Want Some Money?

September 6, 2007

Just ask my MIL.

I’ve always known my in-laws were a little different. This just proves my point.

About 7 years ago, MIL’s friend J wanted to borrow $500,000 to open up her own restaurant. Through the years, this restaurant has seen good time and bad times. However, in the end, J decided to sell it and move to Alaska, taking the money with her.

While in Alaska, J used the money to open up a new restaurant. During this time MIL would constantly fly up there to see if she could get repaid. What ended up happening was MIL working for free in the restaurant. The theory? If J doesn’t have help then the restaurant won’t survive. If the restaurant doesn’t survive, then she’ll never get her money back.

Well, it’s been 2 years now and J has sold the restaurant again. Now she wants MIL to loan her another $150,000 so that she can purchase a house, fix it up, and resell it for a profit. Want to know what MIL did? She took out a second mortgage on her own home to get the $150,000 to loan J.

What makes MIL think she’ll ever get a single penny back? Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?

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45 Comments on “Want Some Money?”


Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said:

Very crazy!

I have something for you over on my blog.

Click here


Gattina said:

More than crazy I would say ! Her friend has found a nice cow to milk !!


Suzi said:

Amazingly crazy. So crazy that I wonder if she’s, you know, really, truly, clinically crazy.


Suzi said:

Forgot to say, what a beautiful blog! I dig it a lot!


HawaiiVacationGifts said:

I suspect that your mother in law is no longer married or your father in law passed away. It is pretty crazy!!


Carey said:

That is crazy. Maybe someday she will get her money back.


Deb said:

Oh how sad that she’s being taken such advantage of and just nuts that she’s letting it happen… I hope she can get her money back someday!


Jennifer said:

Wow! Send your mother-in-law to Pennsylvania. I need a loan.


exskindiver (chesca) said:

i am with jennifer.
jenn, i am in your neck of the woods so perhaps we can do a two for one deal.


Renee said:

hummm this is the same woman who wants you to have more kids so she can put them in her car with no car seats…

Yup! She’s crazy.


Wendy said:

Nope! That is totally nuts!


Write From Karen said:

I’m going to go against the grain here (I know, what a shocker) and say I actually feel sorry for the MIL.

I can’t believe she doesn’t know, in her heart, that she’s not going to see a dime of that money. I think she DOES know and just wants to make J happy, for whatever reason. I want to know why she feels compelled to continue to give money to J? I suspect there are some issues there.

I’m more upset with J. How dare that person mooch that kind of money off that poor woman? And from the sounds of it, J has no intention of paying it back and is CLEARLY taking advantage of the MIL’s “issues.”

J sort of reminds me of my sister, quite frankly. And if my sister ever tried to pull a stunt like that on my parents, I’d kick her butt clear to Alaska.


Vail said:

Are you kidding me? I just don’t get how some people think . . . . .


Sparky Duck said:

Holy Cow, sounds Dr Phil worthy


Summer said:

We’ve got relatives that like to mooch. Luckily my parents learned early and at not much cost to them that they shouldn’t lend money to said relatives, or even certain kids of theirs (and no, I don’t mean me). :)


Lissete said:

Totally crazy. Bless her heart though. I would have that woman in court a long time ago, and charged interest too. Does your MIL have Bank of America stamped on her forehead???

Poor woman needs to wake up and smell the coffee.


Crissybug said:

Wow…in your MIL mind she must think J is a good friend. Does she complain that this friend never paid her? We have loaned money out in the past, but we always have an agreement that it will be paid back with interest–so far it hasn’t backfired. But loaning money out to friends you do have to have the mentality that you may never see that cash again. I don’t think that I would mortgage a house in order to loan someone money (especially if they still owe me!)! There comes a point where your MIL needs to be aware of her own financial situation otherwise she might be the one that will have to start begging for cash!


Desert Songbird said:

I have difficulty wrapping my brain around this one. Wow.


yoshi said:

Yeah, I’m thinking that MIL must really like J. seriously. that’s really out of the way for someone.


Melissa said:

Oh my goodness!! It sounds like your MIL is a very nice person who is totally being taken advantage of!! Someone needs to take this “FRIEND” and drop kick her butt!


