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Kacie is at that age where she wants to be more independent. Of course, this also means wanting her own money. The hard part is that she’s not very consistent with her chores. She’ll usually do them if she feels like it but most times it’s a battle. She gets preoccupied with whatever it is that she’s currently doing and before you know it the day has passed. I think it’s a lack of motivation on her part. So what to do?

Well, I was recently introduced to My Job Chart (MJC) and after checking out their website I was very impressed with not only the service but the fact that it’s completely FREE! Basically, you set up a parent account and add in your child’s name.

Then you select their chores from the provided list (or input your own manually) and add a point value to that chore (1 point = $1). You can also include bonus chores for special responsibilities.

Your child then logs on after completing their chore and confirms that it item was done.

The points are immediately placed into their accounts and they now are able to decide how much they’d like to save, share, or spend.

  • Save – The parent will select the bank where the child’s account is located. You’ll receive an email to let you know how much money your child would like to transfer to their account.
  • Share – There are a list of charities that your child can donate money to or you can add in your own.
  • Spend – This is actually a really cool feature. Your child can browse through and select items that they would like to eventually purchase. These items are then placed into their store and when the correct point balance is reached the child can redeem them for the item of their choice. The parent will received an email with a link to that item so you can easily place the order. How cool is that? Your child can also choose to spend on “family rewards” like a girl’s night out, having a movie night, or reading an extra book at bedtime.

A few other really cool features like:

  • You’re able to leave notes for each other. Your message will appear on the sticky note in the sidebar or you can view the conversation on a separate page.
  • You can print out the chore chart and hang it on the wall as a reminder for your child.
  • You can control what kind of notifications you receive via email or mobile.

What I really like about MJC is that it incorporates technology into the chore process. As far as Kacie is concerned, life revolved around the internet and being able to go online and monitor her account is something that she looks forward to. I also like that it’s so easy and convenient for parents to fulfill their child’s rewards. But most of all, it gives Kacie the motivation she needs to accomplish her chores without me having to nag her all the time. In fact, she’s been asking do to even more chores around the house. Success! Thank you My Job Chart!

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This is a sponsored post but my thoughts are completely honest. I really do love MJC!

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