off days.

April 17, 2007
6:23 am

Mary (mert) said:

Well, neither. Or maybe I’m just average in both.

Nah I’m a dork, LOL! I have some street smarts, but my dorkness always gets me into trouble.

April 17, 2007
6:44 am

amy said:

I have been meaning to stop by here..What a neat blog. I think I am pretty average..Not too much of either but i am happy with that..I do have certain things that I am really good at but not too many of those either..I cant wait to read more here!

April 17, 2007
8:01 am

poppy fields said:

I am more on the side of street smart, an intelligence that has served me well learning to live in another culture. Although, now that I’ve been in France for awhile, I don’t find it all that different than the USA…

April 17, 2007
1:33 pm

katkat said:

I’d have to say both.
I love to learn and explore.
And living in NYC gave me street smarts.

April 17, 2007
2:35 pm

Waya said:

As I’ve written in my post a while back, I was a late bloomer in the education dept. I think I’m more street smart, and maybe a bit book smart if I have to be.

April 18, 2007
7:02 am

grace said:

I am street-book smart — I love reading books in the streets!

April 19, 2007
7:12 am

Mommy the Maid said:

As much as I really enjoy learning, it is only a recent devolpment. I had a teacher in the 4th grade that made me hate school forever. Evil, wretched, winch that she is. I do have a lot of street smarts though. I hung out in bad crowds and got myself into enough stupid situations that I have learned and consider myself pretty “street smart’.

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