We Made It!

May 17, 2007


It was a close call last night, but we made it. We’re here in California.

There were only 12 seats open and 13 people standing-by for the flight. Seniority definitely has it privileges! We even got seats all together.

However, when the agent was giving me our seat assignments, he said there was one seat available in first class. Would DH or I like to sit there? I knew no matter what I would have to stay with the kids - so it wasn’t even an option for me. Should I let DH take the first class seat and relax all the way to LA while I played circus leader in coach? Heck no! I told the agent we would all sit in coach together.

When I told DH our seat assignments, I didn’t mention the upgrade option. Was that mean of me?

What would you have done? 

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