Mary said:

Uhhhh yeah… that’s Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs Crazy! Wow, just wow.


Holly Schwendiman said:

Aww nuts, I hate friends like this. My dad had a few of them too and it’s so hard to help them see past the emotional bargaining chip to the reality and logic of what is really going on!



Jen @ One Moms World said:

You have got to be kidding me! OMG… how sad that she keeps falling in that trap :(


Stacey said:

It sounds like there’s a history with MIL…..and while I don’t know it, my sense is this is a broken woman who desperately wants to be put together again–and her trust is very misguided. I hope you can help her.


Monkey Giggles said:

Crazy is right….


mar said:

I’d like to think your MIL is plain too naive… can’t believe this!


amy said:

I’m so confused! Uhhh….what? Nowhere does that make sense…not even in a crazy world….wow


mcewen said:

Families! Will we ever figure them out?
Best wishes


Pass the Torch said:

Oh boy…

What a total mess. It was crazy to start with. Now I don’t know what to call it.


tracey said:

Sigh. Your MIL sounds incredibly giving and trusting. Which is unfortunately not always a great trait.


Tammy said:

Wow…that’s crazy - and sad! Has your hubby tried to talk her out of it? Or did you all find out after the fact?
I know some people in my family who is too gullible too…it’s good to help people but not let them steal you blind! I hope she somehow gets it back…somehow!


Romie said:

My grandmother is like that with her youngest daughter - never sees the money but keeps lending.

BTW - if you come in the next few days you will be making LA just after our heat wave is passing. It has been unbearable for a week and finally getting nice again.


Heather L. said:

When she’s done everywhere else, send her to Ohio for me, will ya?

She has such a good heart and J had better get her rear in gear and pay her back. Wonderful MIL- not so wonderful J.


momto3cubs said:

I second what Karen said in #12.

And if your MIL is single, I think it’s time for someone to take control of her finances. And make sure she has a big life insurance policy to pay off her debts.


MsRebecca said:

Dear M.I.L. I am on a mission to become a gagillionaire, I believe you can help me in this mission! Please call me @ 784-…..


Waya said:

Uh, I’m sure somebody is going to talk some sense into your MIL? Somebody? Anybody?


lulu said:

Wow - I hate that your MIL is being taken advantage of in that way. Perhaps she doesn’t know it, and maybe she just needs some guidance on getting out of that situation. I just don’t understand how a person can take advantage of someone in that way. It just boggles the mind…

I wish the best for your MIL.


Christine said:

As someone who has lent money to family before, and it’s been over a year now, my husband and I have written it off, that we will never see a dime. Sad to say, but I don’t think your MIL will see a cent of her money back. Uh, Yea, I think she’s out of her mind, especially if she took a second on her house. I’d say sorry, I don’t have any more to give.
I hope I’m wrong, that her friend does repay her, but it’s not very likely!


tanyetta said:

to be honest, MIL is allowing this to happen so, it doesn’t really matter what I think.

p.s. borrow $500,000???????? how does one open their mouth to even ask for that much cash??????????????
i break out in a sweat if i have to ask someone for $5.00. i am serious this is just crazy! sorry to hear about this.


BeachMama said:

Sounds to me like J is taking advantage of MIL. Definately a little more on the crazy side but I have heard of this happening a little too often. I hope she eventually gets her money back or some of it at least.


pinks & blues girls said:

What the…!? What kind of hold does J have over your MIL? That’s nuts!

Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls


Grace said:

Is J a special (male) friend?

I’m sorry I can’t refer to your MIL as “that poor woman who is taken advantaged of” because in the first place, she is NOT poor to be able to lend someone that kind of amount and second, because she allowed herself to be taken advantaged with.

“No one can hurt you without you consent.”


JHS said:

Hi Kailani!

If I may be blunt: THAT’S CRAZY. Just plain freakin’ nuts.



Dana said:

I cannot believe that. Thatis so crazy. That is an incredible amount of money and she might as well kiss that next 150,000 good bye if she decides to loan it to the person.

Not that I would ever have that much money, but if I did, I wouldn’t loan it to someone like that!


Mommy the Maid said:

Woman has lost her damn mind.

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